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  1. I Was last active on the 29th of may, Holy hell i need someone to tell me every single thing i missed on while i was away i need to go watch most of the new episodes though.

  2. Those are the ones i play as of now (not much cause i spend most of my time on Destiny i've played around 9 Days on all my three characters you can see At my Bungie account if you're interested (ZCurb) 1-Destiny 2-Forza Horizon 2 3-Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare Ones i am planning to buy soon: The Crew Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor And more other games.....
  3. On the 28th of September 2000 (September 28 is the 271st day of the year (272nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar), i was born around 6:30 AM (PST)
  4. it's awesome got it Day Zero on X360 looks awesome multiplayer is so fun haven't tried campaign yet i love the exo suits it's one of the best COD's ever. It has been confirmed with the Season pass so there IS going to be Zombies in AW in one of the new map packs
  5. Favorites: Welcome to The Show, We shine like rainbows, Music to my ears Least Favorite: Awesome as i want to be.
  6. best electronic music I've heard in a while, Good job Monstercat
  7. it's kinda creepy i already got to Night 7 its also kinda intense its just not that scary....Until.... here's how to make it not scary
  8. i have a trip on Thursday :3

  9. Hello, Its seems like you're already enjoying the forums have a nice stay
  10. i just finished watching EQ : Rainbow Rocks its AWESOME and the credits song is absolutely fabulous, We shine like rainbows oohhh shine like rainboooows ooohhh

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      I'm hearing a lot of really good reviews, I can't wait to see it :3

    2. Its Flutters

      Its Flutters

      Its totally worth watching i only wish it was longer :3, its a big step for MLP (from the graphics side)

    3. Its Flutters

      Its Flutters

      Also, i almost cried at the credits :')

  11. -Be back i missed the Forums so much :D (in case you're wondering this is the rest of my other status update)

  12. I'm finally back, i'm going to spend more time on the Forums now :3, I've been busy for a lot of time now its that i need to get a scholarship this year in school and i had no time i sleep on 11 PM and i come back from school 3:00 PM i study till 8 sometimes 7 and i spend my other 3 hours on my Xbox playing Destiny cause i had to finish the VoG on hard and all that stuff now i won't be spending that much time on destiny anymore since i freaking got nothing, so i'm glad to...