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  1. Now wouldn't that be nice if MLP-themed skins and especially lent voices were offered in the game? Won't ever happen, but one can always dream. At any rate, it was fun to make.
  2. Ronald Jenkees being a goober after he plays a song. Even after seeing it many times, it still amuses me.
  3. It's okay. They're so small, anybody would've missed 'em. Discord is a thing, too, so maybe he swiped 'em.
  4. The wingmen on Starfox 64 had some bad ones, if I recall correctly. "Do a barrel roll!"
  5. I don't know if this is where I'd post this kind of thing, but... I made a video that uses quotes from the show applied to Starcraft 2 gameplay. Got the idea from Yudhaikeledai's MLP SC2 gif portraits. It was certainly fun to make, and I hope it's entertaining enough.
  6. Where did you find that information? I love Sunset Shimmer, but she was made specifically for the Equestria Girls universe. I do hope they bring her through the portal a couple of times as I reckon the endeavor to resolve her issues with Celestia and what not would be a sweet story for an episode. Largely because it would further convey the importance of humility and integrity to seek forgiveness, which is definitely prevalent in Rainbow Rocks. Maybe she's the Element of Forgiveness, having learned first hoof of its importance. Ah dunno. But otherwise, she's pretty much the face and integral part of the HuMane 6 (nice to see that someone else in this thread had addressed them as such, heh). Plus toys. S'all about new toys.
  7. This is pretty cool. And it seems like it could be worked into an episode as well. They already pulled a gag where something spins through Twilight's mane to curl it in just such a way that it looks like Rarity. Maybe this episode would involve Rainbow Dash trying to help Fluttershy become more confident, with getting a trim like this being a part of that transformation. I don't know. At any rate, very cool work. Now try 'em out for the other Mane ponies. Perhaps give Celestia, Luna, or Cadence the Rainbow Dash look. Heh.
  8. Wow. That is a spectacular work of art. Very well done. At a certain glance, it kind of makes me think that's how Celestia looked when she was at Cadence's age (I, of course, have absolutely no knowledge of their relative ages, but it just seems like Celestia's been around longer). I agree with the topic of this thread: Moar Celestia!
  9. It would be a pretty awesome experienc to get in on such an awesome show. But in order to keep it that good, it'd probably be best if I didn't subject viewers to my terrible performance. I tend to squawk and honk with my cracking voice, even without having to get so nervous while working along with such a talented, professional cast. Especially if pitted against Discord De Lancie...that guy is so good. But yeah. Still a cool opportunity. Where did we hear that a brony was or will be in the show, anyway?
  10. I really like her...mane? Seriously, great pic and thread. Made me smile smile smile. And then some.
  11. Well hey. That was pretty cool, buddy. Really adds a lot to the songs. Good job.
  12. Anybody think that Fluttershy is a Browncoat, reacting as she did to how (the) Firefly went down?
  13. As if it wasn't already impressive of her to go on these adventures and constantly win the day - by herself - she comes home and writes best-selling novels about it all as well. Silly over-achieving ponies...grumble grumble. Has anybody come across some decent fanfiction regarding this character or anything? Just curious.
  14. Sounds poetic when you put it that way. And colored mud is still special mud, compared to regular mud.