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    new jersey (btw hate the jersey shore lol)
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    I love to game and party, im actually a local dj so no wonder why dj pon3 is my fav lol, I love dancing alot and making new friends, im also a furry and yea just love to meet new people so if anyone wants to talk send me a message ^^
  1. Heya everypony, furries and bronies have been at each others throats at the beginning when bronies came into existence and well there are still those few who dont like bronies, but im a furr and i love being a brony too, so if there are any other furs out there who are like me *brohoof*
  2. kaiwolfy

    MLP Tattoos

    imagine getting a mlp tattoo and in like the future for some of us maybe not all your grandkids go why you have a pony on your arm what do you tell them lolz
  3. last game i beat was splinter cell: conviction and well skyrim but one does not simply beat skyrim lolz
  4. I love that movie so much it was great, love all teh songs in it
  5. haha oh the countless times, well my favorite was when i was playing cod 4 when it was still awesome and i got so pissed i threw my hands up going wtf (insert loud rage curse words here) and as i threw my hands up my controller flew out of my hand and got stuck in the ceiling, then i was lke wtf so i proceeded to get my controller back and right when i looked up at it the ceiling where the controler was fell on my face, yeap fun times broken nose and broken ceiling that day lolz
  6. heya everypony, anyones want to chat or somethig im bored out of my mind

  7. im so deathly ill right now its unbeliavble just been throwing up all night ugh T^T

    1. Marcato


      Aw man thats terrible! I hope you feel better soon!


  8. Ultra bored lolz I want to talks to somepony anypony wanna talk?

  9. its one of those days I wish i wasnt alive *sigh*

    1. Adro2503


      What happened??

    2. kaiwolfy


      just im hated by everyone, i dont want to be alive anymore, thats how bad i feel right now..


    3. Adro2503


      Everything is going to be ok. Just do something that makes you happy and drink some hot chocolate.

  10. do you think me and a group of friends can sing a song together like all of us with different parts because we made our selves costumes and everything x3
  11. well keep us all posted and one more thing any of you guys or girls goingn to brony con in nj on june 30 would love to see you all there
  12. my day off from work today any pony wanna chat or something im bored

  13. siiting in school bored out of my mind, somepony get me out of here T^T

  14. sounds awesome, set up a good date and ill be there ^^
  15. So bored, was jamming out before, but now im just ultra bored T^T

    1. ingster


      Wanna join me in minecraft?

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