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  1. Mega Thread

    I'll talk to you. Why are you sad?
  2. I'm handsome and in good shape.
  3. The different series are separate. You should read them in order. For example, Twilight is not an alicorn in the early ones. Also, some of the stories come in multiple parts and it's not obvious from the cover. So if you randomly pick one you might pick the 2nd part of a story.
  4. I will be working Christmas.

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    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      The plant?

    3. BronyNumber42


      Power plant.

    4. Alexshy


      It would be a zilch better, if 't be true thou can use Internet though. Somepony hither shalt make thy Hearth's Warming Eve... more warming, than without them.
      I feel for thee, hate working holidays myself.

  5. Oh no we doubled up. 5.56 mm
  6. 555
  7. Boops @Sparklefan1234 "Ah, I've been booped!"
  8. Boop @Alexshy *The Guardian lifted him up and took to the air.* "Easy, lad. That way, just follow the tracks." *They followed the tracks out of town and could smell smoke. He could catch moving shadows in the moon light.* "The creatures are about, be careful. Set me down here. Now, can ye help me get her out of there?"
  9. "Well then, if'n ye can carry me, I'll lead the way."
  10. Boop @Alexshy Have we made it back to Luna yet?
  11. Food

    A grill has ridges or slots that expose the food to the flame. A griddle is a flat cooking surface. Most people call them both grills. Technically, the food should be called a griddled cheese sandwich. As such, a toasted cheese sandwich would be more accurate, but in the US it is commonly called a grilled cheese sandwich. Perhaps toasted cheese is the metric version.
  12. I didn't get to do a secret Santa this year :(

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    2. BronyNumber42


      I missed the one here a couple years ago, and I guess there was not one this year. But I did get to send a gift to a friend I know from another site.

    3. The Mint Tempest Pone

      The Mint Tempest Pone

      Wait we do secret santa on this site?

      I didn't know i guess i missed it too D:

    4. BronyNumber42


      Apparently last year I think it was. 

  13. Does anypony else already have their Bronycon reservations?

  14. 465
  15. Maybe I can buy this surplus Halloween ginger bread house and pass it off as a Christmas one.

    1. CypherHoof


      should work, just pipe some white icening onto it, it will be fine :)