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  1. Hi everyone! Hello everypony! I'm Guilherme (a.k.a. Calena/Calenita). I've done this comission to a friend of mine, his name is Davi (a.k.a. Benevolent Fair). I'm sharing it here because it's pony! (and griffons) And because I'm looking for some advice and criticism on it as well. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm with open hooves (for comissions too). Link for it on my DeviantArt: Or hit spoiler button:
  2. Calena

    Make This Castle A Home (PonyFireStone Remix)

    Very soft and nice. I like it! I think it would be better if a little bit faster, with more sequencial beats to it. Also, you could try to let it come a little bit slower and progressive to a trance. Should be awesome both ways!
  3. So, during my day I was singing it in English. I remember how bad original lyrics was for brazilian-portuguese version and decided to try my own lyrics. It fits well with the music and it makes sense! However, I haven't added so much work to it... I've made it all in a few hours, lyrics and recording. Anyway, I hope you to enjoy it!
  4. Calena

    Hello from Brazil! :D

    Thanks everypony! I don't know if I'm gonna have time to be here with all daily stuff I have. But you can add me as a friend if you wish to, and I'll certainly take a better look at the forum when I can.
  5. Calena

    Hello from Brazil! :D

    Hello everyone! (Hello everypony!) So, let's see, where I should begin?... Hum... Oh! Introducing myself, of course! I am Guilherme, also known by the nickname of Calena or Calenita. I'm 22 years old and I live in the state of Paraná, in Brazil! I'm a fan of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" since october 2013. I've been watching all sort of stuff from brony fandom, and now I guess I'm the one learning some stuff to show to others. I mean, I want to! But I'm still learning a lot of stuff... Some people think I'm great the way I am (doing nothing really productive all day) but I really think I'm a mess for a lot of things and I want to get better, at least a little bit better than I am right now, about 20% cooler! Ya' know... And you all, bronies, are giving me so much inspiration to creativity! I'll begin my studies for Litterature, in brazilian portuguese. Probably I'm going to end up as a teacher in some sort of primary school or, luckly, as some awesome professor. Perhaps, a writer or reviewer!? (Who knows?) Ops! I mean, I really don't know what future awaits for me. I already know how to speak English, just like I am right now, speaking to you, but... Of course, I'm not the best — learning, as I've said. *squee* My favorite Pony, I can never decide!! I think it's Rarity because: so glamour; and popular; and generous! It's all so like me, I want to be a Rarity! I mean, not literally, but a rarity, yes! Trixie Lulamoon too, but because her good side — for evil alike, I'm more into King Sombra. However, who I will probably really transform myself into after studies is some sort of Twilight Sparkle (I wonder how many books I will need to read throughout 4 years of studying in the college) I'm not much sociable, actually I like people to push me into conversations and stuff 'cuz I'm a little shy and newbie to talk. Sometimes I'm a disaster. (*whispers* that's why I'm studying litterature too, I think I don't understand my own language as well as I should!) Besides that, I'm pretty sure I try my best to be the nicest and friendly person to everyone who deserve. Well... I guess that's it! Ah! I want to thank you all for existing in my life, I would probably be dead (or something) if I didn't find out how cool life can be after discovering the awesomeness of the brony fandom. Brohoof (or *hoof bump*) to you all!