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  1. Damn, I just skipped a lot of episode ranking (I didn't visit this site as often as I used to), and now we are near the end again. Oh well... 1. The Cutie Mark Chronicle - This ep is very very important, you must not skip it. It is where the mane 6 started and Rainbow Dash is the one who started everything, how cool is that? And they bring this up again in Cutie Remark to empathize how important RD's attempt to save her best friend in SONIC SPEED was. 2. Secret & Pies - The funniest episode of season 7 and the actual last good Pinkie Pie episode in term of comedy. This ep is just so much fun to watch that you forgot how dumb the plot really is. This ep just has season 1 vibes that lost in the late stage of the show. 3. Sound of Silence - The answer is simple, it's Autumn Blaze who sold this ep to me. This character just have so much energy in her that I want a friend like this in real life. This character is like Pinkie, she's talking a lot but unlike Pinkie Pie, she didn't talking nonsense. ok, ok don't get mad at me, Pinkie. I still love you... for different reasons. 4. Ponyville Confidential - This ep has Diamond Tiara in her perfect form, I have to say Diamond Tiara has some leader qualities in this ep. CMC suffering their consequences is harsh which is very rare in the show like this, I like it. 5. Inspiration Manifestation - Crazy pony is always fun and crazy Rarity never cease to amaze me. This is another good episode for Spike and I don't think there is any bad Spike episodes of season 4. 6. The Big Mac Question - The reveal and the wedding are what sold this ep for me, they tied with the Perfect Pear really well. The first 2 acts are meh, I feel bored watching it. It has Saddle Row Review kind of storytelling but Saddle Row is much more entertaining with back and forth between characters, they should raise the stakes more and improve the comedy. This ep has hearts, I appreciate that. 7. Where the Apple Lies - A very predictable episode and very unoriginal story but still pretty good for anyone who has interesting in AJ's little backstories. (AJ's best stories usually come from her past anyway) 8. Hoofield & McColts - Very weak episode of season 5, I don't have much this to say about it.
  2. Every season (even the worst one) has their own platinum episodes, season 9 is no exception. Season 1 - Best Night Ever Season 2 - Lesson Zero Season 3 - Magical Mystery Cure Season 4 - Pinkie Pride Season 5 - Crusader of The Lost Mark Season 6 - The Hearth’s Warming Tails Season 7 - The Perfect Pear Season 8 - What Lies Beneath Season 9 - Sparkle’s Seven Honorable mention: Best Gift Ever
  3. Maybe the others are waiting somewhere somewhere off-screen (like the barn that everyone suggested) which belong to the realm of headcannons. If there is no other source materials to fill the void (which i hope the comic will do), the verdict is that the only ponies we saw onscreen /or mentioned (if any) are actual ponies who was invited. There are some big moments that the staffs pay a lot of attention to details like Slice of Life, The Last Crusade so i dont know this exclusion is intentional or not. Did they somehow not paid attention to the details like they used to or they did that for some in-universe reason? I prefer the former answer, they just forget or just being lazy in this ep. If i try to used some canonical explaination to the wedding scene, this ep will look worse than i thought.
  4. 1. Frenemies. It’s not just the villain episodes always win me over, this ep is just a fantastic villain episode. 2. Hearth’s Warming Tails. I swear this ep is the 2nd adaptation of Christmas Carol i have ever watched in my entire life (1st is Disney version) so i have no problem with it reusing the old story like some critics do. All of the songs are amazing (mostly because of Kelly Sheridan), some of them pull my heartstrings. The story may not be original (like almost episodes of this show anyway) but it still has its little twist, not a totally copy-paste. This ep might be the best in term of sheer entertainment value alone. 3. Rarity Takes Manehattan. My top favorite episode of season 4. The 1st act may be a bit slow but when the conflict kicks in, it’s just amazing. This ep made me love Rarity. The second best key episode of season 4 story arc. 4. Apple Family Reunion. A standard Apple family episode that started a question about AJ’s parents (which has been answered). Rewatch this ep after watching Perfect Pear may cause a different effects? 5. The Lost Treasure. The Gilda backstory makes sense, i dont feel any discontinuity from the S1 episode (same writer may be the reason). The reformation may be a hit rush (i dont think any reformation in this show is perfect anyway, but it definitely more convincing than a lot of EQG reformation, even Sunset Shimmer herself). Pinkie just made this ep so much fun to watch to balance the gritty environment of Griffinstone. 6. Look before you sleep. A very standard S1 that started RarityJack. After the library has been destroyed, it hurts to see this ep again so i dont... 7. MMDW. After some several watches few year ago, i enjoy it. It might be the bad episode (maybe the worst one) back in the old days but some bad episodes in newer seasons are far worse because of one reason: It’s boring. Choosing a bad episode that i can make fun of and a mediocre episode which is so boring that i cant have anything to say about it, i rather choose... 8. The Parent Map. The only interesting aspect of this ep is Starlight edgy room and her upbringing that make her become a cult leader we know. This ep is very boring which is very disappointing because i like Starlight. This is the only episode that features Starlight character that i found boring. Sunburst’s mother is pretty cool though... i hope i can see her again in the comic... 9. Hard to Say Anything. This ep is a cringefest. If anyone want to shoot themself after watching this ep, i can understand why. Cant believe this ep started one of the best married couple of the show huh? The best thing about this ep is Feather Bang songs, perfect Justin Bieber parody, i want a full version of them.
  5. Not even an 6/10, you really enjoy almost everything about this season. There are some story arcs, some answers that I found underwhelming this season so I hope the comics will fill the void(Starlight for example).
  6. I hope they will fill the void that the show left behind.
  7. Just finished watching 3 finale episodes with my friend a few minutes ago. This three-parters are great, they handled it well. I will rewatch it more couple of times to find out what i missed but so far this finale, especially The Last Problem, is the good way to end the show. There are few things the show missed out (to me) so the comic will take care the rest. Maybe some people will cry from inside because this is the farewell of the show but me, nah, the comic (season 10) still going so i will jump to the next hype train. The comics, the fan content will keep me interested when the G5 comes.
  8. *Just finished watching* Woo, that end is great. This ep is a closing arc of Big Mac and Sugar Bell, they are married! The episode is a bit boring to watch in the middle act because the comedy (if there is any at all) didnt hit me which is a bit disappointing because they have Discord, why dont they make this ep not so funny than average mlp episodes? The best part of this ep is the third act, the reveal, the proposal, the wedding, all of them saved the whole episode. The wedding ceremony under the tree is beautiful, this tied up with The Perfect Pear but this time the mare is an unicorn and no hard feeling, just happiness and a bit... chaotic. One more thing i want to talk about the ceremony. Where are other mane 6? Where is Starlight? This is a big moment of AJ’s brother and Sugar Bell, should those characters i mentioned be there at least? Come on, writers and animators, you forgot them? Imagine all my best friends didnt attend my brother’s wedding... Some party, they’re always there but a wedding of a loving brother of mine (and everyone know him) and none of my friends attend... Did AJ give them any invitation? or they are just busy? What kind of excuse i should come up with? The mane 6 can defeat a Bug Bear to come to attend Doodle’s wedding so i cant come up with any excuse. I count this is an negative, what an unfortunate implication, a small tainted on the mostly perfect white sheet, and a small one but i cant ignore it. Sr episode, i have to give you 6.5/10 instead of 8/10. What make some episodes so perfect is how they carefully handle the details.
  9. Beside the finale, some episodes of S5 feel like they should belong to season 9, even some of them feel more "finale" than some episodes of season 9 (I can compare between Lost Mark and Last Crusade, Castle Sweet Castle vs Uprooted).
  10. *Shocking relevation* I'm done. Goodbye world. *Meanwhile, there is a comic that has post-redemption Diamond Tiara with CMC.* I will reincarnate myself to mlp comic after the show ends. They will fill the void in my heart.
  11. The lesson is: Growing up mentally is more important. Nice and simple lesson i got from this episode. This is the last Ed Valentine episode of the show and i really like it even it didnt end up to something big (like other episodes of this season), heck, this ep can be placed in other season anyway but i’m still glad this idea didnt go to waste. This ep could go deep into more mature subject like when you become adults, you have so many responsibilities (like Rarity, RD and AJ in the early part of the episode) to appreciate your elder but it look like our foal just become teenager, not real adult because teenager do party, drug... CMC just have bigger body with the same mind. About CMC adult designs, i still like them being little, their adult designs are a bit weird to me, maybe i cant used to see CMC as adults. Adult Sweetie Bell eyes has nice eyelashes and she can teleport now, she will surpass her sister in no time. Applebloom just become bigger. And Scootaloo... still cant fly... *crying in the corner* Anyway, it’s good to see that station old pony again, that guy is still crazy but thanks to his asthama, he didnt laugh as hard as he did back then. Hope he will get well (mentally). The new creature look like a weird monkey with Bongo cat’s face that can do tornado, very interesting creature indeed, we should see these kind of fascinating creature more often. Twilight and Fluttershy saved the day was so easy that’s so anticlimactic. It would be better if the CMC could utilize their new adult form to solve the problem but it didnt fit the lesson they need to learn, i guess. Song is nice, not really special but still very catchy with great visuals (unlike some repetitive animation in some S6-7 songs). Talking about animation, this ep has many cute face but not over the top, i think people may prefer this one than Trivial Pursuit. Characters dont stay in the same place for too long so i dont feel like boring to watch even the plot is not that intriguing. So yeah, i like it overall. This ep feels much better than The Last Crusade, much better. The problem is this ep maybe a bit letdown if you realized this is the last CMC episode, no big conclusions or any Wow moments like any last episodes of any characters arcs SHOULD BE. The Last Crusade may fit the bill better but that ep feels underwhelming and boring anyway so i still prefer Growing Up. I blame the way season 9 wrap up character story arcs but not the episode individually, they are enjoyable standalone episode in their own right but the placement is just suck. Beside the finale, i dont think they try to make every last episode of every character story arcs feel like something big or anything. CMC best conclusion episode still lies in season 5: Crusader of the Lost Mark. I give this ep an 8/10 for its own merits. Right now, how i feel about season 9 doesnt affect its episodes individually. Random: Growing up is the goddamn hard thing to do, look at that old station pony. He’s old, he’s lonely, and he becomes crazy now. Just enjoy your childhood as much as possible because the colors of life maybe less colorful when you grownup, sound a bit cynical for a kid huh? Huh?.
  12. 1. Sleepless in Ponyville - First episode that started Scootalove, a sister bonding between Scoot and Dash, the first CMC dream trilogy with Luna. 2. No Second Prance - This ep introduce the best friendship of Equestria, make me feel confident about post-redemption Starlight Glimmer. 3. Power Ponies - Cool concept and great humors. They could make Twilight power more interesting but the others are amazing. I don't mind Spikabuse, it's very entertaining back then. 4. Common Ground - This ep made me respect Quibble Pants even more. Not a very entertaining episode but a great episode because of the mature subject that work for children and adults. 5. Boast Buster - A standard S1 episode, very fun to watch. If not for this ep, we would never have The Great and Powerful Trixie that we had today. 6. Surf and/or Turf - Another ep has mature subject but less entertaining to watch than Common Ground. 7. Cutie Pox - A standard S2 episode, very fun to watch. Every CMC episode that has Diamond Tiara back then is very entertaining. 8. Forever Filly - An average episode with interesting concept about growing up but it's just boring to watch. 9. Apploosa's Most Wanted - Episode with the coolest name but one of the worst of the season.
  13. Actually, It happens in every seasons, of the cartoon show written by many different writers, but episodes in season 9 like you described don't feel like some unfortunate accident.
  14. I actually enjoyed this ep until Ahuizolt explain his story. If Nicole wrote Ahuizolt story more carefully, this ep could be the best Daring Do episode ever. Writers in later stage of the series prioritize "reform" first then come up with "coherent story" later. The successful of Sunset Shimmer's reformation then following up with Starlight Glimmer's redemption arc gave the staffs a very bad habit.
  15. Daring Done was aired a long ago so I have to... *checking Daring Done transcript* You are right about this one, I'm a bit exaggerated about Ahuizolt scheme. If the writer included your explaination in the context of the episode, it would be the perfect episode ever. It's weird that they do a very decent job at Caballeron side of the story, which include direct reference to Daring Don't, made his side of the story more convincing without changing his character. Whether Ahuizolt scheme is legit evil or not is unknown so it's writer job to explain it to us, just like how they carefully use Daring Don't to explain Caballeron. Ahuizolt is still the problem of this ep.