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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, dear Ponies, may I present to you: Großrettbach, Thüringen (Thuringia) A very small village, 200 people live here. Well, we don't have anything special here at all. Not even a bar like every other village in the surrounding. But we have the best Football (Soccer) Field. And 2016 Großrettbach becomes 1230 years old. The "Schwemm" The Barn of my Grandparent The "LPG" ( It's called other today but nobody really knows and so everyone still calls it "LPG".

    1. Commander Shroob

      Commander Shroob

      Wunderbar. Ich mag die Tortoise. Ist zwar nicht mein liebster Jagdpanzer aber der Name passt zum Kontext xD

      How comes? ^^

  3. It indeed is, excellent word choice by you.
  4. So amazingly good written... but I have to look up so much words. Shame on me... despite that I r8 8/8.
  5. You got a good one with this, my dear Sir.
  6. I am awfully sorry that I have to disappoint you, but that looks more like Dutch or something nothern (Swedish or so) not German. And many Thanks to everyone for the heartwarming welcome.
  7. To quote Sweetie Belle:"Nope, Toast!"
  8. Seems like Sunday passed and... Oh well...
  9. Oh really? I thought they look the same so they contain the same. Seems like I will have to taste the Rainbow.
  10. I never tastet Skittles... I mean I don't see any difference to M&Ms or Smarties so why would I? ^^