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  1. Happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a lovely time~ ^w^

  2. It will be the straight Funko the same as Hot Topic had the exclusive on for a little while.
  3. Good news about princess Luna, just received new list and she is listed on the vaulted list which means they will produce her again at some point. Wish I could tell you where to get any vinyls your looking for but I'll get in trouble.
  4. Princess Luna is out of production at the moment so if you need one and find one you better grab it.
  5. Princess Luna is no longer being produced. This surprised me and I still don't understand what funko is doing.
  6. FlyBunny

    The 4DE Plushes

    No word on Luna, the others are set for july shipment, that was as of today direct, from 4DE
  7. MLP is Hasbro's #1 selling property even more so then star wars. As far as infomercial to sell toys, I do not agree that this generation is only around for this purpose. I honestly believe hasbro is trying to expand its horizons into the entertainment industry. If you look at the financials, Hasbro's toy sales have steadily been declining. I think they finally took a look at what Disney was doing and finally said hey that might not be a bad idea.Either way I don't care, I love this new generation and I think it has an amazing message. I also think they chose one of the most amazing people to rebirth the franchise.
  8. FlyBunny

    The 4DE Plushes

    Or you go Aurora plush. 4DE has become a failure of a company, I have sent them numerous emails and not once have received a response.
  9. FlyBunny

    The 4DE Plushes

    January, I am going with January.
  10. FlyBunny

    The 4DE Plushes

    There is no 4DE Celestia Plush set to be released, so its probably a custom made one that someone is claiming to be 4DE.
  11. Its one of those things that it is either going to shock everyone and be really really good or it will completely suck, I don't see any in between. They do seem to spend a decent amount of time in between the them.
  12. Definitely go to the store for your luna, it will be more expensive but at least you can pick out one with a perfect box
  13. Hot topic has a problem with being able to keep their boxes in good condition. Went there today because the Luna was suppose to be released and of course they didn't have it. Wow just wow, it's your exclusive, your the only company who carries it right now, you couldn't handle making sure your stores had it on the day it was to be released. I did grab a few of the vinyl records and comics and pint glasses. I also grabbed a rarity, daring do and discord. Grabbed the only ones who's boxes weren't messed up. I said something to the girl that worked there and she said she hears that complaint a lot. I thought when I got my apple jack and big mac in the mail from them that it was an isolated incident, guess not.