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  1. I kicked a racoon cuz it keep getting to loud and got in my trash so Igot mad and ran up and kick it over the gate
  2. Well Idont know the nice one is but the most mean is this guy named funnydash he's so unkind
  3. The best one is also the first one I read it was called cupcakes I think ya cupcakes
  4. im back and better tan befor

  5. im back and better tan befor

  6. I meet andrew wk after a show that dude us so cool even fond out he's a brony and loves pinkie pie because she is as gratesas him when it gose to partying
  7. man the herds like the mafia you never get out

  8. i have left the heard :( good bye

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Are you sure you want to leave the heard? :(

    2. funnydash


      Yes I don't belong here I am a heater that's all I ever can be I don't belong here

    3. SCS


      I'm sorry you are leaving - I hope you'll come back some day.

  9. I now have a large amount of friends and I have a whole new look on life .I'm happy no longer a bully I have a whole new life its so cool I now have a large amount of friends and I have a whole new look on life .I'm happy no longer a bully I have a whole new life its so cool
  10. I was a massive hater see some of my post around you will see I was bad
  11. Party party party by andrew wk his insperason was pinky pie for it
  12. I'd go and pick on some kids start a fight and get stabbed in the chest and die with the show
  13. Do u know any good brony Facebook pages if so what are there names
  14. I only have shed tears like two time over something pony related grate to be different by forest rain and Luna game cuz it scared me so much I had a nightmare and woke up in tears
  15. It was a bright sunny day and pinky pie just woke up to a knock at the door, pinky eager to see who it was opened the door and saw a large dark grey pony standing at the door, kind of scared pinky said hi. the dark pony opened its mouth and there was a flash of light and pinky passed out upon awaking saw was rocks and gray shadows scared pinky asked were am I , a sound came from the rocks like morning but higher as a black mare walked over and said welcome to hell