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  1. @@Suitaloo That's totally fine, really. In my first RP, I modded a specific section of the story and the people in it, which put me in charge of a bunch of characters and events (it was a reeeally complex story). It didn't take long before I realized that I had no clue what I was doing, so I quit. You were much better off, though; you yourself are not at fault, it's just that the RP wasn't very well organized to start with. You were actually doing a pretty good job with what you had. And hey, this roleplay has been started and restarted multiple times, so maybe there's a reason it keeps fa
  2. @ Yeah, getting banned for discussing things in a discussion thread is pretty stupid, I have to agree. Well, welcome back.
  3. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Dji, @@Zhooves, @@Suitaloo Practically bouncing in her seat, Fiona was eager to get reading with her new friends, and she was much more excited than she had expected to be. "Let's look up Snorunt first," she suggested. "And then can we find Mawile? You've got me really curious as to what it looks like."
  4. @ Yeah, I'm pretty against it too, but it gives me an excuse to have Fiona say some stuff I don't think she normally would. Of course, in order for said stuff to be interesting, it would probably have to happen later in the RP... By the way, why were you banned exactly? Either the explaining post was deleted or my computer is pretending it doesn't exist. Neither would surprise me.
  5. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Dji, @@Zhooves, @@Suitaloo "Wow, Mawile sounds terrifying!" Fiona replied. "I wonder what exactly it looks like..." She entered her dorm room as directed and plopped down onto her bed, quickly hiding the sketches that occupied it into her bag. She waited patiently with Sne and Jared, not quite sure what to talk about.
  6. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Dji, @@Zhooves, @@Suitaloo "Oh, nice," Fiona replied as she followed Fey to her dorm. "That makes things easy." She paused, pondering something. "I wonder what kinds of odd Pokemon there are that I don't know about. I mean, if there's anything out there that's half as weird as Malamar..." She shuddered. "That would be kinda' terrifying. If you've ever read it's Pokedex entry, you'll know what I mean."
  7. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo, @@Dji, @@Zhooves "It'll probably be fine," Fiona assured, although she was a bit scared herself. "We can just head in, get the book, and go to one of the other dorms. Sne and I are in number 7, if that's anywhere near you." While she was very familiar with Pokemon moves and type match-ups, Fiona wasn't so much with Pokemon themselves, and she was curious to see some of those recorded in the Bulbapedia.
  8. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo Fiona smiled, somewhat relieved. I knew he was nice, she thought to herself. "Oh, um, okay. Th-thanks." She thought for a moment. "I think I will try it, just a little. The media does kind of blow up things to look bigger than they are, doesn't it? I mean, have you ever seen Reefer Madness? It's this really old PSA-type movie about drugs, but it's so over the top you just can't take it seriously!" She laughed a little. "If you haven't seen it, you really should - it's a riot!" @@Dji, @@Zhooves The Venonat then turned so she was looking at everyone. "Well, I'm done eating
  9. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo "O-oh." Fiona wasn't quite sure how to respond. She wasn't really pro-drugs, but she didn't have the heart or social skills to say no. Jared seemed like a nice guy, though, so he probably knew what he was doing... "Okay then, I mean...I, uh...I-I think I'll just have a small amount first, just to try it..." It can't really be as bad as people say it is, she thought. Fiona tried to reason with herself, tried to find a positive light in which she could look at the idea. Even after much mental convincing, though, the girl was still a little uncertain...
  10. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo Fiona wondered why Jared was leaning so close to her, but it gave her Butterfrees in her stomach; no guy had ever intentionally gotten this near to her, as her few friends back home were all female, and thinking about it made her a bit jumpy. "S-sure," the Venonat replied, attempting to sound more calm than she actually was. She continued, lowering her voice as her friend had, "I've never done it before. Hey, what exactly is cannabis, anyways?"
  11. @@Zhooves Hey, congrats on the new apartment! @@Suitaloo I'm trying to make Fiona as innocent as possible, but she's totally gonna' end up smoking some in some way, shape, or form. The way I wrote her character, though, it seems like she wouldn't do well under peer pressure...*HINT, HINT*
  12. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo, @@Dji, @@Zhooves Finishing off her food, Fiona explained, "Well, no, they don't, but I saw a Pokemon Contest on TV once that had a Deino in it, and it evolved halfway through the performance. It was actually really cool." Then she thought for a moment. "That's funny, I never would've thought you smoked, Jared. I've heard cigarettes make your breath smell really bad, and if they do, you do a good job of covering it. Isn't that illegal at our age? Oh, whatever," she said, immediately dismissing the thought, "do what you will." The Venonat then turned to Fey. "Sure, that sound
  13. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo, @@Zhooves, @@Dji "Inhaling the..?" Fiona's innocent mind was momentarily confused by what Jared had just said about inhaling plant vapors. Thankfully, a distraction was provided in the form of a discussion about the eating habits of Snorunt. "Some gijinkas do obtain habits and behaviors because of their Pokemon halves," Fiona stated, "like your bite-y, self-conflicted friend. I wouldn't know much about Snorunt, though, since they don't live in my region."
  14. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo "Oh, that's pretty cool. Can you like change the plants' colors and shapes or something?" Fiona thought about how to make her own abilities useful. Well, one ability in particular, really. She was also wondering what exactly abilities in general would be used for, if not battling. Would they just be for day-to-day tasks? At least Fiona could be sure she would be learning about her Pokemon side to some extent at the academy.
  15. TheImaginaryAlicorn

    Private PGA 3: Angel Academy (RP)

    @@Suitaloo, @@Zhooves "Oh, it's been great," Fiona beamed. "Everyone I've met so far is really nice." Which is a good change of pace from what I'm used to, she thought to herself. "I can't wait to see what we'll learn in the classes. Do you know if we're battling each other at all? I'm not sure if the idea is exciting or terrifying!"
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