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  1. 6/10 It's okay I guess. But I don't really like Princess Luna or Queen Chrysalis
  2. My family's gingerbreadhouse turned out to get the My Little Pony-theme this year too :D

  3. Kevin. I think it sounds way better than Robin imo.
  4. I have a problem... I have an urge that I have to make a new account on different websites all the time... Is this normal?

    1. Sleipnir Rising

      Sleipnir Rising

      Are you doing that because you think that someone might hack one of your accounts?

    2. Drehgunklew


      I have no idea why I actually do it. I get tired of my account and make a new one and it happens way too often.

  5. Feeling kinda lonely...

  6. Why can't you play Uno with Mexicans? Because they steal all the green cards. It's... Probably the worst joke I've ever, ever heard.
  7. I don't really give a damn about that. I can't say I'm proud of being a brony. It's like saying you're proud of watching Breaking Bad. It's just a TV show. But I can't say I'm ashamed of being one, either. I watch it because I like it and there's nothing more about that [:
  8. We currently have one dog, Tila, a 4 year old Bichon Havanais/Dwarfpoodle-mix, one Tuxedo-cat, Dixie, a one year old psychopath and 5 guinea pigs and I take care of the piggies. We're thinking about buying 2 pogonas though (bearded dragon) and we'll name them Akatosh and Charizard if that happens
  9. Yeah. Mom doesn't really care. My little bro is a brony as well and last year we built a gingerbread house for Christmas and me and my bro decided to put ponies in it mom didn't care at all, she thought it looked awesome though. Dad thought it was strange and said "But it's a show for little girls, you know." and I just replied "I don't really care, you know." (my relationship with my father isn't great) and that's it I guess.
  10. I remember my dreams very often, often very detailed as well and I'm always aware of that I'm dreaming. It's a weird feeling, because I remember how I felt during the dream. I find it both interesting and extremely weird. For example; a couple of weeks ago, I dreamed about that me and my class were out on a trip. We were at a lake in a forest and me and a friend decided to swim to the other side of the lake. At the pier there, we got up and there were a lot of people there and my friend started talking to them. Instead of talking to them, I found some sort of tire, a pretty big one and I jumped down into the water with it for some reason. Suddenly I flew up in the air, AT LEAST 20 meters (65 feet) above the water and after a couple of seconds, I was deep below the surface. Honestly, I can't swim so good and I couldn't move. Everything around me was blue, it was beautiful and it was so clear. The weirdest feeling I've ever felt reached my body and it felt so odd, yet so relaxing. I said to my self "I don't have to get up. If I drown, I'll wake up. It's just a dream after all." and right there, after I said that, everything became bright and I woke up in a shed next to the lake. A janitor was there for some reason and he said "YOU'RE ALIVE?", I was so confused, it was a really small shed but that's all I can remember but I said to him "Why am I still here? I died. Shouldn't I be awake right now?" and then I woke up. It was so strange. I've had dreams like that before this one as well. One time when I lived with my grandma, I dreamed about that there was a volcano next to our house and when the lava was really close to the house, I screamed "I DON'T LIKE THIS DREAM! I WANT TO WAKE UP!!!" and I walked right into the lava and then I woke up. As I said, I'm almost always aware that I'm dreaming when I'm dreaming. It's really weird if you ask me
  11. Since I'm under 18, I'd probably buy a new computer, games for my Xbox 360 and give some of it to my mother so we can move out of town (she recently lost her job) and put the remaining money away. And as soon as I finish school, I'd move to Canada. I want to get out of this country so bad