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  1. "Pinkie Pie: She is the silliest pony you'll ever meet and the bakery owner, cupcake expert, and party planner of Sugarcube Corner." ...did the Cakes end up having a sudden yet inevitable "accident"?
  2. What about Hanazuki? I mean, what even happened to it? It was on YouTube for a while and then just sort of disappeared?
  3. Sure is! -holds up battery clamps-
  4. It's the only thing that keeps her sane.
  5. But were you hypnotized by Josh Haber to say this?
  6. They are very proud of themselves, true, but self-esteem doesn't have to preclude affection and esteem for others.
  7. Here's the thing about their constant competitiveness - they're competing about things both of them are proud to be good at. So if you take away that filter of rivalry, you end up seeing that all the things each of them is proud to embody are also things they would respect and appreciate in the other. So essentially, a byproduct of their constant one-upmanship is that they're always seeing each other at their best.
  8. Well, I can honestly say I don't know much about Chinese culture - especially given that China spans a massive area and would therefore encompass a *lot* of cultures - my opinion of China as a state is, well, contemptuous. It pretty much leans heavily into all the usual oppressions and atrocities of pseudo-communist states, including making as much use of authoritarianism to project an image of control of its people. Of course, that's not actually the case, so it's still just another run of the mill dictatorship, albeit one that managed to amass massive industrial power. In the meantime, abuse of power and corruption is still as rampant as connections to the party, government or really any sort of position of authority can and are used to force privilege or immunity from the law, assuming they don't inconvenience someone more powerful and the "my father is Li Gang" meme that exploded after that particular killing shows just how aware the actual Chinese people are of it. All in all, underneath all the suppression and censorship, and how heavy-handed the Chinese government tends to be with any sort of medium or large-scale... let's call it non-compliance, like the Hong Kong protests, I wouldn't be surprised if there's actually underground resistance or revolution movements building up as it is. Plus, got knows there'd be a fair share of other nations' agencies supporting them, given how aggressive China is getting economically.
  9. I realized it might be best for me to go into the closet.




  10. It's finally not blasting-ass winter, but I can't go out to get parts for all the house repairs I need done!
  11. Quick call for anyone still interested - if you're onboard, let me know and I'll start filling the gaps from there.
  12. A random thought I had. What do you get when you draw chest muscles on a sprite picture of a person?


    A pecsellated image.


  13. Outside my window, across the street, there's a kid driving circles in a toy electric car while their parent stands back and watches, while some sort of pop country song blasts singing "take it all back, take it all back".

    And I'm thinking... "it may be the quarantine, but it's nice people still find ways to do things together outside... but dear lord, can't you raise your kid on less trashy music?"

  14. Objectively best pony {according to my entirely subjective standards}? Here you go, dahlings.
  15. Yes.

    Hell. Yes.





  16. I don't really know if it's been a thing already and I've only recently come across it, but I am so into the idea of Thestralia.
  17. It's best to corrupt them young. Welcome to the herd! What's your favourite color?
  18. Actually, Twilight had Owloysius as a pet, not Spike. Well, it seems that he was treated more like family by Twilight's parents {though not by Twilight herself} when she and Shining were children, at least that's the vibe I got during Sparkle's Seven. And he is referred to as a "baby dragon" in the pilot, which implies that he had very little age to him at the series' beginning. Though that does make me wonder about his education at that point, since he doesn't seem ignorant and is clearly literate, so I wonder if he was basically homeschooled by Twilight.
  19. @Super Splashee Well, the parents could have been there for encouragement. Although I don't think Celestia was there initially, she showed up after the rainboom in case she needed to be captured by the invading giant dragon.
  20. Offhand guess, every school test is unique, or at least randomized. That would prevent would-be students from gaming the exam by practicing a specific spell they'd need to get in.
  21. Spoiler alert, we've got nothing to go on. But for anyone interested, it goes into great detail on why all of our estimates are so wonky. It's a pretty long article, in fact, but fortunately it does so with funny pictures and language that those of us who aren't insanely educated can understand. The article itself is here - https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/a-comic-strip-tour-of-the-wild-world-of-pandemic-modeling/ Any thoughts? ... {this is a few panels, by the way, not the whole article}
  22. "Feels like I could reach out Into dark October skies. Scoop up seven of Orion's stars, Hold them like shining diamonds. Then I turn and return To a world less than I'd like it to be. Strange thoughts staring at the skies On an Autumn's night."
  23. Well, for one thing, you misspelled it. {though to be fair, I had to google it in order to check. Spellinz be weird} That is not a show. That is definitely not a show that ever existed, especially not as a teen adventure thing. {has such an axe to grind} As for me.... hmm, anyone remember Terrahawks? How about Reboot? Or, digging deeper into the past, Gustav?