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  1. The first question needs to be reworded. When I buy frozen pizza I pick thin crust. I can eat an entire one. But if I get a thick crust then I can only eat half. It doesn't cook all the way and when I reheat the left over it gets stale. When I eat one from a restaurant I work on the crust so that it is not the last thing to eat.
  2. I was in the locker room and someone was in the toilet stall. I heard the toilet flush, he openes the door, and didn't wash his hands.
  3. Big pet peeve of mine: when people take 4 sheets of paper towel and make a big wad to wipe off the table. Dammit, just use 1 at a time and stop wasting paper towels!

    1. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      He didn't even get the table clean.

  4. I'm about done with the November writing assignment, but I'm not satisfied with it. But who cares?

    1. PiratePony


      The one who assigned it 

  5. I do like how non US McDonalds menus lists the kcal and kJ content of food, rather than using Cal.

  6. I feel like prank calling a foreign country tonight.

    1. Splashee


      Make sure you get away with it without paying.

  7. Can my rental house be haunted by a cat? Several months ago I heard a cat screaming and it was either just outside or under the house. I went outside and did not find it. The yard is fenced. Sure, a cat can jump, but I heard it multiple times and never found it. It sounded like it was under the house. I opened the crawl space and looked in with a flashlight. It was raining and I didn't see anything. I left it open and opened the gate, thinking it would escape. Then I placed some ham outside to lure him out. At one point the screaming was so bad that I half crawled in through a puddle of water. The next day I looked in and saw dog's legs. It was creepy because I only saw the legs because the rest of it was hidden by the wooden beam. I left the crawl space open the rest of the day then closed it. I figured if there was anything still inside then it was going to starve. I was done messing with it. Then last night I heard a cat scream and I swear to God it ran across the floor, under the house. A different part, under the living room. I don't know how it would have gotten under there.
  8. My Emotiva RMC-1 processor arrived. Now I can use the balanced stereo connections on my Oppo player.

    1. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      Money does buy happiness. :P

  9. Who remembers when fast food meant you got your food when you ordered it, not 10 minutes later.

    1. Xeltor


      I mean 10 minutes is pretty good man

    2. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      What restaurant was it?

    3. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      McDonald's. I think they used to have a bunch ready, but now stuff is made to order more often.

  10. Your last name is country? The Democatric Republic of the Congo is a strange last name.