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  1. I'm very interested, but do you need any male voices? I'm afraid that's all I can do.
  2. More and more I find fellow 40k fans who actually get my name's reference. People who click on my profile discover it even more.
  3. The petty Imperium trying to fight the vile xenos again? Pathetic. Chaos is eternal. Chaos is forever. Join us as I did 10,000 years ago.
  4. Every fucking day I get the fuck up and make myself a bowl of Cheerios without milk. I've been eating on the weekdays like this for years. I don't think millennials are really all that lazy, I really think its propaganda about us. But if I hear some asshole talk about cereal being to "hard" to make. Jesus grow up. If milk is a problem, eat it dry. Real men can eat a bowl of cereal dry and not complain.
  5. Once in a public restroom, I found something I guarantee nobody has ever seen in a public restroom. A clean, well-functioning toilet and working sinks with a filled soap dispenser. And a paper towel dispenser that wasn't jammed. Truly a strange occurrence.
  6. Well......My parents came out and finally told me they couldn't stand to be around me. 3 more years and I'll be able to move across the country and never see them again

    1. Critical Mass

      Critical Mass

      I'm sure there are others that care for you.

  7. Primarch Fulgrim

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Ok no joke here's an updated picture of me from about a year ago.
  8. Help I'm infected with anime and I'm sinking lower and lower into it.

    1. Kyoshi


      Here take some Death Note, that got me out of it pretty quick.

    2. Primarch Fulgrim

      Primarch Fulgrim

      K, I dunno tho, this shit is pretty good. But I need help. If I don't respond in a few days, send the cops to my house to put me down.

  9. Primarch Fulgrim

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I guess I should show myself. Here's a pic of me and my brother. I'm on the right.
  10. Help me, I watched an anime

  11. At this point I can definitely say that I am in fact in depression, so far its fun

  12. I need help, help

    1. Kyoshi


      Help? I shall help. :D

  13. asked a girl out who I've had a crush on for a few years now, considering dying on the sport here in a few seconds

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