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MLP:FIM fanfic adaptation of Thomas & Friends/The Railway Series: Book 1 Summary

Dark Qiviut


After about one week, the fanfic summary for my FIM adaptation of Thomas & Friends/The Railway Series — The Equestrian Series — is complete. To see the original ideas, click over here.


The summaries for Prologue Book, Book 0, are already complete and can be found here.


Below is the four long summaries for Book 1.






Book 1: Little Ponies
  1. ­­Twilight Helps Out: Two weeks after Luna reformed, Rainbow Dash waited impatiently in front of her mailbox below her Heavenly House, the others waiting, too. Dash wasn’t sure if she’ll be accepted, but Pinkie reassured her that she will. Soon, a mailmare few down and handed her a letter, and Dash opened it. She gasped and sullied, saddening her friends. But she psyched them out and read the letter of acceptance. The academy would last two months as a trial, and she would compete with the best pegasi to qualify for the backend of the Wonderbolts with the ability to promote to wing pegasus and captain in the future. So she packed her bags and flew away.
    Three days passed, and Pinkie had periodically checked her mailbox outside Sugarcube Corner (which is once or twice an hour). Because Dash had not messaged back, she’s getting worried that Dash will eventually forget everyone, from Ponyville to even herself. Mr. and Mrs. Cake assured her she hasn’t. She’s just busy. Maybe she can take a walk. The day hasn’t been busy, and maybe a walk can clear her mind. Pinkie reluctantly accepted and left.
    Not long, she showed up at Golden Oak library, where Twilight finished reading a science fiction short story. Pinkie was feeling worried about Dash not communicating, and TS assured she was fine (Pinkie grumbled about being reminded). Pinkie asked if they can build a hot-air balloon so they float their way to the academy. Twilight reminded her that no one is allowed to be within thirty hoofacres of the site because it’s too dangerous.
    After putting the story away, Twilight said she should feel a little more loose and confident. Remember the party from last week? Pinkie embarrassingly admitted to forgetting. Well, Twilight suggested relaxing and taking a breath. Besides, a day or two exploring Ponyville and shopping for food and supplies can help. So they coupled themselves up in trolleys and merrily trundled their way to the marketplace (with two shopping scrolls, one for Twilight, the other for Pinkie).
    At the marketplace downtown, several stands and ponies advertised various items, from daisies to bananas to carbon dioxide. They found some supplies, from quills and ink to eggs and olive oil and sugar.
    Once they finished, they trotted to an old mill complex where May Z. Acres and May Flour lived. One mill was powered by the waterwheel, a windmill for the other. Two young, yet fervent, mares (Acres is an earth pony; Flour is a unicorn) saw them and asked how the flour grinding was, and they were fine. So Pinkie and Twilight asked them if some are ready. May Z. Acres said in a minute and asked May Flour to give them a bag. May Flour brought them, and they each paid their change.
    They returned to the Golden Oak Library that afternoon, and Pinkie was feeling much better. She thanked Twilight for cheering her up, and she was sure Dash won’t forget. Twilight welcomed back, and she was glad to be outta the house (something they should do more).
    They separated, and Pinkie returned to Sugarcube Corner and curiously checked her mailbox. A letter was inside, and Rainbow Dash wrote back, telling her everything’s okay and let the others know she’s working hard, but doing fine.
    Pinkie became joyous and bounced on her bed excitedly. But she stopped once Mrs. Cake ran up to stare. Pinkie apologized and relaxed. Maybe going out tomorrow will be a good idea, too.
  2. Coal Chariot: Next morning, the Cakes saw Pinkie Pie very pleased, and she decided to go out to have a little fun, if it was okay. The Cakes didn’t mind, so she left and went to find Twilight, who was at the Hayseed Café east of the library with Rarity.
    Pinkie said she was feeling great, and Dash didn’t forget. She gave Twi the letter, and they were all pleased. Pinkie was in the mood for some fun, but not the typically boring shopping fun like yesterday. She wants a little more adventurous fun, like playing with some of the carriages or wagons in a nearby yard. Twilight has no idea how to do it, but Pinkie tells her not to fret.
    The Bearer of Laughter asked Rarity if she wants to join, but she says she made a big payment for special onyx jewels over the Common Hill and into the town of Baaron, and she needs to bring her wagons to fill them. Plus, she’s making a trade with one of her clients at Canterlot, who’s waiting to convert the gems to special products, particularly dresses and silk accessories.
    When they finished, Rarity left for the Boutique, and Twilight and Pinkie went to a yard near the Sugarcube Corner. Like many places in Equestria, Ponyville has various switchyards throughout because it’s industrial, and the shunting makes everything run like clockwork. Sugarcube Corner is no exception, and various wagons, chariots, trucks, and trolleys muddled the yard. And it was up to Pinkie and Twilight to arrange them, something Twilight never did.
    So Pinkie showed her by bucking one of the trucks into another, causing them to squeal in surprise. Pinkie told her not to worry, but they’re temperamental. Pinkie jabbed the trucks again, and they yelped and grumbled. Twilight then took her turn and used her magic to thrust the wagons past a junction. Then she went to another row and bucked the trucks a little too hard, bumping them into a set of buffers. The trucks became very cross, but Pinkie and Twilight enjoyed their fun. But Twilight split the load in the second row, and Pinkie flipped the points, allowing some of them to be sent over to another to another track and annoying them even more.
    One hour later, the duo finished rearranging the yard and decided to stop and rest at Common Hill east of Ponyville and west of Baaron, a small town where sheep and ponies coexist and communicate with the weather team to keep the fields and forests clean and green. Common Hill is enclosed by one mountain on one end and a slope leading to Ponyville and the old Nox Forest across. Four pony-pulling tracks split the valley, and Twilight and Pinkie watched some pegasi play in the sky above and annoying some of the lower clouds.
    Suddenly, they heard a loud groan atop the hill, and they looked down. Rarity was pulling two large wagons, and she was sweating irritably. They ran down and asked for help, but Rarity told them no and didn’t want them to look. But Pinkie took a whiff and peaked inside. It wasn’t onyx. It was coal. For some reason, the order got misplaced, and they wouldn’t take it back. Twilight suggested going back down there and negotiating, but Rarity didn’t want to waste any more time with the corrupt lambs. So she continued to struggle her way up.
    But the duo decided to travel to Baaron and find the person who sold Rarity the coal. Sure enough, the trader was a scammer, and he bailed the town, crossing the two. So they decided to find the mayor of Baaron, and he was located in City Hall, so they went and negotiated with him. One of their friends, Rarity, was scammed into thinking she was going to buy onyx in a trade, but instead was given coal, and the merchant left. They asked the mayor if she can help track the merchant and give Rarity her money back. He said that he’ll do what he can and suggested to bring Rarity back to Baaron so they can investigate.
    So Pinkie and Twilight went back up Common Hill and saw Rarity struggling to return to Baaron. She was halfway up the hill, and she panted long and hard, her magic used to keep the trolleys from causing trouble and pulling her sore back downhill. Pinkie had the idea of pushing the trolleys and Rarity up so she can roll down the other side, something they didn’t mind.
    Twilight slowly pulled the trucks down the hill, and Rarity strapped herself up. So Pinkie and Twilight pushed; Rarity pulled, exchanging their strength, but not so much to pull the heavy and noisy trolleys apart.
    Then, they reached the top of the hill, and Rarity started running joyously down, letting the wheels of the trolleys clack quickly. Pinkie and Twilight chased after Rarity, but she was already long gone, and they couldn’t run forever without collapsing from lack of air. So they regrouped to the Hayseed Café and drank lots of water, where the Beauty sisters, Aloe and Lotus, spotted them. They invited them to spend tomorrow at the Day Spa, where their coats, tail, and mane would be groomed for free. Then once the day’s over, they would be the freshest ponies in Ponyville.
    They accepted.
  3. Come Out, Fluttershy!: A few days later, Fluttershy was taking care of her animals when one of her hens screeched in fright and hid in the henhouse. Curiously, she looked up. Black smoke wafted above her cottage and floated straight for Ponyville.
    So she went to try to get everyone’s attention, but her voice is so soft, no one heard her. Until she found a whistle and blew it. She pointed up at the smoke, and everyone began to scream from fear until Twilight took the whistle and blew it so loudly that everypony stared at her.
    She promised she’ll investigate and find out who it is. When she tried writing a letter to Queen Celestia, it bounced back because the smoke is so thick and rich in reflective magic, it bounced back like a bad check. Spike hunched it must has some powerful anti-magic. And her typical communication with the others doesn’t work. With Rainbow Dash not around to know the news, she can only try to contact her and Celestia by snail mail. So Twilight wrote a letter for the Wonderbolts Academy, for Rainbow Dash, and Celestia. She doesn’t know long it’ll take, but they have no time to wait. Ponyville’s blackening, and it’s becoming abnormally muggy.
    They walked through the Common Hill (now called Rare Hill out of tribute for Rarity’s troubles), through Baaron and to the Ridges of Majesty, where the smoke came from. As they walked up, Applejack could hear a small rumble from above by just listening to the rocks. Small growling, a tiny yawn, and a snort.
    Fluttershy became very scared, and as they reached the cave, they peaked inside. A large, grown-up dragon was snoozing in the cave, and magic-proof smoke eased out of both his ears and nostrils. Suddenly, Fluttershy shrilled and flew quickly out of the cave, waking up the cross dragon, and forcing everyone to retreat.
    Fluttershy retreated to her cottage and then shut herself in. When they asked her why, she said she’s scared of dragons, but not baby ones like Spike. Big, gigantic, smoky, scary-looking, grown-up dragons who can shoot fire and chase you away.
    They argued that she’s the only one who can persuade the dragon from leaving and disturbing Ponyville, but she says she’s way too scared to go, causing Applejack and Twilight to facehoof.
    Twilight requested AJ to get her rope, which she did. Suddenly, many of her animals showed up and started to pull her out with a lasso round her torso, but Fluttershy fought back and made them fall forward. Then they tried pushing from the other end, but she grasped on the door jam.
    They decided to call the big guns, which was to bring Big Macintosh and Snowflake, two of the strongest stallions in Ponyville. But when they did, the smoke stopped flowing and stayed still high in the sky, but Fluttershy assumed it’ll begin again soon.
    Suddenly, four strong back hooves started pushing her from the back, and she grasped on the jam again. Only this time, her grasp started to slip.
    “NO! I WON’T GO!”
    She reared back and bucked the two stallions hard through the other side of the cottage.
    At last, they gave up, and they regrouped to the Golden Oak Library to plan. Once they disappeared, her main pet, Angel Bunny, recruited the small animals. He gave them directions and soon heaved both cement and bricks. They took up the holes and then bolted the front door as well and built brick walls to trap her inside.
    One they were done, they retreated, and Angel tapped his toe crossly at Fluttershy, who was beginning to look lonely and sad inside her quiet cottage. He snidely chirped as if to say, “Serves you right,” and left, leaving Fluttershy walled in…alone.
  4. Fluttershy to the Rescue: It’s been two days, and the smoke continued to billow all over Ponyville. Both Celestia and Rainbow Dash apparently didn’t get their letters, and the Mane Five tried to infiltrate the cave, only to be smashed, battered, and mentally bruised. With the Elements of Harmony resting peacefully, their last line of defense was moot.
    Suddenly, a knock on the door. Pinkie opened it, only to find Rainbow Dash standing before them. She flew to Ponyville as quick as she could and was allowed to leave for Ponyville for a couple of days. Twilight said there’s a dragon sleeping in a cave near the town of Baaron, and it’s obvious by the thick, black smoke. Dash could tell because hot ash covered her goggles as she flew through it. When she asked where Fluttershy was, AJ said Fluttershy’s so terrified of large dragons, she hid herself in her cottage, and none of them could force her out. The animals bricked her up, and anytime somepony talks to her, she bucks them in the face. Currently, the rest of them and Spike take turns in taking care of the animals while she’s in exile.
    Dash didn’t hesitate, flew to the cottage, and knocked on her walled-up door. Fluttershy told her (unbeknownst) to go away, but Dash said it’s her, and they need to talk, but Fluttershy wants none of it and attempts to buck Dash in the muzzle, only for her to be swatted away. She didn’t intend to leave unless ‘Shy’s coming out, and that means sitting there.
    Meanwhile, the others ran to Dash’s side and said the dragon’s smoke is changing the weather. What was a nice, beautiful week was turning humid and dark. The thick ash is blocking the sun, and Queen Celestia nor Luna apparently realize it.
    But Celestia said she does, as she and Luna teleport beside her. She apologizes for not responding sooner. The Snail Mail just showed up. She gently knocks on Fluttershy’s wall and said she realizes how scared she is of dragons. She used to be as a very young filly, too. But she can’t stay cooped in her cottage forever.
    Luna agrees, and she still remembers how Fluttershy comforted her when she was upset. And she told her that the others tried to fend the dragon off, only to not work. When Fluttershy retorted to them to try, Luna said they want you and the others to do it. You’re not the bearers of the Elements of Harmony for nothing. They need her to help. If the smoke blankets Ponyville too long, then the food won’t grow, if not get poisoned, and most of Equestria (including Canterlot) may be in great danger, especially if the dragon hibernates. When Fluttershy asked if it doesn’t, Luna and Celestia said they’ll help, too, as a last resort.
    Fluttershy peaked her eyes through the open space and decided to help. And with her magic, Celestia broke the wall open, allowing Fluttershy to walk out. Her yellow coat was dark green, and her pink mane and tail were covered with cobwebs. Her wings and front legs were stiff, and she was recommended to wash and fly around for a few minutes. When she returned, she felt much better, and she was clean again.
    After getting some equipment, they made a plan, and the six ponies scaled up the mountain again. Surprisingly, Fluttershy told her friends to stay outside, because she believed he wants nothing to do with them. She walks into the cave and sees an adult, yet young-looking dragon. With smoke coming out of his nostrils each time he exhales, he curled up and was trying to sleep while inside an empty cave. Fluttershy coughed when smoke billowed through her nose, and the dragon woke up.
    The dragon (named Burg Endy) saw her and looked annoyed, telling her he was getting very tired of ponies waking him up and attacking him. But Fluttershy tells him she won’t. After introducing each other, she asks him why he chose this cave; Burg Endy said he’s migrated for so long and eaten so much, he’s tired, and smoke is billowing in him. That’s why whenever he sleeps or sneezes, smoke churns out. If he doesn’t sleep, smoke will churn. Fluttershy tells him it’s okay, and he understands it. The problem is that he’s sleeping near civilization. There are ponies living all over the neighboring towns, and the thick clouds are trapping the sunlight. Without sunlight, nopony can grow or sell crops, and they’ll starve.
    Burg Endy sighs and says he hopes to, but doesn’t really know where to go. He simply chose this cave because it was the biggest he can find. After migrating away from his land, he hasn’t found any other caves large enough for him.
    Celestia says she could help and walks to Burg Endy, who says she can perhaps help. Then Burg sneezed, and Celestia covered herself and the others with a shield so the hot ash doesn’t burn them. She’ll be back in a few minutes as she tries to find an atlas and globe, teleporting away.
    About twenty minutes later, she returned with a fireproof scroll and atlas. West of Ponyville, through Los Pixiles, and across the Tritonic Ocean is a continent specific for dragons. Lot of jewels, rivers, and volcanoes are the perfect environment for dragons. Burg asked if some of the bodies are freshwater, because he’s allergic to saltwater. She said she’s not sure, for she isn’t very familiar with dragon land. She can try and look it up further, but Burg told her not to. The allergy is a sneezing allergy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to get there. He just flew aimlessly and found this cave by chance.
    As he stared glumly on the ground, Fluttershy said she’ll come with him. If he needs the help, then she could give it. When Twilight came in and asked her about her fear of big dragons (surprising Burg, only to be shushed by Fluttershy), Fluttershy says she’s much more comfortable with them now. At least, with him.
    Then Luna stepped in and said she can help. Her stars can guide him there like a compass. Celestia asked if she was prepared, and she said she was. Sighing, Celestia gave Luna the atlas and told you if she needs any help, just shine the stars.
    With consolation, Fluttershy climbed onto Burg Endy’s back, and the dragon exited the cave, seeing the others again. He felt apprehensive, but Luna told him not to worry. They won’t hurt him. With her wings erect, she and Burg immediately flew away.
    As they flew further and further up into the sky, Ponyville started to look like small dots on a map, and they were able to see so many clouds. Above, the sun peaked at the zenith, but beyond was dark blue sky. Then it ascended, and they kept on their journey passed all of the little towns and provinces, which weren’t consisted of just ponies like Topecolt, Haysas; Coltorado; Trottingham; or Las Pegasus. Some included snakes (i.e., Vipramento) or phoenixes (Phoelix, Hayrizona). Equestria wasn’t merely one continent. Several cities and countries bordered or shared diplomacy with Equestria and the harmony it exults.
    After several hours, the trio arrives at the Tritonic Ocean, and the brilliant blue waters swayed far below. Suddenly, Burg Endy smelled the saltwater and sneezed hard, shooting ash straight across the sky. Therefore, they decided to ascend higher in the sky and were so high that when it was time to raise the moon, it had already risen, and various stars pierced the atmosphere. Fortunately, Burg didn’t sneeze again.
    And Fluttershy no longer minded his company. With each passing hour, she grew more and more comfortable with him and liked him. While she’s unsure if she’ll react to other big dragons the same way, she and Luna agreed that it was a start. Alas, she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore and fell asleep.
    But Luna and Burg Endy didn’t mind. After being sealed in the moon for 1,000 years, she has a lot of time to catch up, and she can keep an eye on Fluttershy. And Burg was flying too high to smell the saltwater, so no allergies.
    Several hours later, Fluttershy wakes up to see the sun rise and moon set, only for Luna to not use her magic to let it set. Her job’s to raise the moon, but only in where she lives. She holds no control elsewhere. But even bigger news, they finally see land, which looked cool and green with patches of earthy browns and clay reds. Nearby, a tall, snow-capped mountain with a large cave protruded into the clouds. They landed and echoed, “Hello?”
    No answer.
    With a magical shield, Luna crept forward and noticed the cave being empty. The dragon walked in and said, “Thank you” to both of them for helping him. And he told them to thank Queen Celestia and apologize to the others for causing trouble. They told him not to worry about it and thanked him back.
    Once he walks into the cave to sleep, Fluttershy and Luna retreat home. He was a nice dragon, they said. And Fluttershy doesn’t mind big dragons for the most part anymore. She learns that the best way to face her fear isn’t to cower and abandon her friends, but to pluck up courage, trust her friends and instincts, and get to know them. Because like Spike, not all dragons are brutes, and they can be some of the friendliest, gentlest, nicest creatures around.
    One day, she hopes to see him again someday.


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