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  1. i've been diagnosed with major depression, general anxiety, and social anxiety; along with an eating disorder. as a kid i was diagnosed with selective mutism.
  2. also forgot there was gonna be another presentation and glad i did, would've hated to stick around for something like that lmao
  3. ah, does anyone have the black godzilla/monster statue? i'm willing to trade 30 nook mile tickets for it lol
  4. probably deoxys, i like the fact that it has several different forms. but honestly i love psychic type pokemon in general (kadabra, espeon, mewtwo namely are also among my top spots; non-psychic wise i like lucario mainly because of the lucario and the mystery of mew movie lol). also favorite games were black/white by far.
  5. i ended up getting freya while island hopping, hope to find skye one day to match x) really wish you could have more characters now given the map size -------- finally got villagers i'm relatively happy with, somehow includes 4 deer and 3 wolves: bam, diana, erik, fauna....freya, vivian, wolfgang....aannnnnd marina, sherb, and sylvana that are just chillin in deer/wolf heaven
  6. the nook mile tickets are wild tbh, it took me 30+ tickets to get wolfgang but only 2 to get vivian lol
  7. lucky!! gonna have to hunt down fang especially, his design is gorgeous tbh
  8. actually made me chuckle lol
  9. wolfgang and vivian just moved in and i honestly forgot how lovely a lot of the wolf designs are. could have an all wolf island and probably wouldnt complain lol.
  10. @NerdyTV&FilmFanatic2019 Locking thread as this would be better suited for a status update or blog entry.
  11. whisper the wolf from sonic
  12. going with the golden oak library, just looked very cozy... castle just ain't the same
  13. i like the colors but god i hate how it's tilted towards the right side, looks stupid as hell as for the games, lotta games i think i would be into but not many launch titles so far? gonna be like the ps4 for me aka a "buy years later when there's a lot of games out"
  14. applejack is a cutie pie who deserves more love (kinda sucks in general how rarity and aj seem to be the most disliked mane 6 members)