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  1. In season 8, i just thought maybe the Twilight being the school principal is the her most fitting role because that what she CHOOSE to do and she doesnt need to be a princess or a great magician, just a humble principal to spread her magic of friendship but no, she is a ruler of Equestria just because Celestia told her so... The more i think about this, the more i think season 9 is getting worse in my mind.
  2. Well, he is the reason the tree of harmony being destroyed in the first place and no pony has anything to say about that. If you take “the mean justified the end” to heart then Discord is a good thing in the long run because he helped every kingdoms united. Discord always has a jail-free card that once called “its Discord!” so he can be immuned to criticisms. For the greater good, i guess.....
  3. Back then, I didn't think Moondancer is in the right in the episode, she became isolate and pushed away her two others potential friends (who actually ATTENDED the party) just because Twilight didn't come to the party. What amazed me about Amending Fences is not about Moondancer struggles (even it isn't irrelevant), it's how Twilight never blame Moondancer for anything what happen to herself and she solved the problems instead of shoving it away like it wasn't her problems. Moondancer is a good character for Twilight development but after that she's just another Sunburst.
  4. Even Starlight made the question why Twilight's friendship is so special that can wrap the future of Equestria and even then, there is no answer for the characters. The Tree of Harmony already has Twilight cutie mark in it so it means that Twilight meets her friends and then become the princess of friendship is the part of Harmony's machination to create to ultimate harmony of Equestria. Twilight is the most important because she represent the MAGIC, no matter how strong the friendship is, without magic the world will fall into darkness, so everything in Equestria is driven by magic and friendship is just one form of magic and in this universe, it is the best of all. The Harmony is the best chess master of the entire universe and villains, no matter how strong their conviction is, are destiny to lose.
  5. Pinkie can break the 4th wall so i'm not surprised that she can "obtain" some knowledges outside the limitation of the universe, without realizing it of course.
  6. Other creatures arent forced to live in pony kingdom and leave their own kingdom. It’s just Equestria is now more open for foreigners.
  7. Then should they remove Slice of Life too? That episode outright shipped Lyra and Bon Bon.
  8. @PCutter We need more champion like you to protect this precious episode.
  9. Opal just acts like a cat should be, how could it be worse than Angel? Angel is cunning, childish, manipulative, rude, abusive which are the worst traits of a human could have. Nothing can beat human in competition of negativity.
  10. Sometimes I forget this show's target demographic are little girls because of how writers can somehow push some boundaries which entertains me as an adult fan but still try to keep itself being light-hearted for kids. I think Friendship School story arc is fairly balance between "for kids" and "for teen" (like a school teaches people about making friends but one of its students take advantage of the friendship concept in the twisted and malice ways and she is a little girl and a gosh dang psycopath, you get an idea).
  11. The current show was held back by the Y7 rating so i hope G5 will be PG.
  12. The new season 10 comics may be our only hope to further explain the lore of the show canonically.
  13. “What About Discord?”- I like the atmosphere that the writers created intentionally in this ep (it was confirmed by Big Jim himself). Put myself into Twilight’s foot in this bizarre situation in the second watch make this episode much better than it actually is. “28 Pranks Later” - I think zombies are cool ideas in this ep, good ep to watch in Halloween and i dont think Dash actions in this ep contradict her character in Griffon the Brush Off. ”Secrets & Pies” - Another comedic episode was harshly criticized. This ep is so funny that remind me some good old S1 episodes, one of very last few funny Pinkie episodes left. “Fame & Misfortune” - Yes, i love this episode for its meta humors. I still think some people take this episode in the wrong ways until this day. Not to say this ep is perfect or anything, but it is not the worst episode that people trying make it to be. ”Putting Your Hoof Down” - One of the best Fluttershy episode of the entire show. It shares one problem that Fame has: Ponyville suddenly become Assville in that ep just to fit the plot, if you focus to that aspect to criticize this ep then welcome. This ep shows us more side of Fluttershy that already hinted in Best Night Ever, she can be kind and timid at time but she can be very scary if you push her button. Fluttershy is Bubble character in pony form in this show. “Flutter Brutter” - I didnt like this ep at first but fell in love with it in the second watch, maybe because i was too focused on how obnoxious Zephyr is. Fluttershy just become Sassy Shy and she keeping that way from that points, tell me it isnt character progression. The song is just very good, a bit too sudden but very good. ”To Where and Back Again” - This finale aired when Starlight controversy at its peak, this remind me of one guy who hate this finale so much that he want to quit the show. I think this is a very creative idea to put all previously bad guys into one team to defeat the villain while good guys are capture. No crazy rainbow laser beam or friendship monologue, just power of wits and teamwork. Chrysalis refused reformation is a good choice that make this ep a 9/10, i love when the show is being clever.
  14. Damn, I just skipped a lot of episode ranking (I didn't visit this site as often as I used to), and now we are near the end again. Oh well... 1. The Cutie Mark Chronicle - This ep is very very important, you must not skip it. It is where the mane 6 started and Rainbow Dash is the one who started everything, how cool is that? And they bring this up again in Cutie Remark to empathize how important RD's attempt to save her best friend in SONIC SPEED was. 2. Secret & Pies - The funniest episode of season 7 and the actual last good Pinkie Pie episode in term of comedy. This ep is just so much fun to watch that you forgot how dumb the plot really is. This ep just has season 1 vibes that lost in the late stage of the show. 3. Sound of Silence - The answer is simple, it's Autumn Blaze who sold this ep to me. This character just have so much energy in her that I want a friend like this in real life. This character is like Pinkie, she's talking a lot but unlike Pinkie Pie, she didn't talking nonsense. ok, ok don't get mad at me, Pinkie. I still love you... for different reasons. 4. Ponyville Confidential - This ep has Diamond Tiara in her perfect form, I have to say Diamond Tiara has some leader qualities in this ep. CMC suffering their consequences is harsh which is very rare in the show like this, I like it. 5. Inspiration Manifestation - Crazy pony is always fun and crazy Rarity never cease to amaze me. This is another good episode for Spike and I don't think there is any bad Spike episodes of season 4. 6. The Big Mac Question - The reveal and the wedding are what sold this ep for me, they tied with the Perfect Pear really well. The first 2 acts are meh, I feel bored watching it. It has Saddle Row Review kind of storytelling but Saddle Row is much more entertaining with back and forth between characters, they should raise the stakes more and improve the comedy. This ep has hearts, I appreciate that. 7. Where the Apple Lies - A very predictable episode and very unoriginal story but still pretty good for anyone who has interesting in AJ's little backstories. (AJ's best stories usually come from her past anyway) 8. Hoofield & McColts - Very weak episode of season 5, I don't have much this to say about it.