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  1. Lambdadelta

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    This news just make me empty inside. There still so many things has to be done and i dont think they can wrap up in just one season. Students 6, what is their ultimate role? what the point of developing Starlight as Twilight student in the past 2 seasons that take a lot of spotline of some characters? Are 26 episodes left are going to be perfect and no bad filler episode which drive me mad? Pinkie episodes are just not very good recently, can they fix that? Where's Babs? Where's Diamond Tiara? Is there any bigger thing happen to CMC after they got their cutie marks? They literally did nothing significant after they got their cutie marks and season 8 finale made sure you will never forget that. With all the development of characters and world-buildings that not even go ANYWHERE YET, if G5 is a reboot not a sequel, i will be very pissed. Why do i have a feeling this season have to ended not because of the story, it because Hasbro want to push to new toyline... This series will definitely leave a void in my heart... Anyway...
  2. Lambdadelta

    Mediocre/Bad Episode VS. Awful Episode

    Memorable bad episode or Forgettable mediocre episode. Which one is the worst? For me, both of them are the worst so i put them in the same category. The episodes that shouldnt exist and the episodes that just no longer exist after you turned off the screen. Which one is the worst to you guys?
  3. Lambdadelta

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    Discodant Harmony - Because it was written by Fox Bros, and i was very skeptical whenever i saw their name on the episodes. This ep is not just good, it is VERY GOOD. Buckball Season - Just expected it to be good fun Saturday cartoon episode but it made Snail likable without changing his personality, amazing! Saddle Row Review - After the best episode of the season (A Hearth's Warming Tail), i didnt expect to get ANOTHER best episode of season 6.
  4. Lambdadelta

    Best Gift Ever - Triple Pony Dare Ya
  5. Lambdadelta

    Best Gift Ever - Triple Pony Dare Ya

    As a short written by the worst writer of season 8, it's not that bad but it is the worst of 3.
  6. Lambdadelta

    G4 earth pony lore underutilized?

    Earth Ponies are every Joes in this universe with some exceptions like Pinkie or Maud. If compare them to yugioh monster, Earth Pony are just bland normal monster.
  7. The show is busy with a ton of new characters. After 3 years, i still havent got Diamond Tiara post-reformation appearance and it sadden me.
  8. Lambdadelta

    I feel sorry for Mistmane.

    She can create beautiful things whenever she goes, that's powerful. Too bad, she is kinda underrated.
  9. Lambdadelta

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    Even they watched all of the episodes, they could miss some little details.
  10. Lambdadelta

    Soapbox draft: Season 8's dialogue

    5. Literally everytime Cozy Glow open her mouth. Dialogues are strong in this season. I expected nothing less from writer who wrote some great Star Wars: Rebel episodes, and Admiral Thrawn.
  11. Lambdadelta

    About Cozy Glow...

    I think Cozy Glow is the perfect villain to finish this series. Afterall, this series is for little girls, make a villain a little girl sound right to me. It make sense for THIS show to have this kind of villain. You think Cozy Glow is step down? In my opinion, Storm King is a step down, Shadow Pony is a step down (i refer the shadow, not Stygian himself), any villain in EQG after Legend is a big step down. Cozy Glow is the only villain who make me feel excited to watch for a very long time after S5 premiere. I hope they dont reform her...
  12. Lambdadelta

    Regarding Nightmare Moon as a threat

    The power of Harmony might be too strong to the point that it can make villains like Nightmare Moon or Chrysalis their practice targets but they are far from harmless. Any villain in this show can be devastating if they can use their abilities to their full potential and take their enemies more seriously. Her future isnt that bad because deep down she isnt totally evil, so she will protect her people (maybe she could cast a spell so her people will survive). If we dont count the overpowered rainbow nuke, Nightmare Moon still can make ponies scare shitless.
  13. Using the same face over and over again is lazy. More facial expressions mean more efforts put into animations. Lesson Zero is well-known for its crazy expression that make even the most crazy faces in newest mlp episodes look pale in comparison. ( Puddingggg vs The clock is ticking, your pick) I love some unusual faces, they make some episodes more memorable. Puddingggggg!
  14. Lambdadelta

    Being More Critical of Later Seasons

    After season 5 premiere, my expectations for a mlp episode are really high.
  15. First half and latter half have their fair share of worst episodes. The first half: Show Stopper. Unwatchable by my today standard. Spike At Your Service. The most infamous episode in mlp history. Rainbow Fall. The giant mess. Even the fanservice cant save it, Somepony to Watch Over Me. A classic worst AJ episode. The latter half: Princess Spike. Another reason to rethink why you become Spike's fan in the first place. AJ Day Off. It's worse than Somepony. Fluttershy Leans In. New standard of boring episode. (I'm very pissed at this episode during its airing) Honest Apple. New record for AJ. She got 3 worst episodes. Non-compete Clause. This ep could compete with other classic worst episode of the show. The worst episodes of the first half are too cringe-worthy but at least memorable. The latter half are dull and unmemorable.