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  1. Best episode for me is Shadow Play. The buildup towards the episode was excellent, the music was amazing, just...GOD, wonderful episode. P.P.O.V. was....angering.
  2. In regards to season premiers, I have a difficult time in choosing between Beginning of the End and Crystal Empire, but I ended up going with the former because of the high stakes and Sombra was such a DANGEROUS foe. The Crystalling was just disappointing; tbh. Pretty much a harbinger of things to come for season 6.
  3. I think it's difficult to quantify; tbh. Pedophilia does exist within the fandom. That cannot be denied, especially after a prominent brony YouTuber was caught trying to indulge in such activities. That said; pedophilia exists in other fandoms as well; whether it's Smash Bros, YouTubers, sports, etc. That said I don't think it's particularly prominent, but it still does exist.
  4. Sauron's ultimate goal was order; pure and simple. I'm not so sure if Sombra had such a goal himself. It's true that Sombra was largely based on Sauron's design and mannerisms, but goalwise I'm not sure. His sights were pretty limited from the start as he focused squarely on the Crystal Empire and not Equestria as a whole. That only changed after he destroyed the Elements of Harmony. Not counting the comics; it's really difficult to judge what his goal ultimately was.
  5. Been on this train with NO REGRETS! The series I've enjoyed, the friends I've made, the OCs I've created, and my true love found; I hold no regrets~
  6. Sombra was a tyrant and he pretty much saw himself as that alone. Whether it was season 3 or season 9; he was centered on himself and what he believed was his property. He was no *hero as he willingly put other ponies in a state of suffering and/or brainwashing, and he damn well knew that. *Not counting the comic variant where releasing the umbrum was his goal.
  7. I watched a G5/G4 lore vid that addressed this very subject. IIRC, it was speculated that the windigos didn't appear because even though there was serious mistrust between the pony races; the times were actually quite peaceful! This is quite different from the time before the founding of Equestria, as well as the attack by Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow. Of course this likely isn't fool-proof, but there yah go.
  8. Eh, personally, I found seasons 7, 8, and 9 to largely be great. Not every episode was grand, but extremely enjoyable!
  9. Imma a Sombra fanboi so yes~ That said, looking at it seriously, he's a tyrant. He's no more a king than Chrysalis was a queen.
  10. Logically; they should all have passed away, possibly even Twilight herself. If the official "Journal of the Two Sisters" is anything to go by, they're not immortal. They key behind this how much time has passed since the end of G4 and the G5 film. Considering we had no inclinations of Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights in G4 (tv, movie, comics) that tells me quite a bit of time has passed. Probably in the same vein as Dark Souls the land has changed in many ways and the old landmarks are just not around anymore. That said; they could technically pull a "Pillars" or "travel
  11. The main thing I want is for the characters to keep their charm and dynamic intact while exploring their backgrounds and potential conflicts. We need our Mane 5 to grow of course! That said; I also want to see if the other races are still around. Part of G4's charm was the abundance of various sapient creatures with their own kingdoms, cities, and culture and I do hope that's retained. That said...I hope we avoid some of the awkwardness that G4 suffered through and the reteaching of various lesson; if you will. That wears on you pretty fast.
  12. Well, if we're just considering FiM films, G5 knowns both 2017 and Rainbow Road out of the park. As for EqG well...harder to say. I considered Friendship Games to be the best followed closely by Rainbow Rocks, but if I am being honest I still prefer G5 over them as well. That said I definitely need to rewatch ANG for it to properly sink in.
  13. I'd say that's likely. Sprout was certainly the antagonist, but was weak in the end. I honestly think that was intentional as the barrier was no single pony; just their broken bond and the barriers they themselves have built up.

    Holy crap G5 was SO GOOD! <3

    1. Js250476


      It was so good so happy MLP is back and good as ever! ^_^

  15. That was WAY better than it had any right to be! All characters were quite charming and just....GOD, it was so enjoyable! I missed having some pony to look forward to and this really filled a void for me! I really hope the potential series follows the heart and charm of this. <3
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  17. Love you hun; feel better soon. <3

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  19. God, I love Sunny and Izzy so much, and Zipp as well! Need to see more of Pipp tho, and Hitch looks promising, bu for now, Sunny & Izzy are tops!
  20. Season 6 by FAR. There some great episodes, but OMG when it got bad or mediocre it was just...ugh; a chore to sit through. Season 3 comes close, but that's mainly because of length.
  21. Been quite exhausting this week. Work hasn't been that bad, but home...GOOD LORD so much yard work. Granted grass got thick & such, but three days worth of lawn mowing and weed-eating, as well as rock-laying today. Hoping for a respite. XD

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