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  1. I pre-ordered mine about a week ago. I'm so excited
  2. Hey! Welcome to the herd. It's great to see new people ponies joining every day. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I agree with you about music helping in tough times
  3. It doesn't. That's why I'm emailing. All it says is: "THIS IS FOR TEN DVDS MY LITTLE PONY 2 EPSIODES ON EACH DVD CELEBRATION AT CANTERLOT .EACH DVD RUNNING TIME 44MINS" It's definitely not in the description. I have these but I thought there'd at least be a rarity one too. (ignore the card games)
  4. I might try that then, thank you! I've found a set on Amazon but I'm emailing to see if they're imports or not
  5. I have 5 DVDs currently that I got from the poundshop. But they only have 2 episodes on each and I want more. When I had netflix they weren't on there Thank you though! I have seen them online but I want them for future incase the sites close or something
  6. Are the DVDs available in the UK?
  7. Well, we have a huge field just behind our house where we grows things and a biiiig pond!
  8. What is your favourite song... Do dogs like songs?
  9. My favourite party game... Hmm.. That is a hard one! I think it'd have to be pin the tail on the pony or maybe pass the parcel or maybe hide and seek
  10. I'm ipaintpurplerainbows but I usually get paint, painty etc. Ask me anything (please)