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  1. Fire Runner
    I'm really sorry everypony for not putting up a blog the past two days yesterday, I was really busy and I'm feeling a little under the weather right now. So instead of showing you my costumes, I'm going to go ahead and share with you some more photos from glass making and the finished project, enjoy!

  2. Fire Runner
    Well, today is the start of my blog, and im ready to show the pony world what I can do. I have been working on this costume for a while now, and just completed it. It has a sort of "steampunk" look to it though it is not strictly steampunk. I hope everypony enjoys the photos and y'all enjoy the costume as much as i do.

  3. Fire Runner
    Alrighty, first off we have images of my concept sketches, only the first and the last concept sketches though, I had fiive concept sketches total, but i didn't want to bore everypony with my lame concept sketches.
    This was my final concept sketch:

    and this ws my first concept sketch:

    Next wehave a closer look at the fabric used on the costume, if you look carefully you can see small white hearts on the light blue fabric:

    Now we have a closer look at the accesories used in this costume:

    Later on I added a second petticoat to give the skirt more volume, so here is a photo of the second petticoat and the bloomers:

    Here we have a photo of the full completed costume, before you say anything, this costume looks horrible on my dress form because the costume is fitted to me and even though I bought the smallest dress form I could find, it was still at least a inch bigger everywhere than my measurements:

    Here is a closer look at the "A" on the apron:

    And finaly we have the costume without the apron on:

    Now, this is word for word my summary of the costume:
    This costume is conposed of several different parts, including a black underbust corset, a light blue with white hearts shirt and skirt, white and black undergarmets, a black petticoat, and a white apron.
    The costume I chose is for the character Alice from Through the Looking Glass. The story of through the Looking Glass takes place i tht 1860's, so the dress is styled in such a way that it looks like its from that time period, only shorter. The dress has a large overdramatic skirt, very puffy short sleeves, and has a low swoop neckline. The petticoats (usually multiple) are used to make the skirt puff out more, the petticoats used in this costume consist of layers and layers of tulle. I added black and white striped stockings, a white apron, and some minor accessories.
    This costume started off with several complicated concept sketches, as you can tell, the dress has changed from the original concept design. I have added stuff to some of the cosutme, some things I already owned.The stripped socks, the key watch necklace, the black hair bow, the cuff that says "sometimes I believe ten impossible things before breakfast", the Alice in Wonderland watch, the black shoes, the black underbust corset, the black lace choaker, and the black gloves. I owned the apron, but I changed that, I took off the original pockets and added small round ones, I added black lace to the botto of the apron, and I embrodered a black "A" in the left bottom corner. Now, to the costume. I made the rest of the costume by myself, and I have to say, tulle is a pain in the butt to sew.
    The overall cost for material for this costume was $47.40, which is really good considering costumes at Halloween stores's are more expensive than this costume and fall apart alot easier. Overall it took me about two or three months to completethis costume from concept to product.
    I hope everypony enjoys the costume!
    yours truly,
    Autumn Dream
  4. Fire Runner
    Yes! Day four of this blog, and from what I've seen, it's been pretty sucessful.
    So taday I thought I'd tell everypony about the last play the theater group I'm interning for performed... Hound of the Baskervilles!
    saddly, I only got a few photos of the costumes, but I hope nopony minds that.
    Alright, time to explain somethings...
    In costuming a play for a minor acting group you tnd to peice things together from other costumes, so most of the pictures you will be seeing are costumes I threw together from other costumes our group aleady had. Secondly, I only had two days before the show to find everyone's costume, leaving the third day before the show strictly for the "Hound" costume, so the costumes arn't the best, but I still hope that everypony enjoys the costumes
    This is the costume for Dr. Mortimer:

    This is Murphy's costume (we changed the character to a girl, don't ask me why)

    Here are some photos of the Hound's costume... personaly... I hate it and am very disapointed on how it turned out:

    Yay! my Brony friend Pheonix! he played Sir Charles Baskerville at the begining of the play:

    and here we have Stapelton's costume:

    And finaly, Sherlock Holmes's costume, I really like this one :

  5. Fire Runner
    Hi everypony! day Five of my blog, woooo!
    Today i decided to talk about a gift I received for Christmas this year, my 3 way punch.
    It has several uses.
    1) Punching holes in leather and fabric (used for pelts, purse straps, watch bands, and more!)
    2) Creating eyelets in fabrics (for repairing shoes, adding eyelets into corsets, and more!)
    3) creating snap fasteners (great for adding snaps to pants, shirts, and more!)
    I have to say its a pretty neat thing to have, but there are a few minor downsides:
    1) it hurts your hand after using it for a while
    2) sometimes splits the eyelets (not good when making corsets)
    thats all I have to say about this tool, sorry for the short blog today, I couldn't think of what to write about...
    here are some pictures!:

  6. Fire Runner
    Well, today is my third day of my blog and im sharing something a little different today. My family and I went to a glass making place today, so instead of stories of costumes and pictures, I have some pictures from the glass making.
    So, it was my first time doing this, so I wasn't really sure... I ended up picking the easiest thing to make with the least amount of participation. After a little while, I got the hang of it and actually enjoyed doing something different. I ended up making a paper weight heart, but it was pretty cool.
    I personaly can't wait to do it again, glass making was so much fun!
    so now I have some photos from me glass making, everypony enjoy :

  7. Fire Runner
    Okay, today is day two of my blog, and I'm begining to get the hang of it. Today i decided to show you a costume a created almost a year ago, but it took me several mmonths to complete. It'a an Alice in Wonderland costume that I started with a simple concept sketch, never dreaming that I would actually end up creating the costume. At first, i took at least two weeks to plan everything out, I figured it wouldn't be to complicated, but as I planned, the costume became more and more elaborate. Once I was done planning, a close friend of mine and I went and picked the perfect fabrics for the job, we settled with a light blue cotton for the main costume and a strong black netting to use for the petticoat. The rest of the costume, suchas the slip and bloomers, were created out of scrap fabric that i alread possesed. I went back later to the fabric store because I figued that something was missing, and left the store with some lovely black lace. Then I was ready to start creating.
    I had a basi pattern for the costume, but it wasn't qite what i wanted, so I fudged around a bit and ended up with a complete pattern that fitted my needs perfectly. I cut and pinned the pattern peices (which took me about an hour and a half), than cut the facbric (which took me another hour to do ), and finaly was ready to begin the very long process of sewing the costume.
    The process of sewing started out smoothly, but I began to run into some problems with the tulle, it was my first time sewing tulle and it proved to be a total pain in the but, it took me three days just to get the petticoat done, which was very agrivating. Once I was done with the petticoat, I began to work on the skirt, which proved to be another problem, it was my first time sewing lace too, so I had some problems with that. I finaly had to sew the petticoat to the skirt which was the biggest problem by far.
    While sewing th petticoat to the skirt i ran into the problem of sewing over too many layers of fabric at once, which proved to be a disaster to my sewing matchine (the needle broke), so one trip to the fabric store and more money out of my pocket later, I replaced the needle with what most people would call a denim needle (I was desperate to get through those layers of fabric ).
    After the skirt and petticoat were completed, I mover on to the signiture "Alice" apron, I took and apron I already had, made some modifications, than hand embrodired a "A" on the bottom left hand corner. Once I was done with the apron I moved onto the shirt, which was very simple, nothing complicated at all, other than the lace and the elastic, but the shirt only took me five days to tackle.
    Once I finished the costume I added some accesories to it, such as black gloves, a cuff bracelet, a watchkey necklace, a black lace choaker, some stripped stockings, some black shoes, a black hair bow, and a black corset. But I felt that wasn't enough, I added a prop stuffed animal of a white rabbit and that seemed to tie everything together, and vawla! The costume was complete.
    I'm having problems uploading the photos from this particular costume, so I will add them at a later time with a written overview of the costume I just found from back when I showed a porfolio to a director and he hired me as an intern for costuming. I happen to still be interning there for those curious ponie out there.
  8. Fire Runner
    Well, adding more to my previous blog, and i need to finish adding photos from my steampunk costume, so here it is, the second enstallment of my steampunk costume. Honestly, I dont know what I'm doing and I'm not really sure how to blog, so yeah.

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