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  1. Well Flash cost a lot of money, SFM however is free to use but a bit more complicated to figure out how to use unlike Flash.
  2. Modify -> Shape -> Convert lines to fills. You can edit and add anchor points to get the lines to look however you want then.
  3. I made another fancy pony video speaking in a manner of which even I do not understand.
  4. Just a friendly tip for an old thread... don't use Photoshop to vector, it is mainly a pixel based program. Adobe Illustrator is their vector program.
  5. Another video I made for my fellow chaps of good social stature and breeding.
  6. Short show edit I made. I know I haven't posted a video of mine here in a while.
  7. Sorry to break it to you, but money deals of any kind, esspecially asking for donations would be illegal with the MLP IP. It would be the fastest way to a C&D from Hasbro.
  8. OP, a very large portion of the brony population is under 18 and are bronys in the first place because of the internet. This rule will be kicking the fandom in the butt.
  9. I don't think you quite understand what a human right is. If those were true every country in the world would be a human rights violator for simply having homeless people exist. Are you purposing that we should all be paying for them to have a place to live? As an added bonus here is a list of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created by the U.N. It is more of a wishlist, not an official rule list that countries will be punished for not following. http://www.samaritanmag.com/we-have-30-basic-human-rights-do-you-know-them The internet is not any part of it, and last time I checked, the Supreme Court doesn't have the authority to decide that would affect the rights of every human in the world.
  10. A human right should not be something that comes at the expense of someone else like the internet. For example, making access to water sounds like a nice human right, but someone has to pay for it.
  11. Its supply and demand. Theres a high demand in the fandom for new animations and music. And voice actors are more like the celebrities.... they are always famous. Look at fan fiction. There is a such a high supply of writers its imposible for me to keep track of any of them. Likewise if we were to supposed there were a million animators all pumping out dozens of mlp animations everyday, they wouldn't be as famous. Not like being an animators is easy fame, I can personally tell you that. But it never hurts to be good at what you do.
  12. Well there is always SFM on steam for free download. Even includes ponies.
  13. Finished making my MLP animation version of one of the endings from The Stanley's Parable game.
  14. Hey!

    1. Tired Brony
    2. hariyaMakusu2


      I love your Youtube videos! I rewatched that Flash Sentry one a bunch of times!

    3. Tired Brony

      Tired Brony

      Thanks, the lip sync could of used a bit of work on that one.

  15. Uploaded my first video in months. Don't even know what it is.