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  1. RyaN_

    Happy Hearthswarmin' there Hero ;) May the Pony Gods bless ya

  2. Sorry sorry sorry! I've been behind on the new episodes, offline is getting kind of busy. But hey, here I am! c:

  3. Happy Birthday! c:

    1. Midnight Seeker

      Midnight Seeker

      Thank ye kindly Hero.

  4. Happy Birthday! c:

  5. Hero

    Happy Birthday! c:

    1. Chara


      Awww thank you, you just made my day!.

  6. Why am I banished? :c

    1. akechi


      its a joke! (: dont worry, it was just a halloween thing!

  7. What about deep-fried chocolate covered in chocolate flavored chocolate?
  8. I think the game was awesome, really. I don't have any major complaints about it besides that wicked curve ball the campaign threw at us.
  9. Maybe she does fly, just not on-camera?
  10. That's an interesting question. Considering that Princess Cadence started out as a Pegasus, Shining Armor is a Unicorn, and now Cadence is both. I guess it would be any of them really? Well, more 50/50 between Unicorn and Pegasus. I mean, I just don't see them having an Earth Pony. But it would be an interesting twist, wouldn't it? c:
  11. Can't say I've ever heard of it, so I don't have much of an opinion on it. Superpower of your choice?