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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned because that's what we do. Wait, am I in the wrong game?
  2. Will be home in 5 bours.

  3. Not on purpose.
  4. @Hierok orders sweet tea then tells the waitress he said unsweet when she brings it, just to make her work more.
  5. Mega Thread

    Banned for bananas.
  6. "Lucky Pony"
    Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

    He had white horses
    And mares by the score
    All dressed in satin
    And waiting by the door

    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was
    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was

    White lace and feathers
    They made up his bed
    A gold covered mattress
    On which he was led

    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was
    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was

    He went to fight wars
    For Equestria and his princess
    Of his honor and his glory
    The ponies would sing

    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was
    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was

    A bullet had found him
    His blood ran as he cried
    No money could save him
    So he laid down and he died

    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was
    Ooooh, what a lucky pony he was
  7. Mega Thread

    Banned because, well, you know.
  8. Mega Thread

    I'm banning to increase my post count.
  9. Hi and welcome to the herd.
  10. Maybe you need to find someone who shares your interests. If someone doesn't then don't feel bad if you don't want to talk to them or they don't want to talk to you.
  11. Some people take it seriously, some don't. It's not meant to be serious. I wonder if someone could adapt it to other fandoms. It is way better than the official ccg.
  12. General

    I have many: Bad grammar, wasting food, words and phrases that don't mame sense, the US date system of month/day/year. I think people are mistaking big issues for pet peeves. I think of pet peeves as small, inconsequential things.
  13. It's not a bad name but as for a talent, I think you should pick one thing from the list. Probably art related.
  14. I'd rather have a burger than a steak.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Duality


      Once had a gourmet 1/3lb Angus burger with blue cheese melted on.

      To this day, nothing has surpassed that glorious sustenance.

    3. Babyyoshi309


      @Duality Wait... A burger can have no cheese on it? :confused:

    4. Duality



      Wait... A burger can have no cheese on it?

      I envy you for never being exposed to such an amoral travesty.