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  1. I haven't been given any warnings on the videos that have the pointy ponies, so I don't think that it is completely unavoidable. Have other animations like Fluffle Puff or My Little Portal been in the same situation? If they haven't, then I probably can avoid copyright infringement by modifying the style.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was content ID. I was able to acknowledge third party content and was able to keep the videos. But I think that Hasbro has the monetization rights on those videos.
  3. A couple of my videos have been copyright claimed by Hasbro. All of these are videos that I use the fully recognizable ponies (not the pointy ponies). They are: Pinkie's Smartphone App and Baby Cakes Like Waffles. I have future plans to make animations that use the full ponies, but I would like to avoid copyright claims. What can I do? I was thinking of making all of the outlines black, but I don't know if that will be enough. I could also create an entirely new style, but that would be annoying. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  4. You would only get to be the commercial narrator. Because the TV I'm using in the animation is a CRT, which can have low audio quality. But its fine for the commercial narrator as long as if it isn't terrible.
  5. There actually is no solid deadline, just get it ASAP. Since I'm not a professional company, I don't really have to get it at a set time. Any audio format is fine, because I can convert it later. You can read it however you want, because I will send you the entire script later. If you want to submit it directly, then ask me for my email. I will then give you my email address. Please forgive me because I have never done an animation where I needed voice actors before. Hoops is a character from the show. He was a pegasus pony from the episodes "Sonic Rainboom" and "Cutie Mark Chronicles". He raced Rainbow Dash when she first performed the sonic rainboom.
  6. For those of you that don't know, I am the creator of My Little Pony Dumb Ways to Die. So now I'm trying to put a lot of effort into my next project. It is called "Dashie's Helmet". But I'm missing one thing ... voice actors!!! So if you think you are going to want to participate, link a youtube video or a deviantart post of the recording of you saying the sample line corresponding to the character you're trying out for. If I think you're good, then you're in! I will then credit you in the description of the youtube video page. I'm sorry, but I can't afford to pay anypony, but this will help get you're name out! You can try out for more than one part; in fact, I encourage it. I need voices for the following: Rainbow Dash (Young)*: Sample Line: I do to play with them! And besides ... they're not dolls ... they're action figures. Father Dash**: Sample Line: You said that about your Wonderbolts dolls and you never play with them! Commercial Narrator (Stallion): Sample Line: Because of its sturdy design, you can take any collision! Race Announcer (Mare): Sample Line: ON YOUR MARKS ... GET SET ... GO!!! Hoops (Young): Sample Line: Ready to lose Rainbow Crash!?!? *Whoever gets this part will also have to do a line as regular Rainbow Dash **Rainbow Dash's Father
  7. Hello, I'm Chicken Cake, but I prefer to be called Cici. Because ponies started making fun of me with the name "Chicken". I am the creator of My Little Pony Dumb Ways to Die. I'm in the middle of creating another project, but it's been a little rough. Anyway, I'm a pegasus, but I wouldn't say I'm super great at flying. And I always style my mane every morning with a hairdryer and gel. It usually comes out well, but sometimes it looks weird. On those days you'll always see me staring at a mirror trying to fix my mane. I really like being on the internet, reading stuff and watching videos. But I guess that distract me from my work; especially since I work on a computer. So thank you everypony and I hope to see you soon!