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  1. I guess TPAM has a PC in their room
  2. Sorry hon' , no idea "Back when I joined the corps we didn't have any fancy shmancy tanks, We had sticks! Two sticks and a rock for a whole platoon... And we had to SHARE the rock"
  3. Panic! At The Disco: the emperor's new clothes I'm sleepy and not in the mood for making a new question, so, same
  4. Recieves a list of spoilers for every single future DC movie Inserts an illegal meme deal
  5. burps of vomit, also stepping on a Lego What is your meme dealer's name?
  6. You people must think my house is made of pillows by now, huh?
  7. Yep, Americans sometimes hurt my feelings with their Canadian jokes though, good thing I can go and get them fixed for free TPAM likes puppies more than people
  8. Drank some tea with far too much cream... LIKE A VIKING!!!!
  9. 1000 years of only being able to say, spell or think the word "jackbum"
  10. I thought it was already dead Do you watch movies for the story or the special effects?
  11. Eeeeup TPAM occasionally acts like a huge stereotype of their country