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  1. After some training with my tablet and a long hiatus from this place i return with some stuff i just made. Criticism is alright don't be afraid and use it, it is only to make one better.
  2. I did some drawing and it is really hard to get used to drawing on the pc. I am fairly newb to drawing so critisism is alright. I know that i did the legs wrong . :okiedokielokie: Thanks for for liking and stuff .
  3. Im not sure if i want to post my recent drawing...

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      what you mean =) I'm sure it is awesome drawing =)!

  4. I've had strange dreams lately

  5. My laptop is now alive and im back at the forums

  6. My laptop died, so im stuck with my phone for a while

  7. Goodnight all :)

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight! Have a nice rest! =)

    2. Steelstallion
    3. catnet


      Goodnight, and rest well! ^^

  8. Im back and im tired, goodnight

    1. catnet


      Night, and sweet dreams~ ^_^

  9. The forums are silent aswell

  10. mlgforums sure are shiny

  11. I just watched interstellar, im in tears now ;_;

    1. Admiral Regulus

      Admiral Regulus

      Good movie, but the ending was awful.

  12. im not tired, but i need sleep so goodnight all

    1. catnet


      Goodnight, and sleep well! ^.^

  13. Goodnight all

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight. Sweet dreams. :)

  14. It looks really good, nice job
  15. Awesome as always, nice job!