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My OC~ Aixi, she needs a story don't you think?



I haven't done a lot of role playing before but I would like to get into it.. So here is my pony. She needs more of a story, If this character interests you post your *potential (I will have say over who joins) character and lets get something going


So I am sorry, for this RP I will only accept 18+ not necessarily because of content but because I would rather RP with people closer to my age, and if serious content does show I would prefer it to be tasteful and carefuly written. I need a minimum of 4 OC's and a maximum of whatever I get. Understand If you come later your part will be cameo's (not posting like a crazy MOFO), in order to maintain a story line. If you are interested pitch me your OC, or other RP's you've participated in. The only pony I need is a former love * If you want that 'part' message me pls


Any other part message me as well/or comment to this. As long as your OC fits and makes sense we shouldn't have a problem. <3



MY OC~ Aixi (sorry the pic is so small I will fix it)





Name- Aixi Sang Translation: Thereby Blood (Catalan)


Age- 219


Gender- Female


Species- Pegasus


Appearance- Look at the pic lol


Cutie mark- *Blank Flank although there is a patchy bit of red fur where her cutie mark used to be. A constant reminder of the blood her lost heard has shed and the others that have since passed.


Personality-Now a quiet loner, Aixi often wanders with no particular destination. Close minded but head, who should really bite her tounge. She is far too proud and needs to realize her fate isn't to dwell alone.

Once you get to know her you will find she is quite clutsy and easy to make fun of. Be careful of this fierce yet ferocious little peagasi.


Back ground story- Once a princess Aixi is one of the last of her kind and doomed to live eternally until her demons are vanquished. At one time Aixi ruled over a misunderstood race of pony who fed off of the souls who have yet passed on. Viewed as evil the heard was forced to roam or be annihilated, their powers would be enough to prevent this but they governed themselves by one rule when it came to "feeding"


'Feast only on the souls that have yet to pass on, it allows them to move forth and face judgement." This was a message passed on since the beginning of time. It was a rule that was always followed as a living soul is powerful and strong. Messing with this would ensure that chaos would freely roam. So they feast off of the souls who have yet moved on. Doing so feeds their own soul ever so slightly, allowing them to live as long as they preform their sacred duty. (This skill is teachable although only to a determined soul. Some food for thought if you want some Idease on how to possibly involve your OC)


Princess Aixi was blinded by love, therefore she did not see her fiance greed for power. Becoming a king was not enough to satisfy his lust and as their kindom slept he crept into town and took a living soul. Overwhelmed with power his soul turned black and he turned on the very herd he once allied with, all except for Aixi. Perhaps it was his love for her that saved her that night, or maybe he feared for his own life. For now no pony knows this answer, but it has left Aixi with one final duty; continue out her kingdoms perpus so she can live on and destroy the lustful demon that once was her love.


Important Info~ Yes she was a princess (i guess you could say alicorn but i hate that) She has no 'alicorn' power, just those cool horns, I didn't want to give them up. Although she can lengthen her life span she has no powers that strengthen her or improve performance. This being said she is 219 years old, obviously she is good at hiding her identity as well as protecting herself. (I wanted to give her some skill but nothing overpowering)





STORY INFO~ So let me know what you think. Give me your ideas if you are interested in doing this thing!


**** Please note I will make Aixi's pic bigger My lapytop doesn't want to work for me. I will also spell check everything else and I will spell check this later but my word isn't working and I fail *Facehoof*

Why does nothing work?!? lol


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