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  1. Hey everypony! I'm working on an academic article and I'd like to know your opinion: What traits make a good professor or a bad professor?
  2. Craving some chocolate cake....

  3. What's your dream vacation? I'm dreaming of a beautiful Summer day hiking in Glacier National Park!

    1. hariyaMakusu2
    2. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze

      Hmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmm

      Maybe....on a beach in Florida with a nice cool breeders and the waves glistening as the sand ruptures from the blue water.

    3. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze



  4. Welcome to the party!!!! Hope you brought chocolate!
  5. Grading Essays after a week off for snow! So much to catch up on!

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    2. hariyaMakusu2


      Oh, awesome! I didn't know she did that, I have to see that!

    3. Fragrant Melody

      Fragrant Melody

      Have a great day! Back to grading.....

    4. hariyaMakusu2
  6. I'm so excited that I found this thread! New to the forum and I've been wanting to create a signature for my OC. Thanks!
  7. Welcome to the forum!!! Hope to hear more from you and enjoy your week!
  8. Can't get "Winter Wrap-Up" out of my head!!!!

  9. Welcome to the forums! I love to cross-stitch too! Let me know if you find any downloadable patterns online and add me as a friend if you'd like!
  10. I'm a literature professor specializing in World Literature (esp. Mythology). Message me for any help you need with essays/projects/questions. I'd be glad to help!
  11. Love your style! Reminds me of airbrush art. Lovely!
  12. These are wonderful! Would you consider a commission for my first drawing??? Thanks!!!!