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  1. I'll be there! I've been to every BronyCAN and it has been an awesome experience every time with great staff and lots of fun things to do. @@FullMetalParagon, what will your panel be about? is flying in for the con as well and we're thinking of running a panel either about Poniverse, the technical work that goes into building and running pony fan sites, or both. A few other Poniverse staff are thinking of going, too. It would be cool to have some kind of Poniverse meetup there. At BronyCAN 2013, something like 20-25 MLPF users took over the nearby Boston Pizza.
  2. We were moving all of Poniverse to new servers (and some bits are still in progress). But PoniArcade Minecraft is now up and running on the fancy new hardware - you can connect again!
  3. Just letting you know that we're up and running on our new hardware now! Things should be smoother now.
  4. Status update on this so far: MLP Forums, Equestria.tv, Pony.fm, Poniverse.net, and Poniverse's databases are all up and running on the new servers now! What's next: PoniArcade Poniverse's giant NFS server our partners' websites, including Ponyville Live! radio station homepages Thanks for bearing with us through this process, and a special thanks as well to our new subscribers, too. :grin2: Uptime can only get better from here!
  5. Much of MLP Forums is now running from our fancy new servers. Uptime will only get better from here!

  6. Hey @@BlueBrony, The Pony.fm forum is a great place to post issues and feedback for Pony.fm! Thanks for the report. I have good news - your playlist is intact but the tracks are not showing up due to a glitch. I'll dig into this and fix it soon! I've fixed the bug! Your playlist now works again, @@BlueBrony.
  7. We've had an unfortunate string of outages here at awkward times in recent memory. You trust us to provide a place to pony it up 24/7 and we've been failing to deliver on that. Sorry. I'll get to a technical explanation of why these outages happened in a moment but for tl;dr's sake, I wanted to let you all know that we were trying a little too hard to keep our hosting costs down and ended up with what we paid for when we duct-taped four boxes together and called it infrastructure. So what are we doing about it? This week, we got two fancy new servers - Mount Everhoof and Sweetie Shores (
  8. Hi CinnamomPop, You can pay for commissions via credit/debit card directly (which runs through Stripe) - there is an option for this on the checkout page in the shops. If you don't have access to a payment card, we can also process money orders - you can get these with cash. PM me to arrange this!
  9. Hi all! Are you technically inclined? Do you enjoy coding, beating servers into submission, and making computers do your bidding? I'm recruiting developers for Poniverse - the organization behind MLP Forums! We have positions open for web developers, Minecraft modders, DevOps specialists/sysadmins, and mobile app devs. The application form includes full descriptions of each of these roles. Poniverse is a group of over 80 of us bringing thousands of fans together through various services: Pony.fm - the pony music hosting and streaming site, with over 20,000 tracks and counting
  10. Wanna build pony fan sites? I'm recruiting for Poniverse's dev team! http://poni.me/WxgOg

  11. I checked and it turns out that quotes actually are allowed in MLPF display names, but it's a separate issue. I'll follow up with you via PM - it looks like a one-off problem.
  12. I re-opened the issue on GitHub. Looking into how this one happened - and I'll write a script to go back through all the duplicated accounts and merge them. Update: this is now fixed, for real. Your tracks are all there on one profile now, @@Jack Fox Grayson, and the duplicate account has been disabled (if you happen to still be logged in with it, you'll be shown the option to log out - click that and log back in, and you'll be back in your original account). Technical details on what was going on, if anyone is interested. The issue with quotes and username syncing i
  13. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Visual Art Jenny Wakeman

    That is some awesome and adorably show-accurate art of best robot, Lira. Tempting to use it as an avatar. The world could always do with more Jenny in it.
  14. This is now fixed! Pony.fm got a nice speed upgrade in the process, too.
  15. Status update: I figured out the issue and am working on the fix right now.
  16. @@Carbon Maestro, there might be an issue with your WAV file(s). At any rate, I wasn't able to reproduce the error with my test files. Can you please send me a copy of the file or files you're trying to upload? You can put them on Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, or somewhere and PM me the link.
  17. Great! FYI - the bug that originally caused this is now fixed, too, so it shouldn't happen again. I'll check later to see if it has happened to any other accounts.
  18. I'm closing this thread because it turned out to be the same issue as this one, which was solved.
  19. We don't accept Google Wallet, unfortunately, but we have a few other options. I'll PM you!
  20. That looks like exactly what happened - you somehow ended up with two Pony.fm accounts that were both named Electron. Thanks for providing all that info - it helped a lot. I found two accounts: https://pony.fm/electron/content <- this one, which was created on May 24, 2013 and has several tracks published in 2014 and one published on August 9, 2015This looks like your original account and there's no Poniverse account tied to it. the account that published this trackThis had your current Poniverse account tied to it, but because it has the same username as your original account, its
  21. @@Electron, Can you please let me know if the issue persists in Chrome when you disable all extensions and other add-ons? If you're able to try this on another computer, too, that would be helpful.
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