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Evelyn Noir

Everfree Roleplay

About Evelyn Noir

  • Miss
  • Species

    Pegasus Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Guitarist, Vocalist, Paranormal/Supernatural Hunter
  • Character Images

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  • Physical Description

    Evelyn is a tall and slender Pegasus mare with long, flowing black mane and tail with purple streaks. She has golden yellow eyes, wears glasses and often wears a leather jacket, band tshirt and a collar of some kind.

  • Backstory

    Evelyn was born in Manehatten, where she and her parents lived in a modest apartment until one day there was a robbery and sadly her parents were killed during it, how-ever, her best friend Caramel Ripple's adopted father had taken her in as his own daughter, as he was also Evelyn's guardian.

    Growing up in her adopted father's music store, Evelyn soon gained the love and talent for music, singing and playing the guitar. How-ever that appeared to not be her destined talent, which wasn't discovered until she was a young mare who went on her first urban exploration of an old abandoned warehouse, where a tragedy happeend in the past and she was soon confronted by visions of the Eldritch Gods, who gave her the power to truly detect and dispell any paranormal or supernatural activity in an area along with their protection, which after the visions, is when she got her Cutiemark of a Eldritch Sign.

    Later on life, she and her best friend/sister Caramel Ripple, both fell in love with their longtime best friend, Dynamo Pad, and they agreed that they could share him if he agreed to it, which he did.

  • Key Moments

    • Her parents' death
    • Being adopted by her legal guardian
    • Discovering her love and talent for music
    • Discovering her destined talent for anything paranormal and supernatural
    • Falling in love with and sharing @Dynamo Pad
  • Personality

    Evelyn is a mare with a very adventuros and go with the flow kind of spirit, never looking too far into the past or into the future, preffering to live in the moment. She is also very protective of her friends and family, and will stand in the way if any of them are in danger, whether the danger be paranormal/spiritual or physical.

  • Likes

    Music (Punk, Rock, Metal, Dance, EDM, Pop), Playing guitar, Dancing, Spending time with her family and friends, Animals, Urban Exploring, Flying and performing aerial stunts.
  • Dislikes

    Crueutly towards animals and children, ignorance, bullies, drugs
  • Abilities

    Aerial Stunts, Paranormal/Supernatural Hunting, Urban Exploring, Guitar, Dancing, Singing, Fighting
  • Friends

    Dynamo Pad, Caramel Ripple, Dusk Wing, Starlight Glimmer

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