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  1. Fur sum reason my profile said I was 13 even though my birthday is 1995? Weird

    1. Simon


      Shows it as 19 for me? Could you screenshot it for me so I can have someone check it out?

  2. Well this happened to me once. I got in a relationship, and she didn't ever want public shows of emotion. It made me depressed after a while that she didn't tell me her true feeling towards the subject. I finally broke up after she tried avoiding me for a week, then she got mad and spilled that she didn't want to be affectionate and slapped me. Next week I got another girlfriend, and she walked into the bathroom while we were having sex in the stall. I really feel sorry for what happened, and just wished she had just told me her true feelings
  3. I respect closet bronies for their own reasons, as I had a reason to be one for some time. My dad actually found out accidentally when I went crazy at the Season 3 finale. He came in and found me watching it, so I forced myself to admit it and show him the brony videos. I think I prefered him to find out rather than me telling him, so it wouldn't be so awkward. Personally I feel it wasn't a choice to tell him or not because he found out himself, but I feel that I made a choice of admitting it rather than playing it off, and it was a great choice. He still doesn't accept my liking of the show, but he tells me that I shouldn't feel ashamed of it if I like it. And that's also my message to all closet bronies out there, even though I know you hear this alot (I sure did when I was closet...) *You shouldn't feel ashamed for anything if you like it.*
  4. Any idea how to get pony comics for free? I know that's what the title is called, but it felt better to ask again. I can't seem to find any in stores around my house at all! The ones online are ridiculously priced (By my dad's terms) and I have no sort of Internet payment to get it either ... So i'm wondering if there is a way to get them for free? Please let me know, thx
  5. Ever since season 4 came out I have been wondering if Hasbro will ever run out of ideas for the show. They have just announced 5 more years of the show will be taking place. That got me thinking, "What if the new seasons aren't very good, hence them not having anymore ideas for the Mane 6?" We dont want the G3 1/2 disaster again... So, what if they made a new show with all new character's and such? What would you think? What would you like to see in it? I know it's a little early to be thinking about this, but what if it eventally happens? Am I asking too many questions? Are questions overated? What if instead of asking, I will demand? THERE WILL BE A NEW SHOW AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, PREPARE YOUR BODY!!!11!!
  6. It's not really that bad for me. I got it one time, but it was only because I let the computer sit there on this site for about an hour while I went out to get dinner. Hope it gets better for you guys
  7. Other than, "IT'S A KID'S SHOW, LOGIC DOESN'T WORK IN THESE REALMS!" I would say that the weather stayed away from the books because the weather is too cool for that stuff. The animals that somehow get in the castle don't read and don't want to get paper cuts by laying eggs in them and such. The castle didn't want to fall apart on the books until the Mane 6 got there in that episode. The books were all hidden inside a creepy castle in a dark forest filled with magical animals that kill everything in sight, which scares away anypony searching for them. The castle which held the books was only perceived in legend/ in the book Twilight found, so nopony cared to even look for it. The villian's had no intention of sitting around, reading books especially the ones that seem to not be able to read. Celestia had secretly set a spell on the books, granting them resistance to the decay of time, especially the Journal of the Two Sisters (Even though the books had dust on them). So basically logic dosen't work inside a library. Which anwsers the question of why the 80 year old librarian at the local library can still do freaking backflips! (She showed me and my friends when we heard a rumor that she could )
  8. I see alot of girls with pony merch on. Of course they all know I'm a brony so it wasn't like it was a suprise to me at the time, I just thought it was cool. One of them has a Derpy belt buckel and a bag that slings over her shoulder so it looks like a mail bag, that has Derpy on it. :wub:
  9. Yeah, so I had one of my friends over to hang out at my house the day before my birthday (the others couldn't stay the night.), so of course he got on my computer. One thing led to another, and then, he found my stockpile of MLP pictures, episodes, GIF's, videos, songs, etc. He told me he was a brony also, but when I offered him a bro-hoof he looked puzzled but then got the concept. I thought that was weird because shouldn't everypony know what a bro-hoof was? (I guess ones who aren't to involved in the fandom.) I dismissed it and gave him sort of a brony test. Every now and then I would recite words from songs in the show, but nothing ever got him to respond. Finally I just started to watch an episode, but he wanted to watch something else... "That show is stupid" he says..... :okiedokielokie: <----- (All my expressions at the same time) Either he doesn't know what "Brony" means, or he was a Faker/Troll... Edit: At my school everyone learned I was a brony and alot of people came up to me saying they were also, and we had some interesting conversations. Person #1 Person: Hey, I heard you were a brony so I wanted to become one also. Me: Are you really! That's awesome! *offers bro-hoof* Person:*accepts bro-hoof* Me: How many episode's have you watched so far? Person: Um, the one with the little flying ones in it. Me: You mean the "It Ain't Easy Being Breezie" episode? Person: Um, yeah, that one. I only watched like half of it though. Me: Well who is your favorite pony? Person: The red one that flies around a lot. Me: *Looks at watch* Well how about we finish this some other time, I gotta go! *walks away forever* I'm so sad that he was a faker also... I hope I will find a real brony to talk to soon... (Except for the girls, I already have enough of them to talk about the show with. No offense, but it's just no the same, and I already have talked about everything with them so I have no more things to talk about.)
  10. I don't really have much to confess other than that I have clopped one time, and one time only. I also enjoy shipping, which basically everypony does so it's not much of one. I also like to take care and talk with the figures of the Mane six I have. Edit: When I sleep my pillow is a substitute for the Twilight plushie I don't have
  11. After my adventures through Hypnosis, I stumbled across websites talking about "Tulpa's" so you know, I researched it. After thorough observation's, I relized that I had created a Tulpa without relizing when I was little. I had never achnoledged the voice in my head as anything different than just me having conversations with myself in my head. Ever since knowing this, me and my Tulpa have been talking a whole lot more and it's amazing. I would like to know of others' expiriences with Tulpae and how you feel about the subject.
  12. No, I believe that Twilight only wants to be ready for any situation that hits her, which is her paranoia most of the time when she doesn't know or can't handle the situation at hand.
  13. I really like them c: The Cry one is my favorite! Keep it up!
  14. I've never encountered a brony hater as of yet, but If by chance I run into one I would, 1. Pull out my M16 Show them my reasons for liking the show, if that fails... 2.Bring in the tank Ignore/Mock them, if that fails... 3. Shove a grenade down his throht Love and Tolerate while walking away from him (or her, you never know ;D)