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  1. I appreciate the suggestion but unfortunately, our bills don't stop coming once we've paid a certain number of them. I'd rather be upfront about that, so our donor/subscriber perks will continue being structured to encourage and reward recurring donors. Without recurring revenue, there won't be an MLP Forums for anyone to enjoy.
  2. A longstanding tradition of Poniverse has been to give former staff most of the forum perks associated with a subscription as a token of appreciation for their service. This was accomplished by placing all former staff in the "Subscribers" group on MLP Forums. Over the years, however, the list of MLPF's subscribers grew very long as staff came and went. This had the side effect of making it look like we have about 10 times the financial support we actually do. In an effort to improve transparency, the subscriber list has been corrected to only list actual subscribers now; former staff
  3. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Deleting posts?

    See this FAQ article: Do members have the ability to delete their own posts and threads? Forum posts are part of our shared history as a community so you can't remove them yourself by design. The article explains the rationale for this in more depth. That said, MLPF's staff consider requests to remove individual posts on a case-by-case basis - how to request that and when such a request is likely to be honoured is also detailed in the article.
  4. Thanks for your interest in subscribing, @Lunar Echo! Once you have a subscription (of any tier), you can cancel it at any time through User Menu > Client Area > Purchases. You'll reach a screen that looks like this: Once you cancel, the subscription will remain active until the date it was paid through, then expire instead of renewing.
  5. MLP Forums is owned by Poniverse, a fan-run nonprofit organization. We are in no way affiliated with Hasbro - I added a note to the footer clarifying this.
  6. I found an .epub version of FoE somewhere and read it in Adobe Digital Editions - I believe it was this one. Digital Editions is a very nice eBook reader. The original fic stands perfectly well on its own if you aren't inclined to read all the other fics based on it. Once you start reading FoE, you probably won't want to put it down. Don't be so worried about its length. I may also be biased here but the occasional fanfiction contests that Poniverse runs produce awesome fics about the organization's mascots. Summers of Change is my favourite among those.
  7. Please reconsider this - you can always bookmark the exact page you're at in the middle of a chapter. There's a reason that Fallout Equestria has its own sub-fandom - it's a complex, well-told story. No prior knowledge of Fallout is necessary to enjoy it. It might not be a new fic but it'll occupy and entertain you for a while.
  8. Scribbler - it was a pleasure to commission you. The piece came out beautifully and I appreciate that you were able to handle my unusual logistical request. Thank you for being awesome!
  9. There's a detail worth adding to all of the above: a plan existed to bring PonyExpo under the Poniverse umbrella and everyone involved rolled with an assumption that it was going to happen, which is part of why the convention was pre-emptively branded as a Poniverse project. The use of the Poniverse brand is something we'll be more careful about in the future. That plan changed (with the consent of both organizations, importantly), and this announcement was made to be clear to the community that PonyExpo and Poniverse are going to be independent of each other for the foreseeable future.
  10. Twilight Sparkle ✨


    Lots has already been said but I wanted to add a link to this FAQ article. The comic in it is relevant to any discussion about freedom of speech, or the lack thereof, on the Internet.
  11. I made my contribution - I hope it helps you guys get your lives on track again. Mercury is one of our own - while many of you on MLPF might not know her, she has been running Ponyville Live! and helping out within Poniverse for about a full year now. Without her work, there would have been a lot less pony radio to enjoy in 2016, among other things. Mercury has given so much to the community, the least we can do is give a little back when the life bus hits. I realize that December is a time when all kinds of causes are seeking your money; this is one that's really close to home for
    1. Jokuc


      Hey playdoh, I have another question.. Can I give my person age dependent gifts? Such as Swedish alcohol if the person I'm sending the gift to is of age? That should be alright, right?

    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Not sure if question is serious or not. Assuming it is, I'll get AppleDash's attention to answer it - or you can email secret.santa@poniverse.net.

    3. Jokuc


      Haha, it's somewhat serious. Not that I'm going to do that, I'm just curious :P

  12. Woo! Glad to see that Poni Secret Santa will be a thing this year. I've signed up and I hope lots of others do as well! Thanks for organizing this, @AppleDashPoni!
  13. @@tberty, I'm guessing you ran into this error while trying to log into your Poniverse account? There was a misconfiguration there that allowed poniverse.net's certificate to expire, which @AppleDashPoni and I just corrected. Are you still getting it? If yes, please reply with the following info: your browser and the version of it you're using the URL you experience the error on If not, I'd appreciate if you can let us know that, too.
  14. The ability to stay out of threads you don't like doesn't necessarily mean there's nothing to gain by moderating them, making them less prominent, or banning them. There's a reason NSFW content is blanket-banned on MLPF instead of being permitted and left for uninterested users to ignore. Proactive moderation is part of MLPF's DNA. Running into content you don't like will negatively shape your perception of MLP Forums, and there are plenty of online communities which blanket-ban politics due to the heat and discomfort such topics tend to generate. In lieu of blanket bans, the Debate Pi
  15. FYI - This thread was about a server migration from many months ago, not the one that happened over the course of the last few weeks. The most recent one was mostly communicated on Twitter.
  16. Editing your login name is unfortunately not possible at this time. It's not visible to anyone but yourself, though - I suggest using a password manager like LastPass to remember it for you so you never need to type it again.
  17. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Technical Issues MLP Scrolls Into the Void

    @@Mortar, does this happen when you disable all of your browser's extensions and/or load MLP Forums in an incognito window? I'm using Chrome 52.0.2743.82 on macOS and it works fine for me, but I also use very few browser extensions.
  18. I have a number of changes to share with you today, the biggest of which is that Poniverse - the organization that operates MLP Forums, Pony.fm, Ponyville Live!, and a bunch of other projects - is becoming a nonprofit organization! Wait a moment - what does that mean?! I've been the sole owner of Poniverse since its inception. Turning it into a nonprofit organization means that Poniverse will no longer have an ultimate ruler, so to speak; instead, it'll be led by a chairpony and controlled by a board of directors who are accountable to the staff and community in a new way. The by-laws
  19. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Technology Programmers Unite

    There are programmers at all skill levels. If you can write code to bend a computer to your will, you have reason to identify yourself as a programmer. Got a specific kind of project in mind that you'd find Java or C++ useful for? Personally, I like starting with a project idea and then picking a language for it. Backups, backups, backups. I sympathize - I lost one of my earlier attempts at developing a game when a very particular flash drive pulled a Houdini on me. I'm glad the loss didn't completely kill your desire to finish the project, at least. /) for co-ops. C
  20. @@AstroFX, I'm Poniverse's chief techpony. I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have about Poniverse's security but will also provide some general information in this post. First, a disclaimer: no one can promise perfect security. An element of unpredictability exists in any system humans are involved with. There's always room to improve but I like to think that we take reasonable steps to protect information that Poniverse is entrusted with, particularly considering this entire organization is a massive hobby project for all involved. The vast majority of our servers
  21. Happy Canada Day, everypony. /)

    1. DwhitetheGamer


      Happy Canada day!


      And guess what else is today?

    2. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Maple syrup.

    3. Pathfinder


      To you as well Feld-ster! <3

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  22. Thank you for the banner. =D

    1. Flutterstep


      No problem. I'm glad you like it :D

  23. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Music I need music! D:

    Check out my Pony.fm favourites list - lots of pony tunes I'm fond of there, but I'll draw special attention to these two: https://pony.fm/tracks/1183-helping-twilight-win-the-crown-delta-brony-remix https://pony.fm/tracks/21232-the-friendship-express-feat-meelz
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