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  1. Nightmare Moon is the safest choice because at least she keeps her people safe even in her ruthless ways. Daybreaker is mad, i dont trust her. Starlight and Chrysalis are both oppressive ruler in the worse way than Nightmare Moon because they both refuse to give their subjects a better life just to maintain their ideology. So no no King Sombra just want to turn you into his mindless slave, big no no. Tirek is a brute that love to wreck thing but he has some honorable code that i might consider. Storm King is just too goofy for me to take him seriously. He just destroy and
  2. Flurry Heart is the conflict of S6 premiere then after that she was just there, just exist for no particular reason other than a married couple is supposed to have a kid. S6 finale isnt even about her. Her birth did nothing to the Alicorn beside confusions. She is very cute and that's about it. Hasbro has made so many questionable choices in the series, Flurry Heart is one of them, even in my top 5 wtf choice if i ever have one. Flurry Heart is a fine addition to Twilight's family so Twilight can be an adorkable aunt but why, why does she have to be an Alicorn?
  3. I like the characters with a bit of madness in them.
  4. The alternative timeline isnt the only prove that Nightmare Moon has capable of defeat Celestia. In S4 premiere, Nightmare Moon bested Celestia so easy if not for the Elements. I know Daybreaker is a dream but it could be Celestia in her ultimate form, the brighter the light the darker the shadow. Celestia might be weaker because she's soft person so she will never use her power to full potential. However, beware the nice one, you dont know when they pissed off, how scary they will be. People will cast away the possibilities of Daybreaker because it's just a Starlight dream but i personally be
  5. Unicorns are not born smart but they have more emphasis on studying and because its their culture and they dont have to do some chores on the field like Earth Pony or fly like Pegasus so they can focus on education.
  6. I prefer 2D, not just mlp but animation in general.
  7. She was an annoying character in her first debut episode but after No Second Prance she become my favorite character of the show. Trixie is kind of jerk character in entertaining ways, Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, has occasional jerk moments but in term of people called character inconsistency. Trixie stays consistent throughout the series even after she redeemed herself. Heck, she is not even that jerky if you compare to Discord or RD in some episodes. She was a misunderstood character even in her first episode. Trixie is kind of jerk character with the heart of gold.
  8. The shows/movies/comics even for kids are written by adult humans with their opinions reflect on their works. The key is the subtlety. I dont think G4 Mlp show was apolitical but it was well-made and i love it, that’s all to it. If G5 is a woke masterpiece then i wont complain. Woke doesnt mean its bad, woke garbages are bad, any bad-written fiction with any ideology injecting in it is bad anyway.
  9. Newbie Dash might be not the best Rainbow Dash milestone kind of episode but any episode that relate to Wonderbolt after that point was pretty good all-round so i cant complain. RD's wonderbolts arc is meh but it could be worse.
  10. Twilight character became stagnant in later seasons with occasional amazing moments like Amending Fences or Zeppelin. The fact people loves whenever Twilight acting like her old self means she really lost something in the transition. Fluttershy and Rarity are the true MVP, they are the most well-round characters of the mane 6, they are developed without losing their original charm in the first place. Twilight is my 4th favorite mane 6 just above Rainbow Dash and Applejack, that not very good for the main protagonist.
  11. Hey-lo, Lamb Chop! :P 

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      Welcome to my domain, Buffalo man. :oh_golly::oh_golly:

  12. In season 8, i just thought maybe the Twilight being the school principal is the her most fitting role because that what she CHOOSE to do and she doesnt need to be a princess or a great magician, just a humble principal to spread her magic of friendship but no, she is a ruler of Equestria just because Celestia told her so... The more i think about this, the more i think season 9 is getting worse in my mind.
  13. Well, he is the reason the tree of harmony being destroyed in the first place and no pony has anything to say about that. If you take “the mean justified the end” to heart then Discord is a good thing in the long run because he helped every kingdoms united. Discord always has a jail-free card that once called “its Discord!” so he can be immuned to criticisms. For the greater good, i guess.....
  14. Back then, I didn't think Moondancer is in the right in the episode, she became isolate and pushed away her two others potential friends (who actually ATTENDED the party) just because Twilight didn't come to the party. What amazed me about Amending Fences is not about Moondancer struggles (even it isn't irrelevant), it's how Twilight never blame Moondancer for anything what happen to herself and she solved the problems instead of shoving it away like it wasn't her problems. Moondancer is a good character for Twilight development but after that she's just another Sunburst.
  15. Even Starlight made the question why Twilight's friendship is so special that can wrap the future of Equestria and even then, there is no answer for the characters. The Tree of Harmony already has Twilight cutie mark in it so it means that Twilight meets her friends and then become the princess of friendship is the part of Harmony's machination to create to ultimate harmony of Equestria. Twilight is the most important because she represent the MAGIC, no matter how strong the friendship is, without magic the world will fall into darkness, so everything in Equestria is driven by magic and friend
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