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  1. Birdie

    Movies/TV Nicolas Cage for the Thirteenth Doctor

    I like NC, but not as the doctor, I don't think he would fit the role just right.
  2. Birdie

    How are you feeling

    My day been effecting me like a roller coaster, but that Is a normal day for me.
  3. Birdie

    Hello Ponies :)

    Thanks I'm already enjoying it
  4. Birdie

    Hello Ponies :)

    Thanks guys!!! Y'all seem pretty awesome right now
  5. Birdie

    Hello Ponies :)

    Hello, My fellows Ponies call me Birdie, and I'm looking into getting more into the mlp world more, we Don't have many Bronies in my neck of the woods here in my small town in Texas, so I'm out looking for more friends I can enjoy this with. hit me up, I love to get to know you all.