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  1. The music from Contra (NES), especially the end credits.
  2. Leaf blowers. All they do is make noise and blow dirt into the air. If you want to clean up leaves then use a broom (for pavement) or rake.
  3. I'm bored at work. I'm studying electrical calcultions. The math isn't interesting enough to keep my attention.

  4. This cheese called "stinking bishop." It smelled like dookie, and you know how things taste like they smell?... well, I paid for it so I wasn't going to throw it all away. I eventually choked it down, a small piece at a time, wrapped in bread. I wonder if the package I bought had gone bad.
  5. Cursed to always have the feeling of having to pee.
  6. So this is for a specific rule set, not a set of tools that people can use for different rules? Meaning, some people can play D&D, others can play Tails of Equestria, and others Call of Cthulu (Call of Cthorseshoe)?
  7. It is almost midnight and I need to work 6 more hours. Should I drink my energy drink?

  8. Welcome to the herd. It's nice to meet other fans of cartoons.
  9. I'm not cool, which makes me cool. Or is that still how it works? I don't know. I'm old, so I'm not cool.
  10. Are you feeling better?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. iceestarz


      Honestly pretty much sleeping. I haven’t really been doing anything. Watching Hulu and sleeping x.x I’ve been so tired

    3. SpookyBrony42


      What do you watch? I went to some haunted houses this month. The other day I bought 2 magazines for my Uzi 9 mm, but one doesn't fit. I think it might be a 45 auto magazine. Now I have to buy an Uzi 45 ^_^

    4. iceestarz


      Ghost whisperer but honestly it be making me cry so I stopped after like 5 episodes lmao.