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  1. Chuck Norris haunts the shadow people.

    1. Babyyoshi309


      As an temporary shadow person, I can confirm this to be true. 

  2. I ain't seen this Gobo yet. Eat cake!
  3. Don't we already have a snake charmer somewhere here? Boop @Kaa
  4. *As if he was a million miles away mentally. OOC boops to @CypherHoof and anyone else within booping distance. Boop to @Alexshy * Gah, I hates to turn my back on a fight. But perhaps ye be right. *Follows @Alexshy forward. But a dark shadow figure appears to jump from nowhere and lands on the roof.* Stay back! * @BronyNumber42 steps in front of the princess. He draws a rapier* Have at thee, creature of the night! *he realizes his faux pas* I mean, uh, creature of....badness. Ha! *He lunges, but the rapier seems to pass right through the shadow. The creature hisses and jumps over his head, disappearing into the shadows of the forest.* Was that one of your seekers? *Feels his nose* I feel...numb. Like no pony should touch me. We must move quickly. OOC: Yeah I just made up the swashbuckling booping character and it was fun, so I have no idea what's happening.
  5. There was Schrödinger's equation on Twilight's white board at the beginning.
  6. I think I'm crazy by the voices assure me I am not.

    1. Babyyoshi309


      Yeah, I know from experience the voices are usually always right. So you got nothing to worry about! :P

  7. There, done.

    1. Babyyoshi309


      I think you just duplicated yourself. ^_^

  8. There, done.

    1. Babyyoshi309


      You are still on the same timeline. :twi:

  9. *psychically boops @CypherHoof and @duality . Boops back @alexshy * *Climbs low to the roof, trying to hold against the wind and rocking of the train. * I see nothing yet. I'm gonna check the cars farther back. *He reaches the end of the first car, climbs down the ladder between them, then hops to the ladder to the next car, then climbs back up.* I know you're here, you scoundrels... *looks around*
  10. Stupid linear time.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. CypherHoof


      @Babyyoshi309 I don't think it actually matters too much - as I understand it, the Math behind M-Theory requires it, but it has no real practical application even if true.

    3. Babyyoshi309


      @CypherHoof Well, I guess @BronyNumber42 already ditched this dimension. Because he does not seem to be responding.

    4. CypherHoof


      @Babyyoshi309 Or aren't paying attention because they are attending an unconventional convention in another dimension :D

  11. *Boops @Alexshy and any pony I missed.* Perhaps I should check things out. Tis probably not a coincidence that the conductor just decided to take a brake. *pulls on his cloak and goes to open the window* Maybe a higher vantage point is what I need. *looks back at the princess* Stay here...unless you get bored. *Climbs out the window onto the roof.*
  12. But she is a pony so it's ok.
  13. Some things cross the line of irredeemability. For example, murder. But MLP can't have something that serious, they have to replace that with stubborn meanness. But you can consider enslavement to be another line that goes too far. I think villains should be punished. There should be more than just "I'm sorry, I won't do it again." Otherwise, anyone can get at least 1 free crime.
  14. I hope she is not. A good story needs some villains that are irredeemable.
  15. *Boops @Alexshy and everypony else. Boops the ticket taker then shuts the door. * We should be in Ponyville soon, I hope. Boops @Duality and @CypherHoof