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  1. YAY I'm starting my pony vectors again! (from scratch, with sucks)

  2. If you need help with their names, check this out BTW I really like your second pony, your art is so unique I cant really think of cutie marks if thats something you needed help with
  3. I'm glad to help Ha ha, I'm reading a warrior cat book right now I just checked out your profile, I am in love with digital art too!!! I'm working on some vectors at the moment
  4. Great to hear some good feedback for once
  5. If you need help finding an OC name, just look at the list. Iv'e been picking up awesome names and writing them down but never got to use them all... feel free to take some, cause I'm not using them. Earth Pony Pegasus Unicorn Almond Essence Air Glider Adorna Amble Stroll Air Sprinter Amulette Ash Cake/Corn Tash Airstream Astro Bangtail Air Wave Aureole Belle de Nuit/Ipomoea Alba Arctic Blast Bling Bling Bamboo Shoot Blizzard Blingy Bangs Banana Blitz Bright Blue/Lazuline/Cerulean Bonnie and Gracie (cute for twins) Banana Bread Bullet Dash Cosmic Dust Bloom Berry Chilly Breeze Crystal Charm Brussels Sprout Cloud Nine Crystal Clear Bubblegum Cloud Scraper Ember Spark Bulls Eye Cloudy Pear Flashy Fringe Butter Bean Dusty Cloud Galaxy Bouchee Feather Quill Ice Crystal/Pordrin Burly Wood Feather Wings Lantern Light Caffine Flash Card Laser Light Candy Cane Flashlight Midnight Moon Candy Kiss Fleecy Flare Morning Dew Candy Tuft Fly By Orna Mint Caster Sugar Glacier Petty Cash Cauliflower Gleaming Glow Razzle-Dazzle Celery Stick Gliding Glitter Ruby Red Cheddar Cheese Gusto Saddle Light Cherry Cheesecake Gusty Silver Moon Cherry Ripe Hailstone Solar Eclipse Cherry Tree Hang Glider Solar Flare Chili Pepper High Flyer Spotlight Choc Chip Hurricane Stardust Cinnamon Jiffy Starry Sparkle Cocoa Crunch Newsflash Tiptop/Top Notch Coco Cream October Sky Twinkle Star Coco Ganache Paraglider Coffee Berry Photo Flash Cola Nut Propeller Wing Corolla Rainy Day Cookie Cutter Rain Shower Cotton Rose Rapid Rush Cotton Wool Razor Blade Cream Puff Roller Blade Crinkle Cut Sea Feather Dusty Rose Sky Blue Expresso Solar Wind Fairy Floss/Cotton Candy/ Sonic Boom Candy Floss Speed Skater Fire Thorn Silver Streak Fluorescence Sunbeam/Sunray French Fry Twister/Tornado Galette Whirlwind Gingerbread Zippy Ginger Snap Granola Bar Here are some extra names that i couldn't quite put in the right list Gumdrop Bonfire Blaze, Sweet Dreams, Candle Flame, Price Tag, Penny, Handy Dandy Jackpot, Lucky Dip, Coin Silver, Sweetie Song, Purple Tones, Semi Honey Bell Breve, Solo Songs, Six Strings, Symphony, Rock Star, Sonatina, Honey Cream Crotchet, Beatbox, Joy, Fairy Tail, Pop Quiz, Photo Mosaic, Arial Honey Moon Mosaic, Pixel Ink, Slam Dunk, Sling Shot, Origami, Tutu, Pom Pom, Iridescence Hula Hoop, Hopscotch, Sweetie Hearts, Holiday, Pop Art, Palette, Iris Emblazon, Crafty Art, Burnt Umber, Bonfire/Balefire, Magma, Molten Jelly Bean Rock, Kindle Flame, Lava Blast, Firework, Wave Rider, Cyclone Swirl, Juniper Whirlpool, Sandstone, Sea Salt, Sea Shore, Waterspout, Sea Scooter, Kickshaw Jet Ski, Coral, Silky Smooth, Maxi, Tuxedo, Taffeta, Floral Lace, Denim Lammington Dust, Terry Cloth, Voile Velvet, Leatherette, Calamine, Paw Print, Lemon Drops Waltzer, Arabesque, Belle-erina, Dazzle Dancer, Groovy Hooves, Lemon Grass Carosuel, Chariot, Joy Stick, Spinning Top/Whirligig, Navy Blue, Pale Liquorice Twist Blue, Burgundy Rose, Copper Bronze, Firebrick, Cerise, Cherry Red, Lilac Pink/Violet Pink/Lavender Pink Sweet Sepia, Neon Green, Leafy Green, Saddle Brown, Blurry Beige, Lollipop Charcoal, Iron Grey, Silver Knight, Ash Blonde/Platinum Blonde, Maple Spectrum, Magenta, Scarlet Pink. Milkshake Nutella Oat Cookie Pancake Passionfruit Patty Pan Pastry Pie Peachy Pie Peppermint Petit Four Pikelet Poppy Seed Popsicle Pretty Sweet Purple Fern Raspberry Swirl Ray Floret Razzle Berry Rose Bud Sawbuck Semisweet Sesame Brittle Short Black Smoothie Soda Pop Sparkle Berry Speedwell Spun Sugar Sugar Apple/Sweetsop Sugar Burst Sugar Shell Summersault Sundae Syrup Sunny side Up Steeplechase Strawberry Ripple Streusel Slice Sweet Pea Sweet Tooth Taffy Apple/Toffee Apple Tangerine Tea Cake Tea Tree Toffee Coffee Whipper Snipper Yo-Yo Zest and Rind (cute for twins) If you have read this whole list, thank you, cause it took a long time to write!
  6. I'm confused... I might not do a royal pegasus anymore, i cant be bothered
  7. Neon Green? uh... I think it would be better to post his details so that people can get a better idea cause i'm going no where but Neon Green
  8. OMG did you mention the warrior cats? totally love those books! Do you still need help? I came up with Pitch... If you need help with your OC backstory I came up with this crazy idea that you might like. So it starts that shes playing hide and seek with her friends or something and hides in this really big tree but gets stuck. She tries call out for help but no pony can hear her and no pony comes. She gets stuck for a long time and notices that she was never alone because there is a flock of birds that were there the whole time. She has a crazy idea that maybe they can help her, so she tried to communicate with them in any way to help her but the fly away. Before she gave up the birds came back with her friends and they help her out of the tree. She realizes that she was able to communicate with the birds and they understood them. *gets her cutie mark* ???
  9. Gold3

    Amber Dust

    oh, was i allowed to ask that?
  10. Gold3

    Amber Dust

    O my gosh, I just love your art and absolutely love her base colour! I was close to finishing my vectors and posting but then the PC caught a viris so i have to do them over. Do you do your vectors on inkscape? If yes i would love to know which version you use so i can install it.
  11. I cant believe this. Our computer caught a serious virus that everything got deleted before i could back up my pony vectors, WHY!?

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      See ya, i'm browsing the warrior cat sight now :)

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      OK, take care.

      Fellow Aussie.

    4. Gold3
  12. Sorry i haven't been around lately but i am glad to be back now.

  13. This is only one of my OC's that I've vectored so far, her name is Morganite. I don't know how to post spoilers but her she is & I hope she is good enough to enter, thanks!
  14. Almost finished doing up my mane six!

  15. Happy hearts & hooves day!