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  1. I'm helping edit a fanfic, and the author references Charlie Chaplin. What would a good pony pun for his last name be?
  2. I got a Mac... Is there a version of this for my computer??? Because it looks fantastic.
  3. I searched everything, but I couldn't find the actual hypnosis stuff anywhere. All there is are forums, and a disclaimer page wherever I looked.
  4. Actually Fluttershy looks like she has jaundice. Applejack looks relatively normal. Post is a year late. Seems legit.
  5. So we had to do pastel drawings for art class, and I decided to do that one part from Twilight's Kingdom during the battle with Tirek. And also a mosaic of Castiel that I did, for any of you bronies who are Supernatural fans as well.
  6. I don't read clopfics, not even ones about Vinyltavia, but if there is a scene like that that fits in with the otherwise clop-less story, I'll read it. That's actually exactly what happened in the University Days fic.
  7. I am a huge fan of Vinyl x Octavia. I can't deny it. Even if it's lesbian, I'm fine with lesbian shipping as long as it doesn't the involve the Mane 6. Canon shipping only for the Mane 6. But back on topic. I have read a lot of Vinyltavia fanfics, Playing With My Heart, Allegrezza, Vinyl and Octavia: University Days to name a few, but I NEED MOAR!! Does anybody have any recommendations for well done Vinyltavia fanfictions? Even if you don't, post on here about how much you love Vinyltavia. Some Great Vinyltavia fanfics that I've read (in order of Greatness): 1. Playing With My Heart 2. Vinyl and Octavia: University Days 3. Allegrezza 4. Identity Theft 5. Who Am I 6. These can all be found on FIMFiction Note: I put this in Sugarcube Corner since Octavia's hall seemed like a place to post the actual fanfics, but if I'm wrong, feel free to move it there.
  8. I started identifying as a brony probably about December 2012. There was this one kid in my German class, one grade above me, who never went anywhere without his "Join the Herd" sweatshirt. So one day, when my parents had gone to dinner by themselves, I turned on Netflix and started watching My Little Pony, thinking, "That dude liked it, it can't be that bad". I watched 6 episodes by the time my parents came home. I never got to tell them I was a brony because as soon as they walked in the door, my little brother (whom I utterly detest) said "Hey mom, Connor watched My Little Pony the whole time. That hater. I watched an episode or two every once in a while, but it wasn't until Christmas break I started watching it nonstop. I watched the rest of Season 1, and after that the rest of the series, in about three days. It wasn't until after I finished Season 3 that I started getting involved on the online community, though.
  9. Mine would have to be a sad one, even if it is so sad. I read My Little Dashie, but had to read the alternate endings for it too (I was too sad otherwise). I read Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, actually just because of this thread, and that was my first fanfic I read ever. I am a huge fan of Vinyl x Octavia fanfics, and read all the ones that I can get my hooves on. My favorite would be either Vinyl and Octavia: University Days, or "Playing With My Heart. Both can be found on FIMFiction.net. However, I don't like ships involving the Mane 6. We know them too well for them to have anything but canon relatiionships (and even those can be bad, with the Flash Gordon x Twilight thing having happened). But still: VINYL x OCTAVIA FOREVER!!
  10. I was thinking that I wanted to make a thread for us to post our favorite pony-related GIFs. I have found a great many, and wanted to post a few. I found a lot of these on My Little Brony, the Cheezburger site. Note: If this is more appropriate in Fan Art, can a Mod move it there?
  11. Yeah, only one would be good, if not just to prevent confusion with the other RP-ers. The first time I did an RP, I knew who was playing just from looking at their avatar. Also, if either you or Noble know anybody else into this kind of RP, invite them too!
  12. She would be a bit better if her eyes weren't so unrealistic. None of the ponies have eyes like that in the show, why should a plain old OC? The artwork is pretty good though, good job.
  13. I wanted to make a roleplay for about six people that would be based in Equestria, but everything would be going wrong. The laws of nature wouldn't be working, and things just wouldn't work right. In some places plants wouldn't grow, and in others they would be out of control. Ponies would have collective mood swings in different places, and temperatures would rise and fall at random. Some places would be besieged by drought, and others would suffer unrelenting rainstorms. And all over Equestria, sinister unseen creatures would be coming out of the woods and attacking ponies. We should have about six people (including myself). ONLY NORMAL PONIES!!! Please, no alicorns or draconequui, or anything like that. I'd be open to more people than that, though. I'm looking for dedicated roleplayers who will check for updates on the RP every day or so. Anyone who would like to join should post their username, a link to their OC, and the usual times that they will be able to post (in 24 hour Greenwich Mean Time). Here's an example: Username: Fluttering High OC: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/soulfire-r3945 Time: 20:00 - 2:00 Roleplayers 1. Fluttering High - Soulfire 2. Mint Drop - Firecracker 3. Noble - 4. 5. 6.
  14. I recently watched the video by Sethisto of the sneak peeks of MLP Season 4 shown at the San Diego Comic Con. It showed scenes from 4 different episodes. They were only sketched and very loosely animated, only created as a demo, obviously. The first clip was an argument between the CMC and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara was making fun of Scootaloo for being a pegasus pony that was not able to fly. They mentioned Ms. Harshwhinney a number of times, and from what I got it was going to be about the CMC's participation in either the opening ceremony for the Equestria Games, or the Games themselves (more likely the former). The second clip featured Spike waking up on top of a building in an odd costume. Looking around he realized that they were in "Mare-tropolis". Turning around, he sees that the Mane Six are all dressed up in costumes too. He exclaims, "You're the Power Ponies!", only in time for an angry antagonist pony to burst out of a building on the opposite side of the street, looking menacing. She almost resembles Sedusa from the Powerpuff Girls. The third clip is a song by the Apple family, on a cart, along with Pinkie Pie. I would hazard a guess that the song would be called Apples to the Core, the main line from the chorus. The last clip is probably the most suspenseful. Twilight is somewhere at the Castle in Canterlot, wondering why she is here, when Luna emerges from behind the throne. She declares that there is only room for one princess in Equestria. She stands in front of the throne, raises the moon, and then dark energy starts to gather around her. She transforms into Nightmare Moon, to the shock of Twilight. There are two possibilities. The first is that Luna has been re-corrupted, and transformed BACK into Nightmare Moon. The second possibility is more likely, and even more interesting. Twilight may be having a flashback, perhaps through Princess Celestia's eyes, to experience the time when Luna was first corrupted and turned into Nightmare Moon. Either way, this season is going to be a hell of a ride. Here's a link to the video -
  15. I was reading Homeland by Cory Doctorow recently, and he was making analogies for how unlikely it was for the main character, Marcus, to see this one evil woman at something called the Burning Man. One of the analogies was " It would be like finding Nightmare Moon having a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's.". This got me thinking about famous bronies, because it seemed apparent that he was one, so I looked it up. There were things saying that Notch was a brony, as well as rumours of Bill Clinton being a brony because he once answered a bunch of MLP questions right on a quiz show once. Who are some others that you guys know of? Continue the List 1. Cory Doctorow 2. Notch 3. Bill Clinton (possible)