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  1. BiGender, I like to cross dress sometimes.
  2. Tv show pokemon, I'ma huge fan of sinnoh, and kanto, but I kind of like rival destinies(Mainly cause of N, I've been waiting since i played white to see N) I died as soon as i saw and heard N, but I am more a fan of Origins, it really let us see how the original trainers were like.
  3. Hi, welcome welcome welcome, nice to meet you, grab a soda and lay back and enjoy. To break it to your parents just watch some pause it and if your parents walk in just switch back to it, I just told my mom and she said "ok, your free to watch what you want"
  4. 3 wishes hmmm.: 1:Enough Money to live life nicely(not too much as to be greedy, maybe $500k, investments d00d) 2:Fastest internet connection. 3:A pony costume that transports me to ponyville when i want.
  5. sso an opposite pitch of fluttershys voice or same pitch?
  6. Hi luke, I see you are looking for voice actors, may i try out for flutts? I'm a huge fluttershy fan, and i would like to try out. Would me being 18 affect it, I've been told i sound 15-16 though. Oh yes welcome and have a fun time!
  7. September something i think it was 23rd My friend was a brony, I would tease him a lot for it, then i went to his house and he was watching it, so he said i bet $5 you'll like it, then yeah. He won.
  8. Heaven lost property made me cry on episode 1 damn you funimation.

  9. hmmm latest thing: It would have to be: American Dad(The one with Ricky Spanish)
  10. PSN(i don't go on a lot mainly for netflix): ALEXISSWEETNAME Steam: TeG_Lightning (same as my profile picture) 3DS:1177-7887-0054
  11. My fav. gen I would say 6, because it had brought out so many things that the fans wished for, character customisation, diagonal running, some kick-ass themes, fairy types that could easy beat the original tough guys, you could also interact more with your pokemon, and they finally explained why you can't jump over the trees instead of cutting them. But it was also IMO a very easy game as opposed to other gens.
  12. Sir that was the best thing i have ever read, you made my day.
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