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  1. It's is "Can I [Too inappropriate to be shown]" I found this skull I'm holding in Everfree, what do you think this means?
  2. Enough Shenanigans

  3. B+?! B+?! B+ in... ENGRISH!!!

  4. I don't know but keep thinking of a sour dough jack. Should I mass produce weapons for Equestria or just enhance the Royal Guard's and Civilian's armor?
  5. Any that don't involve something important falling apart. I wandered out of the herd how do I get back in?
  6. Quick! Give me your best Hollywood Logic! I don't care what it is just put something! Mine: Your using an AK-47, therefore your a bad guy! What no period?
  7. Self Control, cause I would like to make a decision that doesn't involve any manipulation or influence. Having fun?
  8. Ranger, cause magic is hard to learn and I would like not to be running straight towards the enemy like a soldier running into the sights of three machine guns. Plus I gave up my some strength for perception. I've been exiled to a place without friendship, can I get a hug from anyone please?
  9. Where'd you get that laser rifle from?!
  10. At this point any... How would you feel after having a dream that were you lived your life until you were 32 and when you finally got married you wake up to find out your only 7 years old in reality.
  11. Has anyone ever rested their chin on top of your head?
  12. None, we don't need perks. Should we make a banner for memorial day?