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  1. cute is great, especially when the other person starts blushing in response
  2. anything that goes out of its way to be edgy kinda sucks, especially shit like molestia, doing hurtful things to your waifu, etc. dark humor is whatever, but i despise the pony versions
  3. @Moonstarleader10101 we already have a mega thread for favorite mlp songs so i merged yours with it. my favorites are lotta little things and most of the songs from a hearth's warming tail.
  4. maybe a 60%? idk i was and still am awful at anything like geography
  5. dressed in black a lot so i was bullied for being "emo" or "goth," along with the stereotypes associated with them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. @Jane locking thread as the context for the discussion has been edited.
  7. winter wisp here really loves making lanterns
  8. honestly cloudsdale looks really pretty, would like to explore around it
  9. cozy also stood out to me, her really innocent looking appearance and babyish voice/personality was really unique and interesting compared to the other two, thought she was by far the most entertaining one too
  10. soccer as a kid; always found tennis pretty fun but wasn't on any teams. i don't do sports now but wouldn't be against learning something like archery or something winter-related like skiing.
  11. Zero

    Gender Race

    724 did all the other gurls disappear :[
  12. birthday cake, confetti, cotton candy...anything like that tbh
  13. currently i have 53 tabs open, usually try to keep it below 30 tabs; in reality it's so easy for me to open something like a youtube video and then never go back to watch it
  14. Zero

    Luna Fan Club

    one of luna's best qualities is her gorgeous mane <3
  15. i like playing as palutena, cloud strife, joker, corrin, and both pit and dark pit; basically whoever im in the mood for, dont really have a main main tbh... need to pick up byleth too, they look fun and i like the designs