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  1. I am so very tempted to get all of them, but have not convinced myself to do so yet. Already spent over $80 on 9 of them.
  2. Soooo... who is getting the comic and which cover(s) do you plan to get? So far I am getting the box set with the 6 cover box set, Subscription Variant, and the Larry's Comics and Jetpack Comics set.
  3. Every show will eventually jump the shark, I do not expect the show to last forever. A bit of cartoon 101, back during the 80's it was common to have a very large cast, much of this was part of the marketing tied into the show as each character would have their own toy and through the series every character would be featured, even if it was even just one episode, while the rest were rotated periodically with a few having more memorable moments than others. While this was great for advertising, this did not make for great story telling and television. Show creators have learned over time that a small cast for a show to focus on allows for character development and for the audience to build a better connection to the characters. This does leave room for side characters to be introduced and even share the spot light with the main cast from time to time, but the main cast will always have presence. FiM has been doing this, much like other modern shows airing these days. Having some episodes that bring some light to background character is not a bad idea, if done right, but such episodes will have members of the mane 6, or the CMC, present as they need to be, even if it just one or two them, in every episode.
  4. There has never been a Mr. and Mrs. Cake episode. They are side characters, as opposed to background characters, so do get some highlights, but that is it. If you meant Babycakes, that was a Pinkie Pie episode. Be reasonable folks, the show will always rotate around the mane 6, Spike and the CMC, as it should be. Even Luna Eclipsed was a Twilight episode. As much of a neat idea as it may sound to have the show flush out the side and background characters and play to the fans wants, it would Completely ruin the show. You don't retool a working formula, there is too much risk of things going horribly wrong. Be happy with the little shout outs to the bronies they give us and don't ask for them to do more. I would like to see the show to make it to at least season 5.
  5. It is just for the signings. Sure it is to help keep distractions down and to keep the line moving quickly and orderly.
  6. What's funny is my white Celestia will arrive around the time I am at the con.
  7. The part of the community I avoid right there. People with bad attitudes give fandoms a bad name.
  8. I decided to take a picture off my current level of swag. Mind you this is just of officially licensed merchandise. I actually have a bit more on the way, including the Fan Favorite collection with Nightmare Moon and the white Celestia. Also finally ordered a shirt, Flowing Rainbow, from WeLoveFine and the Derpy messenger bag. You will notice I have no play-sets, they are not really my thing and I doubt I will get any of the sets that come with nothing but a bunch of accessories and/or cloths. Really mostly just interested in some specific figures. I do hope they come out with more of this little plushies though so I can get the full mane six.
  9. Thanks for the info. Think I will just see what is available at the con.
  10. I found my ears and horn from this girl at etsy - She ships REALLY fast too. I'm leaning toward a wig at Amazon - the ones I like on eBay still are coming from China and wouldn't be here on time. Those have been the ears I have considered over others.
  11. I picked up a really nice tail from Esty, I could not find any good ones on ebay, it should arrive before the con. I am not going to wear a wig, but I am still looking out for a good pair of ears and maybe a horn. I figure that their will be people at the con selling this stuff anyway, so will try my luck there, but really wanted to pick up the tail before hand.
  12. How about Swedish Singer Bjork? That's what always comes to mind for me.
  13. Why do people associate Photo Finish with Lady Gaga? XD One is a singer and american, one is a photographer with European accent. If anything Sapphire Shores is more akin to Lady Gaga.