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  1. @@Mint Drop and @bronislav84


    Lorem nodded as he listened to Sunrise's description. He smiled as she spoke abou the cool pools as they seemed like they'd be calm and relaxing. He had no problem with being in slightly hectic environments but he'd rather not be in them. "So it's a spa resort?" Lorem said with surprise. "That sounds like it'd be fun. I haven't been to one in a while."


    With a smile, Lorem thought about the last time he'd visited a spa. His large size but relative lack of strength made slight aches a part of everyday life the he'd grown accustomed to. Spas back home were scarce and as such, they charged a high price so he'd only been a few times. He was always better after them though as the masseuses and masseurs made delicate work of his body and removed the niggling aches.

  2. @@bronislav84 and @Mint Drop

    "That sounds like it'll be fun," Lorem responded. "You won't need to pay for me either but thank you for offering."


    Cautiously, Lorem took his plate and glass over to the kitchen. He made sure to be careful not to knock any of the ponies near him; he'd already made a bad enough first impression by doing that to Lektra. "What sort of things are at this resort?"Lorem asked the group when he returned.

  3. @[user=Mint Drop] and [user=bronislav84]


    "Manehatten's an ok place," Lorem said whilst Sunrise had paused. "It's not particularly pretty due to all the factories and the aiir's not great either. It's a nice enough place to live though." When he finished speaking, he looked at Sparky and then back on Sunrise. He did so just in time to catch the second thing she'd said. "My special talent's calligraphy. It's not quiet as interesting as Lektra here's is but I feel that calligraphy is more of an art form like a painting or tapestry than a practical skill like engineering or accountancy."


    Lorem paused for a moment. "What's your special talent, miss?" he asked Sunrise with a smile. "If you feel comfortable telling us that is."

  4. @@bronislav84 and @@Mint Drop,


    Lorem continued eating and nodded gently with respect as he listened to Lektra's story. She'd done a very good job of making a potentially complicated idea something that could be understood by anyone. He looked at Sparky at smiled as he drank from his cup; he'd never seen anything like it and the novelty appealed to him.

    By the time Lektra had finished talking about Sparky, Lorem had finished his breakfast. He wiped some jam from his upper lip with a napkin, pulled his plate towards himself and stacked his glass on top. "He's certainly a curious thing," Lorem said. "It must have taken a very long time to make."

    After Lektra had finished talking about why she was in Invermare, Lorem spoke. "My name's Lorem Ipsum and it's a pleasure to meet all three of you. I'm from Manehatten and him for a holiday. Work's awfully hard to come by in Manehatten right now so I figured I'd go some quieter and wait for more to turn up."

  5. @@Mint Drop and @@bronislav84,


    The sight of another pony turning up at the table drew Lorem's attention from the curious contraption that was roaming the table. "Good morning miss," Lorem said, his gaze occasionaly flicking back to the robot to ensure it didn't try to attack him. "I've no problem with you sitting here." With a hindleg, Lorem slowly pushed a chair out from under the table.


    Lorem went back to his breakfast. He took a bit off toast in his mouth and swallowed. It had certainly cooled but it wasn't awful. Hastily, he smothered the bread before continuing with breakfast.

  6. @@bronislav84,


    The pony taking a seat was enough to distract him from his food. He put on a smile to welcome his new guest. "Oh, hello there," Lorem welcomed.


    When the mare responded, he realised she wasn't here to socialise. The smile fell from his face into a more serious frown as he took a look at the mare in front of him. "I'm sorry if I hurt your friend," Lorem replied. "The heat from the kitchen just wasn't particularly comfortable." He took a look around the room to see if he could find the pony that he'd hurt. The room was completely devoid of other guests. It was only when a beam of light hit him in the eye that Lorem realised who this mystery companion was.


    After blinking a few times to remove a floatng, coloured blob from his vision, Lorem focused on the source of the light. His lips formed an inquisitive "o" and his brow furrowed as he inspected the wheeled can that was idling nearby. "Might I ask what, or who, your companion is?" Lorem asked as he gave into his intrigue.

  7. Lorem entered the lunch room and took a look around. The room was moderately lit with candles and gas lamps that were scattered around the room and attatched to the walls. Thick oak tables were arranged in a uniform grid with three chairs to each one. It was still early in the morning so Lorem was able to walk towards the counters to get his breakfast.


    As Lorem approached the counter, he began to swelter. The fires that grilled bread, mushrooms and tomatoes in the kitchen was roaring wildly and waves off heat were escaping into the room. Quickly, Lorem took some toast, butter and a glass of orange juice from the buffet and fled to the other side of the room with an awkward half trot, half walk.


    After opening a window, Lorem sat at a table near the back of the hall. The cooling draft fended some of the kitchen's heat and allowed Lorem to feel more comfortable before he began to start buttering his toast. 

  8. Lorem woke from his bed and rose rather ceremoniously. He stretched his legs and cracked his spine; the bed in his hotel room was not the most comfortable. In a daze, he staggered to the bathroom and ran the sink. He splashed some water on his face and after wiping some drips from his eyes, found himself far more co-ordinated.


    He brushed his teeth and combed down some wild frizzes of hair for before inspecting himself in the mirror. When he felt presentable, he left the bathroom and exited his room. After locking up, he went downstairs to get breakfast.

  9. If a space opens up for a new character, please may I play? I'll be using "Lorem Ipsum".


    Name: Lorem Ipsum


    Age:18 (His bio says he's older but it seems like a younger version would fit the roommate idea).


    Appearance: Large in stature with a pale brown coat. His mane is straight, smooth, brown and reaches down to his shoulders. His eyes are green with his left having a very small orange blot.


    Race: Earth Pony


    Gender: Male


    Link to Bio: Available on my profile page



    Also, Lorem is deaf. He's capable of lip-reading though and communicates with words and not sign language.


  10. @ and @SkyHeart


    (It's ok.)


    "I'd be happy to be your friend as well," Lorem added "You two are the first ponies I've met here and you both seem like nice ones." He wore a small smile to try and seem less intimidating. "I know I'm not exactly the coolest stallion to be seen with but..." He trailed his sentence when he reached Sky's grandma's house. It was a fairly nice house on the outside - the sort of place that Lorem himself wouldn't mind owning when he got enough cash together to move out of his small urban apartment. "This is nice place your aunty has, Miss Sky," Lorem said after turning to face Sky.

  11. @


    Violet still seemed on edge but Lorem still wanted to try and get to know her. After all, if she was going to be with Sky and Lorem, it was only fair that at least one of them kept her company along the journey. However, it was more important that Violet felt comfortable. "Miss Violet," Lorem said. "If you want me to leave you in peace, that's fine. I understand that sometimes a pony wants to be alone."  He took a step to the side and gave Lorem some space to further show he was willing to leave Violet be.

  12. @ and (especially)@SkyHeart


    Lorem looked back to see Violet staring at his flank. Innocently, he waved a hoof to try and snap her out of her trance. When she looked away, Lorem smirked and dropped back to walk next to her. She was being incredibly quiet and someone needed to break the ice and make her comfortable. "Hello," he said quietly so as to not startle her. "Are you doing anything after this? You seem like you could use a pal."


    When Lorem finished speaking, he realsiued what he said might cause some offence. "That's not to say that I don't think you could get friends," he said hastily in an attempt to correct himself. "I was just curious to see if you had anything planned." Having just met this new pony, the last thing Lorem wanted was for her to think he was insulting.

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  13. @@SkyHeart and


    Lorem broke into a trot to catch up with Sky. He smiled. It was odd to see a pony remember to face him when they spoke so quickly and it was a relief that at least somepony in this town was able to remember. 'It's only fair that I tell her' he thought. He made sure that he was next to Sky before addressing her. "Excuse me, Sky," he said. "If you're wondering why I need you to look at me when you talk, I don't blame you; it's odd. I need ponies to look at me because I'm deaf and if they don't look, I can't lipread what they're saying and understand them."


    He took a step to the side to give Sky more space. He didn't feel bad when it came to telling ponies that he was deaf and that his seeming strange request had a reason behind. He told hundreds over the years so the feeling of being abnormal had gone and passed. Lorem didn't see being deaf as a freakish problem, more of a challenge that makes life all the more satisfying.


    Eagerly, Lorem looked at his surroundings. The buildings were starting to become more sparse as the trio neared the edge of the city. Lush forests rolled into view over the horizon and starlings flew in a flocks of brown and black. The wind was still so grass and leaves stood undisturbed and branches dangled silently.

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  14. @ and @SkyHeart


    Lorem took what Violet said as a compliment. "When you've been lipreading since birth," he said with a pride in his voice. "You start to become quite good at it." He smiled but stopped when he saw that the mare was still feeling nervous or anxious about something. He crouched down to he level. "There's no need to be nervous around me," he whispered. "You don't have to impress me or anything."

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  15. @ and @SkyHeart


    It was obvious to Lorem that he would have to prove to Violet at he wasn't as scary as he size made out. She seemed like the sort that would need reassurance. "Well," Lorem began. "Miss Violet, if I can't see your face and more importantly, your mouth. I can't understand you. I'm deaf so I have to lipread to be able to understand you in conversation. Unless you know sign language, that is but I find sign language is awkward and can limit conversation."


    Lorem wasn't too sure how Violet would take the news that he was deaf. She was already nervous of his abnormal size so what we she think about his abnormal hearing?

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  16. @ and @SkyHeart


    Lorem perked up when he saw Sky and Violet exit the library. He'd given the pair some privacy by restraining from reading what they were saying but resumed reading when they got close. This turned out to be a good idea as the moment they left the library, one of them was talking to Lorem.


    He looked down to see a still rather nervous Violet introducing herself. "Hello Violet," he replied quietly. "I'm Lorem. Please don't be too scared of me. And also, it may seem odd but I need you to face me when you talk otherwise I can't understand you."

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