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  1. Relaxing? Alone you say? *ahem* Dirty jokes aside, I can't relax. And what I mean by "Can't relax" is that I'm always moving. I will wander back and fourth around my house, making up the most unusual and insane stories that anyone could ever come up with. And over half the time I act them out. Voices and everything. I wish I was making this up to sound less weird. But that's the joy of it. It's so weird that it is true!
  2. Finally beat Dark Souls 3!!!

  3. @@VinylWubs, Guardian nodded his head in agreement. "The sunrise and sunset are my favorite, but its the calming night that I really do love." The two continued their walk a short distance away from Ponyville, about halfway to Sweet Apple Acres. Before them was a small dirt path that led for a while, past a few trees and to a relatively large house. Compared to the other houses in Ponyville, this one was quite larger, maybe even larger than the one owned by the Apple Family. "Well, here we are!" Proclaimed the stallion, "Welcome to my humble abode."
  4. Let's not forget this IS is show meant for the young girl audience. I mean come on, look at Sailor Moon, PowerPuff Girls (with the exception of the RowdyRuff Boys but they still got beat by girls) and other shows. The show never expected to gain the fanbase that they have now so it wasn't uncommon for them to make a "royal" pony like Prince BlueBlood be a jerk with no special stuff about him.
  5. @@VinylWubs, Guardian smiled a cheesy smile with a small blush on his face, "My schedule is not that busy as far as I know. When we get the time in the future I would take you. But I can't go back to the Dragon Nation. Once somepony leaves, they can never return." The stallion followed Renees gaze and looked towards the sky, "No matter where one may be, the sky never changes. Kind of a scary thought to be honest."
  6. @@VinylWubs, Guardian chuckled as the two left the shop, "You never heard of Zebrica? Its the homeland of the Zebras. I have been to every nation from the Griffons to the Minotaur's. I ever got to go to the Dragon Nation. Now that was a once in a lifetime chance to get to see." The sun was shown to be high in the air. At this time it was a little past noon and many ponies were out and about enjoying the suns rays and the fresh air.
  7. Woo time for some Dark Souls 3!!! (5 min later) F*** THIS GAME!!!

  8. Does anyone play Dark Souls 3 for the Xbox One? I need help :(

  9. @@VinylWubs, Guardian looks around, and sure enough, what Renee said is true. The ponies in here are starting to become a hoof full and it would be best if they went somewhere else. Just then, an idea popped into his head, "Hey! I know. Why don't you come over to my place and I can get a fresh pot of tea and coffee started. I picked up some rare tea while I was in Zebrica." He said. Only after what he said did he realize how stupid he sounded, "I mean, if you want to...that is." he slowly laughed till he went silent.
  10. @@VinylWubs, The golden yellow stallion stood in place for a moment before he nodded his head once and followed after Renee. After a five or ten minute walk, the two arrived at the local cafe. It was around mid morning and the morning rush that usually comes from the waking town is just about over. There is a line of 3 ponies waiting to get there orders and about three ponies in the shop drinking their beverages.
  11. Just raged quit Dark Souls 3............again

  12. @@VinylWubs, Guardian felt contempt hugging the unicorn mare. Her fur felt so soft against his. After a few more seconds of hugging, he broke away and smiled to Renee, "That was very nice. Thank you." He turned back towards the direction they were going. "So, are we ready to go get some coffee and tea?"
  13. @@VinylWubs, Guardian was taken back at the sudden hug Renee gave him. When she apologized to him for his past, and told him a little more about his, he felt better. He put a comforting smile on his face and hugged her back. "Its never easy to be alone. And coming from the lives we had, I'm surprised we didn't cave a long time ago." He said, chuckling at the end.
  14. @@VinylWubs, Guardian gave a small sigh, "I wouldn't call my life lucky. My parents were traveling sale's ponies. I never stayed in the same place for more than a few months till I came to Ponyville. Even then when I grew up, I left to join the Royal Guard. Then went to travel the world. It would sound fun, but I didn't get to interact with anyone for a long time. My master said that it would help by keeping me from getting attached to them. I was so alone." Guardian said as a tear escaped from his eye.
  15. @@VinylWubs, Guardian racked his brain, "If I remember correctly, I moved to Ponyville with my parents when I was just a little colt. I stayed here till I was old enough to join the guard. Went and traveled the world for four years, then returned about a week ago. So I would say about 10 years." Guardian said as he spotted the blush on Renee's face. 'Aww, she is cute when she blushes.'
  16. @@VinylWubs, The golden Earth Pony shook his head to agree with what Renee asked. He was too afraid to say anything for fear that he would potentially say something that he will regret. Soon after leaving the park, the two were walking through Ponyville, "So Renee," Guardian said, hoping to start a conversation that didn't involve embarrassing himself, "How long have you been in Ponyville?"
  17. @@VinylWubs, Guardian laughed, "I would lead the way, Renee, but I do not know where it is you live. After that, then of course I'll lead the way." This day couldn't get any better for him. He was going to get some coffee with a beautiful mare. He felt his heart quicken at the thought. 'A date? N-no. It's n-not a d-date. Its just a friendly chit-chat. Y-yeah, that's all...he he he' With out him knowing, a small blush appeared on his face.
  18. @@VinylWubs, Guardian smiled even brighter when hearing that she would love to get some coffee/tea. "I know of a good place that serves both on their menu. And, if you want, we can stop by your place so you can drop off your tools." Today went from a boring routine that was drilled into his head, to a nice and relaxing one that he gets to spend getting to know this nice mare.
  19. I can't stop playing Warframe!! Someone help!!!

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  20. @@VinylWubs, Guardian turned to leave after Renee went to fix the robot. He only made it a short way when the little colt ran past him with the robot in tow. He smiled as he saw how excited the little one was with his toy fixed. He took one look behind him and caught a glimpse of the unicorn. 'She does look pretty cute.' he said in his head. He turned back to face the front and sighed a heavy sigh. A little nag could be felt in the back of his head. 'It has been a while since I had any sort of interaction with another pony. Maybe we can be friends.' With that thought in mind, he turned ba
  21. @@VinylWubs, Guardian chuckled as she levitated the screwdriver around. "A little toy robot you say? Wow, I haven't played with one of those in years. Well, since you are almost done with the toy, I should let you get back to it. I'm sure the little Colt is wondering when his favorite toy will be done."
  22. @@VinylWubs, Guardian nodded his head when the unicorn, Renee, said her name, "Its nice to meet you," he said while meeting her outstretched hoof with his own, "A technician huh? Its not often you meet many ponies in our field of work. What was it you were working on when you lost your screwdriver?" he asked while smiling. His smile is something that never goes away. To many, it can be contagious and they would walk on by with a smile on their face whether they knew it or not.
  23. @@VinylWubs, Guardian handed over the screwdriver. It was always nice to help other ponies out. This is what he was all about. Helping others. Or protecting them. Whichever came first he would guess. The mare thanked him and went on about her business. Guardian was just about to also when the mare turned around and asked for his name, "My name is Guardian Angel. But my friends call me Guardian for short. What is your name?"
  24. @@VinylWubs, The golden yellow stallion walked around finding out who owned the screwdriver. He asked many ponies the same thing, "Does this belong to you?" but not a single one said that it was theirs. "A screwdriver doesn't just up and walk away from the pony who owns it." he said to himself. Just then a unicorn mare runs in front of him "H-hey! You found my tool! T-thank you sir!" The mare looked ecstatic that she has found her tool. "So this belongs to you? Well, here you go." he says, handing the tool over to its rightful owner
  25. @@VinylWubs, Guardian walked along the path, looking around and admiring his surrounding. The place he grew up in has surely changed over the course of time that he was away. His hoof came into contact with an object and he looked down. He saw a screwdriver that rolled up to him with no pony around to claim it. He bent down and picked it up, "Well hey there little thing. Now, who do you belong to?" "Where's my screwdriver?!" He looked around for the source of the voice. That pony must be the owner.
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