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blog-0202849001388661102.jpgAlrighty so welcome to my blog, I am going to start positing one entry a day (hopefully). I have a few premade on a different site. Those ones will be moved here and slowly trickle out. This should allow me time to keep up with posts as well as give me a break when I need it.


So this entire mission is now dedicated to my father. As I write this tears roll down my face, I gotta roll one to keep it going, this part of the post will be quite raw. This part is my current un edited emotions. I look forward to the journey I am about to embark on. If you guys want to come along, I would be honored to have you by my side. Gimme a sec guys to collect some thoughts and spark some creative thoughts.....


Sorry about that. As some of you know my father passed so my next few posts are predated, so that I can hopefully keep up with one a day.


So it would be supper cool if people followed my blog. lol I have never been all that important, I suck at spelling, I dunno if I am interesting, I rant about dumb things that sounded smart in my head I swear, and there is a good chance that I could be insane....... o.0 that is a lot of stuff working against me, but hey i think I am cute.... that's one thing for me right? So yeah, if you actually manage to follow and read my blog I am impressed.

So essentially I am going to blog, at least once a day. I wanna keep up with my journey, almost like a public diary I guess, but it should help me to stay on track with my projects, I am hoping at least. It is going to be raw, down to earth, weird, funny, sad, I don't really know. What I do know though is it will be an adventure, I have many HUGE dreams and goal that I will acomplish one way or another, so if you want to follow me on this journey, man that would be cool. If you don't like what you see move along don't bother I don't have time for negative attitudes I wish only to surround myself with positive people and thinking. That being said constructive critisism is welcome and encouraged I want to get better and I only want to learn, so if you wanna pass on some wisdome, bring her on. Random rants right^^^

If you made it this far without exiting the page that means you are actually interested in my dreams or ideas.....

What I would like to do is make people happy, I hate being sad, everyone does and now and then everyone needs some cheering up, but some people more than others. I want to start with children who are sick, I would like to go to hospitals with my handmade pinatas filled with treats and toys for patients who are expected to be there for a while. What would make it even more special is if it got bigger than that, If I could get voice actors, athletes, whoever the pinata is modeled after to sign it and maybe even give it to that child imagine that smile? Being that sick kid who idols someone and one day got to meet them because someone took the time to care. That is what I want to do. I want to do this so badly but I have no clue how to go about doing this. So I am in need of help, I hope the right people see this and are able to help me help others, share your knowledge if ya got any for me. I am just so sick of working in fast food and handing out cigarettes, I can't do it any more. I want to do something better, something more. Hopefully one day I can do all the great wonderful things I truly want to do.

If your interested I invite you to follow my story, I will try to post as often as I can. I promise to keep it real, post my struggles, my wins, my failure, my laughter, and tears. For now though it's time for a bowl of cereal and back to my newest creation. I gotta keep plugging forward afterall.

That is one of my dreams, I will not give up on it ever!

I will post about other random stuff but this is going to be a continued subject :)

Below are pics of my pinatas. Yes I made them :D









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I like this.
I like this already.
The pinatas, way of writing and intentions you have. The pinatas are absolutely amazing and the intentions restore a bit of faith in humanity again, because they are very rare these days. I try to do my good part in that field by volunteering in the MRS+have a donor pass for when i die. This blog promises to be interesting. I probably wont be able to read all the entrys, if you seriously post one every day, but ill try to have a look at some of em.


*clicks the follow button*

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Ermygod!! yay :D thank you, thank you, thank you, for your kind words of encouragement. Made my day!


Man what you are doing is awesome, keep on being amazing. Not enough people actually spend the time paying it forward. Nice work.

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Ones those size take a min of 4 days max of a week. The one that is as big as me.... well that one took 2 weeks lol

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Ones those size take a min of 4 days max of a week. The one that is as big as me.... well that one took 2 weeks lol

Well, keep up the good work. :D

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