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  1. Hello everypony, i finished this song under the name "My little Amnesia" and i want to make a remix album and include another producers. https://soundcloud.com/eniix_official/my-little-amnesia-eniix/s-ACBnj (if you can´t see the song, just copy in the internet bar this address and delete the spaces: https://soundcloud. com/ eniix_official/ my-little-amnesia-eniix/ s-ACBnj) The link for the stems: https://mega.co.nz/#!Bo4DhbhZ!5qA9c7jRWU-28rIrVDhM4MJtkYaTq7Wo6hdwYztv03M Rules: 1.- You can make in any style of music. 2.- Please, don´t post the full song, until the album is out, just wip´s, ok?? 3.- The submissions must be on .wav format 4.- All submissions must be under eight minutes long 5.- When you finished the song, send me the private link of soundcloud or link (mega, 4shared, etc.) to this email: juliorodrguez14@yahoo.com.mx with the subject "My Little Amnesia Remix Contest" The contest ends on July 17th and the final songs are anounced on August 28th, i´m gonna post the album in my soundcloud, equestrian beats page and youtube. GOOD LUCK!! :3
  2. I have music for fans of mlp if you wanna check just click in this link https://www.youtube.com/user/EniixOficial/videos if you like the music, please share with the world
  3. Maybe i use this song for my DJ set in the BronyMexiCon this september in Mexico city
  4. Hello, I´m eniix many months ago i make the remix of "Winter Wrap Up", i love much this song. share, comment and download if you like this tune https://soundcloud.com/eniix_official/winter-wrap-up-eniix-remix-free-download Follow me on Facebook :3 https://www.facebook.com/EniixOficial
  5. thank you very much i´m gonna try to conect at this account many times XP
  6. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: By ponyverse link How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I see many fandom art in the internet, i investigate and just "pum" in less than 1 year i became brony "light" XD Hello, my name is julio césar a.k.a. Eniix, i live in mexico city, i´m music producer since 2010, i meet the fandom music about january of this year and start to produce brony songs because i hear many producers like sim gretina,Alex S. and Living tombstone. I love Fluttershy sooooo much!! it´s lovely >.< this is my history of my life (yeah, it´s very short XP)