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  2. Welp, that's my new wallpaper for now.
  3. Hiya, Maple! Welcome to the forums and here's to many new friends!
  4. And as always usual sometimes, if anyone wants to form a study group, PM me.
  5. I guess maybe? I mean, I don't think we see them together in the finale.
  6. Equestria Girls: Friendship Tames The humane6 join a traveling animal circus.
  7. So, with the finale cementing some ships and implying* others, I figure we should have a thread to properly argue despair vent deny discuss them. Obviously, spoilers. Also, correct me if I've missed anyone, which I almost certainly will. --- So, my thoughts; Big Mac and Sugar Belle: Well, that was kind of a given - if they weren't an item in the timeskip, that would raise soooo many questions. That said... I was never invested in those two, mainly because we haven't really seen anything between them that wasn't geared around them progressing their relationship rather than, y'know, having one. Lyra and Bon Bon: That... I actually didn't expect. Which I really should have, I mean, Slice of Life showed us that the staff pay attention to fanon, even if they're forbidden from actually reading fanfiction. It's... nice. The question is... have they retired from SMILE? Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich: I'm kinda.... not into it? I mean, they do have a lot of in common, mostly because their personalities almost completely overlap. But their relationship has been almost entirely based on their respective professions, so it just came out of nowhere. Roseluck and Dr. Whooves {past, implied}: Eheeeh.... I get the reference, but it still feels like it should be Derpy. Appledash {implied}: Yeah, they're totes an item. At first, it seemed completely nonsensical, but then I realized that it's their mutual competitiveness that would probably trigger a deeper relationship - it made each of them constantly see the other at their best and, once they'd stop focusing on trying to out-do each other, they'd notice that they both possess traits they're proud of in themselves, and would therefore admire and respect in someone else. Fluttercord {implied}: I... guess? Shipteasing aside, they still struck me as very close friends with little pushing towards actual romance. Then again, timeskip - plenty of opportunities to flesh out that possibility in the comics. Yona and Sandbar: Gotta admit, those two are cute together. ---- What do you all think?
  8. Digital. I can understand the appeal of paper, but I prefer the convenience of getting my words more portably.
  9. Hmmm.... in no particular order and since I haven't actually watched all of them, and don't remember most of the titles... The one where a concentration camp leader returns to it. "It's a good life." Time Enough at Last and The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street {because they're classics for a reason} The one with dead man's shoes. The one with the guy who could change his face. Shadow Play People Are The Same All Over.
  10. @Beetlejeric It's not enough that the show has ended, now you have to take the spoiler section away from us too? You monster.
  11. Hi hi and welcome {back? Sorta?} to the fandom! It's too bad about your merch, and the flak you got - I remember the early days weren't as accepting {grudgingly or otherwise} of the fandom. As for binge watching... maybe? Sleep and sanity are overrated anyway!
  12. I'm pretty okay with it... quite frankly, actually, I'm partial to tight writing - focusing on details that are important to the story, and leaving the rest to imagination, especially given that locking in one aspect of canon locks out many others. Instead, the staff let most of the doors open for future writing.
  14. I ART NOT WORRIED, THOUGH JUST A LITTLE ANXOUS. Also, I am wondering where you two got that parachute.
  16. I'd say 8/10. Points for style and badassery, but somewhat lacking in personality. That said, I haven't read the comics so there's that.
  17. Honestly, I think the whole issue could have been served a lot better with a single bit of dialogue along the lines of "we're going to talk about this later" or something of the kind. A reinforcement that what he did was not okay, but that they have bigger problems to deal with right now.
  18. And eventually, made a Polka medley with brony songs entirely!