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  1. Thank you, and Shout out to the Night Ponies! Yeeah! lol. Yeah I will make more, it is just what should I draw next, is the question...
  2. Wow, I don't know what to say about that...Thank you very much. And some thanks to the people who brohoof my artwork...I will work on some more pony artwork later on in the future then.
  3. I was trying soo hard to master sketching ponies so I thought of the thing that gave me the inspiration for me to be creative in the first place, the night sky. Even though this is my second sketch I'm posting up, but I'm still nervous posting any of my artwork... Plus, I took this picture from my Iphone not scanner, so I'm really sorry for this artwork being blurry on the edges. Hope you like it.
  4. Lunar Sketch


    Thank you Somer FireMane, for understanding my situation. I've been through some art sites(I draw almost anything that comes to my head) that leave some nice comments, but I usually recieve extremely rude messages of my work(I don't know why though, I just draw for fun).
  5. Lunar Sketch


    Thank you guys...hopefully I could show more of sketch work later....(Or whenever I have enough confidence to do this again)...Lol, Yeah;;
  6. Lunar Sketch


    You can say this is another introduction....But I thought maybe I can introduce myself in my special way.....I try to post most of my pony drawings earlier, but I never had the guts to show anypony yet...So I'm just going post my oc...And hope for the best;;; http://imgur.com/xgLEXvF
  7. Thank you, I think I need all of the luck I need and everypony is extremely nice.
  8. Thank you, hopefully I could attend the Poniverse Logo contest, and send it asap.
  9. Lol, thanks you guys for all of the kindness and an awesome welcome the pinkie pie way.
  10. Thank you, I'll just start oout with just sketch work(if that is fine with everypony)...and when I get better with tablet, I'll try to show my real talent.
  11. Thank you guys for the warm welcome, it feels like I made it to paradise...
  12. I am new to this forums, and I am hoping to to make new friends...I was shown to this forums from my friends and thought this could be really fun...In the future, I probably will make some artwork from paper to tablet...I hope you would love my work I will post soon. So yeah;
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