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Status Updates posted by skbl17

  1. Happy New Year y'all! :)

  2. Another semester gone! Now to find my graphics tablet and learn how to use Photoshop...

  3. Flash drive casualty count: 3. I need to take better care of those things.

    1. Vulcan


      Maybe get one of those super durable ones that are shock and water resistant.

  4. It's midnight UTC! Happy (global) New Year everyone!

  5. I think this is the first time a blog post of mine has been linked on Tumblr.... >.<

  6. Happy fifth anniversary, Friendship is Magic!

  7. Yes, I finally got my laptop fixed! It's too bad it took a few days to move everything over. I miss the days when I had a lot of free time. :(

    1. FancyHorse


      But it's good your back. I missed you ^^

  8. Stupid laptop and its broken cooling system...y u barely let me use MLPForums?

    1. FancyHorse


      Stupid laptops. they be plotting against us.

  9. Crap...my USB drive is now broken, and with it go all of my OCs. Always remember to backup your files! :(

  10. Finally managed to update to Windows 10! 2.5 hour install time, yeesh...

  11. I've finally decided to set up a new deviantART account (theskbl17). I couldn't use skbl17 because I deactivated that one a year ago >.<

  12. That moment when you're making a "short" post, but it still feels long.

  13. (I still like parentheses)

  14. Less than ten hours from getting smashed by an ice/sleet/snow storm!

    1. Malinter


      batten down the hatches XD

  15. Ice storm catastrophe this week! Crap.

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