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  1. @Fluttershutter moving thread to show discussion, please remember that if your thread discusses an aspect of the show (such as a character's personality), put it in show discussion (:
  2. @Fluttershutter moving thread to show discussion, and yeah i wish they would've showed up again, they were pretty charming
  3. according to this thread it's cat day my dudes, here are my cats: licker and tinker bell
  4. got it, the price point was too appealing for me to resist i actually dont have much experience with disney movies so this will be a fun marathon
  5. Ohio time here in Zanesville we have a Y-shaped bridge, Amelia Earhart called Zanesville "the most recognizable city in the country" because of it, and Ripley's Believe it or Not proclaimed the Y bridge in Zanesville to be the only bridge in the world that you can cross and still be on the same side of the river. the Ohio flag is the only non-rectangular shaped state flag in the country the Cuyahoga River was so polluted that it had caught fire 13 times, this helped establish the EPA and as a result it hasn't caught fire since 1969. to add onto this, in 2019 the American Rivers conservation association awarded it River of the Year in honor of 50 years of environmental resurgence
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^ I think the figures themselves are kinda cute but the mouth is real freaky
  7. i adore electronic music in general and dubstep is no exception, i especially love it if it's from the channel mrsuicidesheep
  8. mind doing winter wisp here?
  9. deoxys is my favorite pokemon and it always seemed to be pretty underrated in terms of overrated pokemon...the ones nintendo overuses to hell and back, pokemon like charizard basically
  10. b i r t h ! ! happy birthday! (:

  11. i really need to get back into reading...but when i read a lot i always had a soft spot for sci-fi, mystery/thriller/psychological/suspense/etc. that sorta thing
  12. being able to hang out with someone and enjoy the time spent together, it's also important to be able to both goof off and comfort each other when one of you feels down, that sorta thing yeah...
  13. a month ago, i always get my hair cut at the same place in the mall with that being the mall is not what it used to be, definitely looks like a dying mall...