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  1. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Post bootlegged/pirated MLP items here!

    These are so funny
  2. ipaintpurplerainbows

    MLP:FiM - Season 1 DVD Box Set

    I pre-ordered mine about a week ago. I'm so excited
  3. ipaintpurplerainbows

    What's good everypony! I joined yesterday

    Hey! Welcome to the herd. It's great to see new people ponies joining every day. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I agree with you about music helping in tough times
  4. ipaintpurplerainbows


    It doesn't. That's why I'm emailing. All it says is: "THIS IS FOR TEN DVDS MY LITTLE PONY 2 EPSIODES ON EACH DVD CELEBRATION AT CANTERLOT .EACH DVD RUNNING TIME 44MINS" It's definitely not in the description. I have these but I thought there'd at least be a rarity one too. (ignore the card games)
  5. ipaintpurplerainbows


    I might try that then, thank you! I've found a set on Amazon but I'm emailing to see if they're imports or not
  6. ipaintpurplerainbows


    I have 5 DVDs currently that I got from the poundshop. But they only have 2 episodes on each and I want more. When I had netflix they weren't on there Thank you though! I have seen them online but I want them for future incase the sites close or something
  7. ipaintpurplerainbows


    Are the DVDs available in the UK?
  8. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Ask Paint

    Well, we have a huge field just behind our house where we grows things and a biiiig pond!
  9. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Ask the dog with glasses

    What is your favourite song... Do dogs like songs?
  10. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Ask Paint

    My favourite party game... Hmm.. That is a hard one! I think it'd have to be pin the tail on the pony or maybe pass the parcel or maybe hide and seek
  11. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Gender Race

  12. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Wake up in Bed with the avatar above you, Your reaction?

    errrm What is this that's in my bed?
  13. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Ask Paint

    I'm ipaintpurplerainbows but I usually get paint, painty etc. Ask me anything (please)
  14. ipaintpurplerainbows

    Hello! I'm new here do I might as well say Hi c:

    Hey! It's pretty great here (although I mostly lurk and hardly post )