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  1. So tempted to watch the rest of the seasons I haven't watched (5-8) before season 9... but there is so much to watch!

  2. Just watched a clip from "Father Knows Beast' (Episode 24, Season 8) and apparently the Storm King is canon!?? I thought he wasn't :dash:

  3. I will say.. I was one of those people that didn't want a female doctor. Though that was mainly due to me "not liking change", instead of thinking a female couldn't play the role of the Doctor. Despite saying that though, I still got a lot of hate because HOW DARE I question a female doctor. Though despite all this, I did enjoy the episode At moments, she reminded me a lot of David Tennant which is my favourite doctor so I'm happy about that! For the first time in years, I'm actually excited for the next episode! I'm mostly interested though in seeing how this new writer handles the show. Will they write good episodes or just add onto the disaster that was created by Moffat? I'm especially interested in seeing how they write a Dalek episode since Moffat has completely butchered the Daleks
  4. I will never forget this Show and the Fandom for as long as I live. I often feel like I can't thank this show enough for everything it's done for me. It means so much to me <3


  5. Codely

    Being naked

    I think the only time I'm ever naked is when I'm sleeping or showering. I'd feel way too awkward to just be openly naked during the day, even if I was home alone.
  6. So Elon Musk has been forced to resign as chairmen of Tesla.

    I'm expecting him to become the Green Goblin very soon.


  7. I have achieved the next stage of being emo: I now play Guitar.

  8. It seems I'm going through some sort of extremely late "emo phase"!

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    2. Codely



    3. Outnick


      speed is the key.

    4. Codely


      Sonic's the name, going slow and steady is my game

  9. Redbubble is an amazing store to get wonders like this :wub:


  10. So I tell my hairdresser that I pretty much just want to keep it like it is. So maybe do a tiny trim so it's not overgrown by the next time I have a haircut and just layer the crap out of it so I can try my new style.

    What do they do instead??... Trim it down way too much, completely take the bulk out of it so it's lost the "poofyness" I liked, ruined my fringe in such a way that it's impossible to get it to do what I want. and finally didn't even put enough layers in to do the style I want.

    1. Spooky Brony 2A

      Spooky Brony 2A

      The world weeps for you.

  11. I await for the day when someone invents a way to ACTUALLY permanently dye my hair so I never have to keep redoing it as it grows and fades. 

  12. It's strange how I've only just figured it out recently that I'm scared of Death :/ 

    Even though I'm young and am unlikely to die anytime soon. The idea that I could get cancer at anytime, or be in some horrible car crash ALWAYS looms in the back of my mind

    1. Spooky Brony 2A

      Spooky Brony 2A

      Yep, we're all gonna die. Have an ice cream! :Fleur:

    2. Codely


      Depends on the Flavour 

  13. Codely

    Favorite songs?

    It's hard to think of my favourites as I love so many though the ones that stand out the most to me are (The first one is a bit nontraditional xD): 1 - Diggy Diggy Hole 2 - Owl City - Speed of Love Jordan Sweeto - Evil Little Genius
  14. Codely

    Gaming Games you have NEVER finished

    Basically EVERY game I've ever played apart from some. I rarely ever finish a game as I find I get bored way too quickly. I mean I only recently finished Sonic Unleashed!