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  1. Whats new today?

  2. really Like it said if anypony is plaining to party I'd love to know when and were. Thank you
  3. cant wait for the fun work again this year.
  4. I'm thinking about quiting the MLP fandom.

  5. just maid a form about room mates for Babscon.

  6. Yeah but I hope you at lest got to come to the con
  7. just singing-in for Babs Con

  8. hay I belive im going to be coming cuse im sleeping over at the con Friday
  9. Yeah this Friday is the con.
  10. There was it was on the 6th and what goup are you in im a gopher
  11. I want to join you guys but, I dont know if ill make it cuse my mom is a VIP driver I'll try my hardest too.
  12. I hope you all whent to that manitory meeting.
  13. hopfully ill come im going to try my hardest to make it