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  1. Essentially, I am simply one of the artists of the project. As we are planning the project, I have decided not to stand still and to get started doing some R&D for a proper animation pipeline that could run out of a television budget while still giving a somewhat cinematic result. Obviously, I could just make a rig, make a demoreel of it and present it to people, but I want a real R&D for the project, including the character animation, making the scenery, compositing the scenes and editing it together in a real animation context so I have to budget my time between shots and make t
  2. Oh, that. To make it short, I joined the Rift Café a long time ago because I was curious to meet reviewers and to discuss about the show with them. I was an animator, yeah, but why couldn't I discuss about what I liked about the story and the characters. That's pretty much how I got to meet and befriend many people from the analysis community, unlike most animators and VAs who don't even bother to talk to them. Then the rest of the story can be summed up with what I posted on my Tumblr recently. Some analysts treated me like garbage. They didn't care if I was the one doing th
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