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  1. Who will see DragonForce in St Luois, MO in March?

  2. Do you have you pm turned off?

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Yes. I don't like using them. 

    1. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart



      If only I had money 


    2. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      I backed them. I will post pictures when I get it.

  3. Crap, now I have the mod following me. :lie:

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    2. Jeric


      @Sparklefan1234 Reading a status update tends to do that ... 



    3. Sparklefan1234




      My Rarity sense just tingled 


      @Jeric Dude, this is a family show! :confused:

    4. Rikifive


      Try to lose them, but don't panic, pretend that you don't know they're following you. :proud:

  4. I don't see how to start a private message on mobile.

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    2. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      The person I wanted to pm doesn't have that. I guess he turned it off.

    3. Splashee


      @Metal Brony 42 It is usually not turned off manually. If you see it, it basically means "this person might be banished". Check any posts or statuses in "see their activity" and if you cannot brohoof (or do any react, or cancel your previous reaction), the person has been banned.

      Basically, banned people are only visible to staff (after the forum was upgraded)

    4. Rikifive


      You can also tap the messenger in your user bar and once the list with conversations pops out, there's 'compose new' button to the right. There you have to type the user name manually.

      One downside of doing this is the fact, that you'll get an error after trying to send the message, should the user not be able to receive any for some reason. It would be better if the system was notifying users right at the beginning, to prevent from spending time to compose a message, that cannot be send, but well.

  5. Boss, how did you came up with that awesome sounding username? :ooh: Is that because you're a heavy metal fan or something?:mlp_icwudt:

  6. We are getting snow here. Not much, though.

    1. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      I think I will pronounce it to rhyme with "cow" because why not?

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Some is better than nothing! :kindness:

  7. So far, Everfree Northwest is on for 2021. I plan on driving there after I go to Gen Con. Who else is going?
  8. I got my Atari VCS.

    1. raykv423


      I see you like old consoles. Man, i wanted to get my hands on a VCR. Screw any of that PS5 crap or new Xbox nonsense; I prefer GameCube and NES and a old PS over new console, man. ;)

    2. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      I think you are correct for the wrong reason. :BrightMacContent: The Atari VCS is that new Indiegogo mini computer thing. It's over priced but I got it for the novelty. 

      However, I do have an original Atari VCS from 1970s. I have 3, I think. I do collect old games. I also back new NES and other retro games.

  9. Roger Corman's The Sisterhood. "In 2021 all women are slaves! All men are their masters! Until...."

  10. Metal Brony 42

    Hi yall

    Hi. It's never too late to join.
  11. I would like a travel companion for Gen Con and Everfree Northwest.

  12. Two guys at work have electric cars. They are charged at the power plant so they are coal powered cars.

  13. Me too. I thought their burgers were going to improve.
  14. She shouldn't be ashamed for speaking her mind and presenting logical arguments. There are a few artists I stop following because of their beliefs. It sucks but there is plenty of other stuff to follow. (Posting before this topic gets locked.)
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