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  1. You're not online anymore...but happy birthday :)

  2. I take shit all the time from my parents about how i can't have online friends it really pisses me off I care about all of my friends online or not and if i want to be there for them i will be they are just as important.
  3. Yeah, me and AJ spoke and played halo for 5 hours earlier i was quite shocked when we first spoke i thought she would just toss me aside but girls are human to find the right one and they can be a blast.
  4. Im only making a big deal out of it because its a forum and forums are made for conversations so I'm just brewing up a conversation that i think everyone would have opinions on. As i said i enjoy girls company more than boys most the time now not all girl gamers are nice but the ones i have met are so i speak highly of them.
  5. Yeah i shouted at someone today for being sexist to AJ the one thing i cant stand is discrimination although I'm a boy i am actually quite feminist.
  6. Shame lol Halo is great fun with girls.
  7. Its kind of propaganda that gamers are boys which is why they are known as Girl gamers and we dont call boy Boy gamers. Its just more assumed i don't get why but it is.
  8. I personally like them my current girlfriend love portal and pokemon that kinda thing so i personally like them i have 5 best friends on the internet and all of them are girls most of which play games. I met a girl today on Halo with Mik3 WB whos name is AJ she was really cool it was an instant friend moment where we took off imediatly and just became friends. What do you think of girl gamers? I hate the way they are treated though when me and AJ played matchmaking there was this guy who was blatantly showing off he kept saying stuff like that is a weird looking kitchen.
  9. Hahaha try this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN5YbfFszlI
  10. Game dev is a lot of sitting in an office for hours on end media is more practical for example being on set.
  11. There are two college courses that i want to take but can only take one :| can you lot give me your opinions? Video game development: I have played video games for a long time now and have quite a lot of experience in 3d work and have a general interest in making them, if i choose to do this course i will most likely live a fairly easy laid back life with nothing really special. When we visited the course mum really liked it so i kind of chose it to please her its not to late to change but i dont want to disapoint her. http://www.wiltshire.ac.uk/courses/ftcourses12/detail.aspx?ref=FEDIPGAME3 TV and Film: Ever since i was 5 years old i have wanted to direct films and TV shows i have a passion and not being big headed but am very good at it not just the practical side but also the pre production side i truly love Media and have a dying lust for it. http://www.wiltshire.ac.uk/courses/ftcourses12/detail.aspx?ref=FEDIPTVF3
  12. I do really respect and appreciate some people for their hard work and passion but i don't think admiration is the word, no i don't admire anyone.