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  1. Well my life just got a shit ton worse.......

    1. lyrabrony


      'Scuse the language

  2. I'm at that part in my life where my mind wants everyone on this Goddamn Earth to die. But, my heart needs a good friend. Most of the time, I'm to scared to actually go out and meet someone. And when I'm not like that I scream and yell at anybody who even tries to be nice to me. Like last week, I got into a fight with the last friend I had, and probably is the the last friend I ever would have. And the fight? It started because she gave me a gift! I felt like that I didnt dese...

    1. lyrabrony


      I felt like that I didn't deserver her or anyone as my friend. And, I still feel that way.

    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      *HUG* you looked like you really need it.

  3. I've been bored quite often this month. So I'm wondering if any has any good halloween fics ;)

    1. RrVPfX9cPtw59FpC


      There was a guy and he died.

  4. I recently did a pony personality test, and i found out that i'm a mix between Macintosh and Fluttershy. I was a bit confused (But i didn't know how it would turn out either). Life shocks me a lot.

    1. Skeletor Brony

      Skeletor Brony

      You're Mike Tyson.

    2. lyrabrony


      Oh no! (Jumps out window)

  5. school is so boring these days! it feels like 10 hours in one class! and when i get home I'm only allowed 1 hour on the computer. sucks a lot

  6. I just checked on some good fanfics yesterday but i couldn't finish reading them cause I can't remember the names. So I looked for a good fanfic website and i came across "FimFiction." It's really good.

    1. Shift


      While you're on that site read The Immortal Game. It is seriously like the best fic ever, even if it's 100+ words.


      Or Pony Psychology, Rainbooms and Royalty, or Dream of a Dawn. All of those are nostalgic for me.

    2. Preeminent Pisces

      Preeminent Pisces

      Oooo i'm writing a fanfic

  7. I just watch the Equestria Girls trailer and i sat there for 5 minutes trying to recall wat i watched. I just don't believe in life anymore

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    2. The Soldier

      The Soldier

      That's what most people say before they watch the whole movie

    3. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      @Psyche Clops


      I watched the second trailer and was optimistic, then I watched the movie and was disappointed. I guess I'm not like most people.

    4. lyrabrony


      Im planning on watching it one way or another. Even if I have to be humiliated in front of a bunch of people in a movie theater.


  8. I got a cut on my hand because i tripped. Well, that cut got dirty so I washed it., which hurt more. Then I tried to clean it with my other hand but everytime I touched it stung. It makes me feel pathetic because I'll probably die from an infection.

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Keep your cut clean and put on medicine with a bandage.

  9. I've been to busy and tired this week to update (Actually I was grounded). Also, whenever I think of a song it gets stuck in my head. Really annoying.

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      I have too many songs stuck in my head at the same time, it's like having a MP3 inside your head.

    2. lyrabrony


      Yeah, and mine has a function to permenantly record any song I hear!

  10. I've been so bored cause my parents are limiting me to about 30 minutes to an hour for the computer and my tablet plays only the audio on videos.

    1. lyrabrony


      Yeah, for once There's perfect grammer in something I type.


    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Limited time on computers sucks, although sometimes people do need to take me away from it. Otherwise I would just be on it 23/7. Only leaving one hour for driving.

  11. got back from ohio and had my oc plans made better.

  12. I'll be going to ohio on sunday for a wedding and visiting family. I'll probably stay there for about a week or a week and a half. And, where I'm staying there's really bad wi-fi. Soooo, probably won't talk until I get back. BYEEE!

  13. I'll be going to ohio on sunday for a wedding and visiting family. I'll probably stay there for about a week or a week and a half. And, where I'm staying there's really bad wi-fi. Soooo, probably won't talk until I get back. BYEEE!

  14. School's <--(of course, proper grammer) out! So you know what this callls for... A PARTY!

  15. hey look! a hippie van! *kicks hippie van* *hippie van turns iinto a robotic pony* d* da heck?

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