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  1. Teh Smarty, CriousGamer, Tom Fawkes, Bodil40, The Game Theorist, ZeRoyalViking, and H2ODelirious are my favorite gaming related channels on Youtube
  2. The craziest things that happened in high school were many things. For starters my friend did a party boy dance in front of the principal. Then there was the water fight in home ec. via me and my two friends who were librarian assistants started. Also, the running of the farm animals prank in which case was the running of the cows. Then the incident where the teacher's car was overrun with rubber ducks. The wager in which a teacher he/she lost had to kiss a pig. And the deer head on vice principal's door in which case got a junior high student suspended by me and the same two friends that started the the water fight 2 years before hand.
  3. this brony is lucky he's still alive

  4. that moment when you have friends over and my Funko Pinkie Pie vinyl is the first thing they see next to my PS2

    1. Nuke87654


      What was their response?

    2. TwilightFire


      not that bad especially when we were watching some episodes of MLP and the Auburn and Mississippi State game yesterday

  5. Knowing my curiosity I'd end up going through the portal and then close it soon after. Only I would know about the portal to Equestria.
  6. Voice acting as Krillin around the house Commentating in a game that me and my brothers play especially in Mario Kart revolving the Blue Shell and here's one of the comments "Here's the wind-up, the pitch, and what's this it just straight up knocked someone out of the park." Ironically it knocked my bro off Rainbow Road and got back on the track just to get knocked off again by a red shell. I am good at art, writing romance stories, among others.
  7. I finally got a planeswalker for my mtg deck and that makes me a happy brony

  8. my cat had kittens yesterday and their names are chocolate, chocolate chip, and oatmeal cookie

  9. well my cat just had kittens yesterday and their names are chocolate, chocolate chip, and oatmeal cookie

  10. well my cat just had kittens yesterday and their names are chocolate, chocolate chip, and oatmeal cookie

  11. Is it bad that I'm going to play against my brothers in Mario Kart on frantic mode, 150cc, all items, no teams, and the use of Rainbow Road as well.

  12. My OC lives in Canterlot in a house with his comrades. Constantly hanging out with friends when he isn't on guard duties. He is a royal guard under Shining Armor's command. Lightning Blitz's past is shrouded in mystery.
  13. I go to a non-denominational church in which I'm part of the drama team. We also have a youth service once a month in which case I'm also involved with.
  14. I am a moderate Brony 100%. Sure there are some items like the Funko vinyls that I like, but I don't go too crazy with the fandom.