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  1. Yes! The fun has been doubled!! I'm gonna b in the vending stalls for a bit, so come find me :3 I'm with a girl with long ass hair wearing a purple T-shirt and jeans
  2. Hey ppl come find me I'm the Darth Vader Princess Luna and we can hang!!
  3. hey wasnt sure if this was kind of a private group but ive been looking for meetup threads to join :$
  4. hey so is there any meetup plans yet, for all the shy people going
  5. PRIVATE THREAD. OOC HERE: Many ponies have dreams of fame and fortune,or a certain pony's dream of being in the Royal Guard, but Trinity is no average pony... As Trinity silently glided through the dark tunnels, her breath was hot with anticipation and anxiety. Was he here? Had she been fooled out of her monthly earnings? "No, I shouldn't think like that." She thought adamantly, he had to be here. Otherwise, how would she become the greatest assassin in the world? And just as she had so desperately hoped, the silhouette of the old stallion she had heard of was there, sitting in the middle of the room facing what seemed to be a single, flickering candle with his back to her. "Are you who they said I should see?" Trinity called, her voice splitting the silence. The silhouette did not move. Had He heard her? As she was about to repeat herself, he said briskly as he began to rise, "What is it you have come to ask of me?" in a low, husky voice. She thought on her answer carefully, not wanting to seem a fool. As he rose, she could she a long, gleaming horn on the top of his head. She became increasingly nervous as she still did not know what to say, and could her herself begin to stammer. He was very close now, but the candle light still made his face a mere silhouette. "Could this truly be the one I seek?" She thought with a flickering doubt. "Speak!" He shouted loudly, cutting off her thoughts as she gasped. The candle had gone out as he had uttered the single word, leaving her in darkness. "Why have you come to me?" his voice echoed behind her, as if He was circling around her. She knew that what little confidence she had brought to this place had abandoned her by now. "I want to learn your ways," she said, determined to at least get her point across. As the silence began to creep in she added. "I want to be an assassin." The darkness of the room made her uneasy, and as He remained silent, she became worried that He had left, and that her endeavors had been for nothing. Then, a small white light began glowing, and she realized it was his horn, and that it was getting brighter and brighter, until she had to cover her eyes with one of the wings. Even with her eyes shut, and covered with her wings, the blinding flash that erupted from his horn seemed to fill the entire room. As the light dimmed, but never fully faded, she saw that he had lit the many lights placed around the room with his flash of light. And as the room was now visible, she saw it was a large round room, carved out of the stone like everything else in these tunnels. "So, will you teach me?" She spoke, louder and more clearly, having gained confidence in being able to see. "What do you hope to achieve with such skills?" He asked calmly. She saw now that He was a gray unicorn, with golden eyes and a white beard, mane, and tail. He was not nearly as terrifying as before. This question was one she had asked herself many times, and always answered with the same, confident answer: "I want to be the greatest assassin in the world" She looked at him with pride. But her gaze was met eyes much more serious. "You are not ready," He said briskly as he turned his back and began to walk away. And suddenly, all the fear and anxiety she had shoved away before about this encounter came flooding back. "What! No! You haven't even seen what I can do! What makes you think you could possibly make that assumption?" She would not let this end so quickly. She was definitely ready! He couldn't possibly brush her off like this so quickly! "Everything! You are scared, you are hesitant, you are fool enough to have lost all your money trying to find me, you are weak!" He called at her, as a glowing bag that he was levitating came to her, as she realized it was the same bag of bits that she had traded for information on this very location. She couldn't believe it, all of her effort for this? NO. She flew over as fast as she could to cut in his path. He look unimpressed, despite her infuriated expression. "You expect me to just leave? After all I went through, for NOTHING?" She would not leave empty-handed. Who did He think he was? "I expect you to leave, and come back when you are ready to listen." The Unicorn said as he continued around her, and the room's light began to slowly fade. "I am ready now." She said poignantly. "We shall soon know the truth of it, come." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Impulse couldn't believe it, she was finally leaving home. She had always promised herself she would someday leave home, and now she had packed her things and hit the road. Baltimare simply was not the place she belonged, she had decided, so she had packed her belongings and made for Canterlot. But, as she soon discovered, the years worth of her wages as a cashier at a local cafe was nowhere near enough to get her an apartment, or even a cheap motel-let a alone a house- in the center of of trade and wealth of Equestria. So, as she continued down the mountain, her shoulders and back ached with the burdening weight of the wagon that carried her belongings. "Squeak! Squeak!" she heard from behind her as her pet rat Gizmo rustled huffily from his nap, which he had taken in her clothing sack. "Well I can't help it if you're tired, and you have sleeping the entire trip!" Impulse called back at him, she had been dragging this cart around for an entire day, and night was beginning to fall, and they still had no place to stay. "Celestia knows what I would do for a hoof-picking." As, they still had no place to go, she was forced to make a small camp for the night. "Oh, why did things have to go like this? Why couldn't I have just been accepted by the guard recruiter in Baltimare? Nothing is going how I hoped!" As she bundled up in her thin blanket, she closed her eyes and tried to dream of what good fortune she would have in the morning.
  7. Ok, so first you gotta post the link to you OC that you will be using, and keep this thread open after we start incase we need to discuss anyhing cuz you cant put ooc stuff in da actual rp. then you and i can decide which canon characters we will control
  9. REAALLY QUICK BEFORE WE START READ THESE AS THE ONLY RULES WE WILL HAVE OTHER THAN SWEARING Do put speech in quotation marks and italicize thoughts. Do try to type with proper grammar, spelling, and spacing. Do keep consistent tenses. Don't godmod. Don't create a Mary Sue character. Don't create something or someone overpowered. OKAY AND THE OOC THREAD WHICH IS WHERE YOU SHOULD LOOK IS CALLED NEW TO PONYVILLE, K?? THAT IS THE THREAD, K? AFTER YOU GET THERE, POST A LINK TO YOUR CHARACTERS PAGE, AND THEN WE CAN START PLANNING
  10. well, it'll only be what you character is thinking, I wouldnt be writing you characters thoughts, and you wouldnt write mine. It will look like its being narrated
  11. OK, so since you are still a blank flank, we cant get the rp started yet, so im goin to tell you how it works in the RP, so, when you are saying something, you put it in quotes, and thoughts in italics, so like here EXAMPLE "Hi there!!!" shouted Pinkie Pie "a new person!!!"
  12. Hey, this is just going to be a simple, light roleplaying thread, that will be private. Sorry! Yes, derpyhooves09, this is the one. I will be using my OC Impulse,
  13. Lol, not what I was expecting... OK, Im setting up and OOC thread, which is were you will join the RP, k? after you join, I'm going to close it, and then I'll start the actual RP thread. got it?
  14. yeah. I wasnt sure if I was going to do that but its going to be like just barely shorter.
  15. well, since u dont know, you just quote a post to respond, or else i wouldnt have noticed! Well, when you respond it counts as a post, so after you get out of blank flank you can rp with me.
  16. Awesome, you made her mane different then how you had described it, I like it!
  17. Hey! I'm new too! I'm Jane, or C.J. as people prefer, or aka Short Circuit. I was surprised to see there was actually another person my age here, so, HI. I a lot of boys seem to like Rainbow Dash most, but that's pretty cool. Coolio. *brohoof*
  18. No problem, let me know how it goes, I'd love to see a livestream of it when it finally comes out!
  19. From the owner of mlpforums actually, he approached my friends and I, asking if we wanted to sign a banner that would be auctioned of at a different convention in three weeks, in Vermont, I believe. I'm sorry, but since I knew I couldn't attend, I didn't ask very much about it, but Marco, the owner I think will know more.
  20. Yes! I haven't really met any local bronies, even at BronyCon everyone seemed to be packing up for airports...
  21. Oh, I'm sorry, from what I heard there are other MLP cons going on, like the next is in Vermont, but that must be annoying for you. I am very lucky to be so close to the Baltimore Convention Center, but i usually can only afford the Sunday passes
  22. Thanks so much! Yes, I did go to BronyCon, but since i was with a volunteer group up in New Jersey for the week I was only able to go on Sunday. I managed to pull an Apple Bloom cosplay together or it and everything! Did you go to any of the MLP cons?